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LAST UPDATED: March 28th, 2023

Suntalk Solar is one of the largest solar installation providers within the state of Colorado. Since its founding in 2008, Suntalk Solar has contributed to thousands of solar and electrical projects throughout Denver and the Front Range area. Suntalk Solar is a licensed, bonded, and insured electrical and solar installation company certified in installing high quality solar systems. 

Since the company started, Suntalk Solar has partnered with countless homeowners to cut utility costs and increase the value of homes and properties. The company has partnered with a number of funding partners to ensure that all clients have access to the financial resources needed to make the dream of independent energy a reality.

Suntalk Solar is proficient in managing turnkey electrical construction projects and has completed work on assignments up to $7 million in cost. The Suntalk Solar team will manage the entire solar installation process from start to finish without any middleman involvement.

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The Good

  • Energy Efficient Solutions
  • Electrical Contracting
  • Free Consultation

Energy Efficient Solutions

Suntalk Solar takes energy savings seriously. The company wants clients to cut costs and reduce their carbon footprint. In addition to providing traditional residential and commercial solar installation services, Suntalk Solar also provides the following energy-saving solutions to its clients:

  • LED Lighting — Clients looking to further cut electricity costs can take advantage of the Suntalk Solar strategic lighting distribution plans. Clients that decide to upgrade to LED lighting will enjoy added electricity savings and see an increased ROI. 
  • Energy Controller — The Suntalk Solar team will conduct onsite testing of various equipment that requires electricity to function throughout a property. Whether that is testing air conditioning units, furnaces, freezers, compressors, or larger industrial and manufacturing equipment, Suntalk Solar will determine what services can be provided and install an energy controller that suits the client’s needs. This energy controller will ultimately increase efficiency, reduce electrical consumptions, and lower the temperature of operating equipment. 

Many solar installation companies strictly focus on the big solar projects and are not as invested in the small details. Suntalk Solar is. 

Electrical Contracting

In addition to providing the typical solar services, Suntalk Solar also provides electrical contracting services on both residential and commercial projects. Suntalk Solar has been a part of multi-family electrical work, commercial and industrial electrical projects, and worked as the lead and assisted electrical design contractor on projects. Most solar installation companies do not have this level of experience at the electrical level. 

Free Consultation

Suntalk Solar takes the design process seriously. It starts with a free consultation available to any and all prospective customers. Regardless of whether or not the property owner ends up choosing Suntalk Solar, the company will conduct this free consultation. Some companies require some sort of commitment or charge for an energy audit, but not Suntalk Solar.


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Equipment Information
  • No Warranties Offered
  • Limited Service Area

Undisclosed Equipment Information 

Some solar installation companies shop around to find the best price and equipment for clients when it comes to panels, inverters, and batteries. Other solar installation companies have partnerships with manufacturers or are authorized dealers and installers of a certain brand of equipment. More often than not, solar installation companies make equipment information and the process for obtaining the system public for prospective clients.

However, Suntalk Solar has not disclosed specifically what equipment is used or who it goes through to purchase the actual system. This does not mean that Suntalk Solar does not install tier-1 equipment, but there is no way to verify the company does or not because it does not provide that information. 

No Warranties Offered

Solar is an expensive venture. While it can pay off in the long run through utility savings and increased home value, the upfront cost for equipment and installation is steep. Many property owners interested in utilizing renewable energy are unable to outright purchase a solar system. The average cost for a solar system and its subsequent installation averages around $15,000–$25,000. There are some federal or state tax incentives that can help reduce this cost, but not absolve it entirely.

To protect this investment, most solar installation companies offer warranties. Typically, the equipment warranty is provided through the solar manufacturer and the workmanship warranty is through the solar installation company. Suntalk Solar does not offer a workmanship warranty, and clients will have to go through the equipment provider to find out if a production or equipment warranty is offered. 

Limited Service Area

Servicing a geographically small area is par for the course within the solar industry. Most solar installation companies will offer services across the state or pick a select few counties or cities to cover. This drastically limits who has access to a particular solar installation provider. Some solar companies have found ways to expand operations, servicing multiple states or regions across the country. Those companies are few and far between though.

Unfortunately, Suntalk Solar has not expanded services and only offers solar services in the greater Denver and Front Range areas. 


The Bottom Line

Suntalk Solar is dedicated to helping clients cut costs when it comes to utility usage. While the company specializes in electric and solar installation projects on residential and commercial properties, Suntalk Solar also offers other energy-efficient solutions, further reducing utility prices for property owners.

Clients who use Suntalk Solar for solar installation can also take advantage of the company’s wide range of electrical contracting services regardless of the size or build of the property. From start to finish, Suntalk Solar will manage every aspect of the solar design process. 

Despite being one of the largest and most experienced solar installation providers in the Denver, Colorado area, there are some limitations associated with the Suntalk Solar service that prospective clients should be aware of. The company does not offer warranties to protect clients in their financial investment, there is no public disclosure of what equipment is used for installation purposes, and the service area is geographically restricted. 

Prospective solar clients in Denver looking into Suntalk Solar should make sure all questions and concerns are addressed during the initial free consultation period. Ask for specifics regarding equipment and manufacturing products as well as what warranties are available on the equipment. 

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Val Hai Aurora, CO

People make your research and stay away from Suntalk Solar. Since 2021 we have nothing but troubles with them. Installed solar system is not efficient, constantly have issues and does NOT lower your energy bill, actually make it double. Customer service is not helpful , any repairs need to done will cost you money, no matter in warranty or not. As a customer you expect to be hear and company to deliver what you ask and pay for, yes but not Suntalk Solar they will give you what they think is ok for them and that's it they will not listen to you and they don't care about you. To make it easy for understanding - you go to a dealer to buy V6 car and you pay $1000 and when you car come you found out that 2 cylinders don't work so that car cost $500 and you ask why? Answer is because speed limit is 65 so you don't need all 6, but I pay for it can you replace it? Answer NO we think this is good enough for you. This is what happened to us. We have installed 7.77 KW solar panels but they put 6KW inverter and all production over 6KW is wasted but we pay for it. And so on .... Friendly advice to anyone, just go find normal company to do what they suppose to for the money you pay them.

8 months ago