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LAST UPDATED: October 4th, 2019

Suncrest Solar's mission is to offer quality products and services that help customers save money on their electric bills while using green energy. The company also strives to instill a relentless pursuit of excellence within its team. Suncrest Solar has locations in multiple areas throughout California and Utah.

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The Good

  • Solar Benefits
  • The Solar Process
  • Moving Options

Solar Benefits

When you go solar with Suncrest, you'll receive many benefits. For example, installing a solar system could save you an average of 30 percent on your monthly electric bill due to Suncrest Solar's guaranteed low rates. Solar panels will help eliminate harmful carbon emissions while protecting the environment. That means if you switch to solar, you will significantly reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to preserving our planet and creating a better future for your children. Additionally, when you go solar with Suncrest, you will not incur any upfront costs and will enjoy pre-established guaranteed rates for the entire term of your contract.

The Solar Process

Suncrest Solar has worked to create a helpful, hassle-free solar process for its customers. The process begins with a member of the Suncrest Solar team sitting down with you and answering all your questions, as well as explaining the benefits of going solar. The representative will look at how much electricity you use and then determine if the Suncrest program is right for your situation. The company will then design a custom system for your home. Suncrest Solar will take care of all permitting and licensing for your system. Then, your panels will be installed. After the install, your panels will be inspected and connected to the grid at no cost to you. After that, Suncrest Solar will monitor and maintain the system while you sit back and enjoy the savings.

Moving Options

If you decide to sell your home while under contract, Suncrest Solar offers several options. You can either have the contract transferred to your homebuyer, purchase your solar system and have it included as part of the appraisal on your home, or have Suncrest move the system to your new home.


The Bad

  • Not Everyone Will Qualify
  • Website is Severely Lacking in Useful Information

Not Everyone Will Qualify

Unfortunately, not everyone will qualify to go solar with Suncrest. The company requires potential customers to provide recent electric bills in order to determine if their home and energy usage makes them a candidate for a solar system.

Website is Severely Lacking in Useful Information

The Suncrest Solar website is not very transparent and lacks a lot of important information. It is unclear how much it costs, what the contract length is, and what the warranty covers. This is very frustrating for customers who are thinking about going solar. Many people would like to know the basics before they take the time to contact a company.


The Bottom Line

Suncrest Solar offers a simple solar process and moving options, but not everyone will qualify for the company's services. Additionally, Suncrest Solar's website doesn't contain much helpful information.

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Jan Tran Garden Grove, CA

Sales reps were professional. Installation team were on time and did a great job. Customer service team is awesome! I'm satisfied! I will continue to recommend this company to all my family and friends. If you're in CA, I don't think you'll find yourself in a bad situation like those other bad reviews in the other states.

6 years ago

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Robert & Josie Nunez Whittier, CA

We have Sun Crest Solar PPA and it costs us 0 (zero) down and .15 cents per Kilowatt Hr. Suncrest was good at explaining the 20 yr. contract with Mitch. Installation took longer than expected but that was because City of Whittier and L.A. County county inspection was behind and very strict with code. Once our solar was up and running its smooth sailing. We didn't want another loan on our credit so PPA was the way to go. Suncrest was professional in handling our project. returned our calls, answered our questions.

7 years ago

star star star star star

J.C. Stephenson Garden Grove, CA

I have 40 panels of Suncrest Solar equipment and daily I watch the leeetle arrow on the meter go backwards even with the AC running !! The salesman Devon was great, the installation staff, Jose and Juan were great. I have been researching solar energy for the past 5 years and have found nothing like this, it is great!!

7 years ago

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Beth J.

For the life of them, they can't send an invoice out before the money is automatically taken out of my checking account. Once every 3 months I'll may get one. The billing department is comically rude. Sometimes I'll call them up and request a past invoice that they never sent out just so they can belittle me. It's hilarious. On a positive note, the installation was perfect and it was a tricky situation. I need the accounting to work correctly so I will probably have them remove their equipment and go with a big name company who can bill correctly.

5 years ago

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Nicolace Collins Denver, CO

Worst company to Deal with. I had previously wrote a review giving them 3 stars because I was without power for over 24 hours in the dead of summer now I have to give them 1. Id give them 1/2 if i could. We have had our panels on for a few months now and the whole we will pay you to refer someone is crap. You wont get your money. My husbands parents signed up through us and have had theirs on for several months now and we haven't seen our check. We called and they said they "show" that we have a referral coming but it never did. Now when you call back its an hour wait time and you leave messages and emails and NO ONE ever contacts you! Also after our panels were installed they had to schedule someone to come and install something in our house and told my husband someone needed to be home for it. Well the day came and went and no one showed and my husband took a whole day off work for nothing. He called and told them what happened and they said they would compensate us for hi missed wages from having to take off work. Well that Check never came either. So we called and again they see where the $200 wage reimbursement was approved but never got sent out. Well again no one called us back and we cant get through on the phones. So now they owe us $450 for a referral and the wages. Good luck getting any communication from this company. Oh and they took FOREVER turning our panels on so much so that we had to pay our electric bill and solar payment in the same month and they refused to compensate us for that even though they did it for my father. Now we have contacted our lawyer through our prepaid legal and let him deal with it. This company sucks! Oh and on top of all that our salesman Jason Smith at the time of pitching this to us he told us he would give us an extra $150 per referral. Well he up and quit and went to work for a company in Charleston called Palmetto Solar. So technically they owe us $600

6 years ago

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Tony F Rock Hill, SC

AVOID THIS COMPANY IF YOU CAN. Super disohonest salespeople and then try to lie to you on the phone when you have your contract right in front of you- I called one guy out on it and he hung up on me! I know I'm probably going to pay a lot to get out of this mess that I got into, but if I save one person from my troubles, it will be worth it. The State and Federal money they say you will get back isn't true and when you call them out on it, they talk around the truth. If you bring up what their salesman told you, they say that they're not Suncrest employees and are just contracted salesman- even though they have Suncrest business cards, emails, drive a Suncrest car, and are listed on the Suncrest website. Stay away from these guys- horrible dishonest business practices by their salesman and a bunch of rude telephone operators that are condescending and talk to you like you're stupid.

7 years ago

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Tom Sawyer Elk Grove Village, IL

This company is the worst company in my 60+ years that I have ever done business with. I have had nothing but issues ever since they started installation. I have been in the installation process for over 3 months now and still not finished, and no one will call me back including my sales rep. I have had to go thru the finance company to get there help in contacting the company. The told me they got a hold of them and that they would call me that evening or by Monday at the latest. That was a week ago and still no phone call. I have made arrangements to be at the house for them and they don't show or call. I could go on and on. NOTHING I signed up for has come to be. I had scheduled a presentation with my HOA which I am on the board with in the beginning, I had to cancel that because there is not 1 single thing that I can recommend about SunCrest Solar. You really need to do your research. This is a terrible company.

7 years ago

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Maria Pieffer Clover, SC

Got the solar panels installed, but no forewarning like told. Was told by sales rep that we would never have to pay both on solar panels and electric bill...would not have to pay on solar panels until until after a full month of solar power. Its been on my roof for 6 months, and is still not turned on. SunCrest refuses to pay for the 3rd and 4th solar panel payments. And...they fired all their salesmen to we can only go through the company, of which, there is never a manager in house to speak with. Very unsatisfied.

7 years ago

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Ignacia Martínez Ontario, CA

Horrible company there scamming people out there hard earned money.

4 years ago