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LAST UPDATED: November 28th, 2023

Sun-Tec Solar and Roofing is a Florida solar energy company, offering quality solar products and professional service for homeowners seeking to reduce their energy bill and carbon footprint. The company offers solar photovoltaic system installation and roofing solutions, and work can be guaranteed with one of Sun-Tec’s various warranty options.

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The Good

  • Financing Options
  • Warranties
  • Roofing Solutions
  • In-House Installations

Financing Options

Sun-Tec supports a number of financing options for the homeowner, including outright purchase, loan, and PACE financing. On the loan front, the company offers no money down options with terms ranging from 7 to 20 years. Sun-Tec maintains at least three financiers for its loan products and two for its PACE products.


Sun-Tec claims to have the longest workmanship warranty in the industry and at 25 years, that is the longest workmanship warranty we see. Sun-Tec's solar equipment is designed to function long-term with minimal maintenance, but warranties are included with your solar purchase in case any repairs or service are needed. 

The company offers the following four warranty coverage options — it is worth noting that each warranty is specific to a type of solar system/brand:

  • QCell Solar Panel Production Warranty — limited warranty for QCell crystalline photovoltaic modules issued by the manufacturer, Hanwha Q Cells. QCells are a type of solar panel that have a higher energy yield compared to other solar products.
  • Solar Edge Power Electronics Warranty — limited product warranty provided by SolarEdge Technologies Ltd., covering defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Structural Warranty — 25-year limited warranty provided by Quick Mount PV, covering solar roof mount components and products.
  • Enphase Power Electronic Warranty — limited warranty provided by Enphase for specific covered products, including microinverters and aggregators.

It is worth noting that a Sun-Tec roofing warranty includes everything from repairs to a complete roof replacement if needed.

Roofing Solutions

Sun-Tec is licensed and has an expert crew that can handle a variety of roofing projects in Florida. In addition, the company has liability insurance, keeping the company responsible for any damage that could occur during a roof repair or installation process.

Sun-Tec is recognized as one of the top roofing companies in Florida. Specific Sun-Tec roofing reviews are currently limited, but customers are generally pleased with the company’s products and services.

In-House Installations

Sun-Tec does not outsource its installations. Instead, the company performs all installations using well-trained in-house employees, which keeps the level of quality high and leaves less room for miscommunication or error. 

Additionally, Sun-Tec operates with a home liability insurance of up to $2 million for each property to give you peace of mind in the installation process. This means that the company would be liable for any damages that happen while the installation team is working on your roof.


The Bad

  • Only Available in Florida
  • Customer Service
  • Vague Warranty Promise

Only Available in Florida

Sun-Tec provides solar and roofing services only in Florida. If you aren’t a Florida resident, you’ll need to look into other solar and roofing company options that are available in your state of residence.

Customer Service

The company claims that its top priority is to keep clients happy, and that may be true. However, based on the reviews on our site, it’s unclear if Sun-Tec has responded to and resolved customer complaints.

Vague Warranty Promise

Sun-Tec’s website says products will always be covered by the manufacturers that create them. However, in the warranty details page, there is a year maximum attached to each product warranty. Clarity from the solar company would be helpful on this subject. 

Additionally, as far as we are aware, Sun-Tec does not offer a performance guarantee with installation.


The Bottom Line

Consumers looking to save money on their utilities and have a solar power system installed may benefit from the services available from Sun-Tec. The company provides high quality equipment and great warranties in Florida.

Consumers with a need for both solar panel and roofing services may benefit the most from using Sun-Tec Solar & Roofing. 

However, more customer reviews and company engagement with reviewers are needed to provide a thorough analysis of Sun-Tec's online reputation and how it compares to other Florida companies in the solar industry. 

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David Lanning Lehigh Acres, FL

SunTec is not "OUT OF BUSINESS". I just purchased a system last month and immediately was thrilled with the non-moving wheel and the backwards spinning meter wheel as it was feeding the LCEC system. Super sales and installation teams were very professional and everything was completed in a timely manner. Communications between the company and my family was almost constant as the process was being completed. Very, very satisfied and happy.

4 years ago

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Emily Bradenton, FL

We are very happy with are purchases from Sun Tec Solar Energy and Roofing. We have been happy customers since 2012 and so much that we purchased again earlier this year. We now have a zero electric bill.

1 year ago

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Kenneth Barbano North Port, FL

After checking out several solar companies, Suntec had the best quality and by far the best warranty. I paid about 10% more in price, but that's to be expected if you want the best. My installation was very professional and cleanly done. I am more than satisfied with my choice.

6 years ago

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We bought the home which full paid solar panel installation by ex owner, l called SunTec customer service to send us call and send us solar panel transfer paper ,new owner . l didn’t hear fromSun Tec

5 months ago

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The Doctor Brooksville, FL

Poor equipment that breaks within 5 - 6 months. There were many lies made by the sellers which were door-to-door sales people. My water solar panels basically blew up and were leaking extremely bad. I called all evening Friday and all day Saturday for this emergency. They didn't respond until Monday which was too late because I called someone on Saturday and he was there within 2 hours. They refused to honor the warranty because some else worked on the system. Totally poor management and poor products.

3 years ago

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Ellen Port Saint Lucie, FL

The absolute worst! Bought solar attic fans..stopped working replaced. The solar hot water..also in ‘16 blew out in my garage and they have left us without water for a week and won’t call back to my many messages! They hooked it up so we have no water when this tank blew. No clean clothes no dishes washed. Worthless company! All they do is charge money for every little thing they do! Total rip off! Stay away! A whole week now water and none in sight!

3 years ago

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Stella775 Port Charlotte, FL

They do not respond. They told us our "rates" would go down and just cover administrative costs. Our electrical bills have been 60 - 80 less Without the CREDIT they told us would happen. Word to the wise...have a recording of the conversation when the sales comes over...they just spew BS...Stay away! No it is NOT AMAZING. Pure FRAUD...

3 years ago

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I wish to read the reviews before signed a contract with them. Sales person lied to got you , and after you never heard from them. They did not delivered what they promised. Not worth it. Do your research before you take a decision.

3 years ago

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VC Lake Worth, FL


4 years ago

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KELLY HOWARD Port Saint Lucie, FL


4 years ago