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LAST UPDATED: March 15th, 2023

Stockdale Solar wants prospective solar customers to understand their options and have a clear picture of the financial advantages of going solar. Stockdale Solar considers consumers' energy usage when designing every solar solution.

Currently, Stockdale Solar services a number of cities throughout California. There are also efforts being made to increase its service area throughout the state with expansion on the horizon. Clients in the following California Counties can access Stockdale Solar services:

  • Kern
  • San Bernardino
  • Los Angeles
  • Riverside
  • Orange
  • San Diego
  • Ventura

The Stockdale Solar team is led by solar experts with years of experience in the roofing and solar industry. Stockdale Solar project specialists will help clients navigate each stage of the solar project to ensure that all needs are met and monthly utility savings are maximized. 


The Good

  • Electric Assessment
  • Custom Solar Solutions
  • Mobile Monitoring
  • Equipment Protection

Electric Assessment

Inquiring clients often feel discouraged from pursuing solar options as getting started is overwhelming, or in some cases, costly. A number of solar installation providers will require some sort of commitment or upfront payment for an energy assessment or consultation. 

With Stockdale Solar, prospective clients will receive this initial assessment as a complimentary service. It will also provide potential customers with the data and information necessary to make an informed solar decision. Instead of taking a shot in the dark, Stockdale Solar clients will have the data points and financial figures on hand.

Custom Solar Solutions

Some solar contractors will only install “cookie cutter” solar solutions. Typically, these are solar dealerships that only install one kind of system from one particular manufacturer. This means clients will not receive a customized solar solution.

Stockdale Solar solely offers perfectly crafted and tailored solar solutions to its clients. Stockdale Solar takes into account the electric usage needs of the home and ensures that the system is designed and equipped to produce at an appropriate rate while simultaneously saving the homeowner on monthly utility bills.

Mobile Monitoring

Many solar clients are somewhat left in the dark in terms of solar equipment functionality. It is generally not until a bill comes in that is substantially higher than expected that a homeowner is alerted that the system may not be functioning properly.

To combat this issue, Stockdale Solar offers clients mobile monitoring capabilities. Users can take advantage of viewing real-time performance metrics on a smartphone or other mobile device.

Additionally, Stockdale Solar offers dual monitoring, meaning users can monitor their own system while Stockdale continues to monitor the system’s performance to ensure proper functionality. 

Equipment Protection

Having a solar system installed is a financial investment. To protect clients from potential repair or replacement costs due to fault equipment or poor connectivity, Stockdale Solar offers the following warranties on its installed equipment:

  • 25-year panel warranty
  • 25-year inverter warranty
  • 25-year roof warranty

Stockdale Solar clients can expect equipment to function properly, but if there is any sort of issue, the company backs its equipment for a full 25 years. Most solar installation companies will back panels for 25 years, but not inverters or roofs. That is unique to the Stockdale Solar service. 


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Equipment Information
  • Unknown Financing Alternatives

Undisclosed Equipment Information

There are downsides to working with solar contractors that provide customized solutions. One common drawback is the lack of information regarding equipment partnerships or potentially increased costs as the company is not affiliated with a particular manufacturer.

After the energy assessment, Stockdale Solar will design a custom system for each client. Depending on a number of factors, a wide variety of equipment brands may best suit the particular scenario. From there, Stockdale Solar will order the equipment for installation.

This means that customers who are conducting research upfront are left in the dark in terms of what equipment is available to them through Stockdale Solar. This makes it impossible to determine equipment quality as partnerships with tier-1 solar manufacturers are not provided.

Unknown Financing Alternatives

For many potential clients, having a solar system installed is only viable with alternative financing programs. Since solar is an investment, few people are able to purchase the system and service upfront and outright in cash. That is why most solar providers offer financing options like solar loan, leases, or power purchase agreement.

Stockdale Solar has not disclosed any financing information publicly. It is unclear whether or not financing solutions are available to Stockdale Solar clients, which can restrict the number of people that can access the service.


The Bottom Line

Stockdale Solar has helped thousands of people realize the environmental and financial benefits of solar usage. The company will dispatch solar professionals to conduct a free electrical assessment for each inquiring client. This assessment will provide potential clients with all data needed to make an informed decision. This information and data will also allow Stockdale Solar professionals to design a perfectly tailored solution that benefits the individual home.

To ensure that the system continues to run as designed, Stockdale Solar clients will have access to mobile monitoring to track energy usage and production. All equipment used in Stockdale Solar installations are protected by long-term equipment warranties.

Despite offering a number of quality solutions and services, there are drawbacks to the Stockdale Solar service. There is no information on what manufacturers Stockdale Solar has access to when it comes time to design and install a system. This makes it difficult to determine equipment quality.

Additionally, there is no information regarding potential alternative financing solutions for clients wanting to utilize those options instead of paying outright for the system.

Considering all the known, and unknown, factors surrounding the Stockdale Solar service, residential clients in Southern California looking to have a customized solar system installed on their home will likely benefit from the services provided by Stockdale Solar. 

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