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LAST UPDATED: August 9th, 2023

Founded in 2001, Southern Energy Management is a North Carolina-based B Corp that has cultivated a reputation as a leader in the field, driven by its commitment to providing services that span solar installations, smart energy solutions, and building performance evaluations. 

Headquartered in Raleigh and serving the surrounding areas, the company hopes to improve the way people make and use energy while building a prosperous company that supports people and the planet. 

In 2022, Southern Energy Management received the prestigious Energy Star Partner of the Year Award. This recognition underscores the company's unwavering dedication to energy efficiency and sustainable practices. The award highlights Southern Energy Management's commitment to advancing the adoption of energy-efficient solutions and contributing to a greener future.

Read on for the good, the bad, and the bottom line of this unique solar installer. 

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The Good

  • Top-Tier Solar Equipment
  • Smart Electrical Panel 
  • Purchase and Financing Options
  • Solar System Monitoring
  • Industry Experience
  • Holistic Approach to Energy Solutions
  • Certified B Corp

Top-Tier Solar Equipment

Southern Energy Management offers some of the best clean energy equipment on the market. The company sells SunPower solar panels with an incredibly high energy efficiency rating of 22.8, as well as solar panels produced by LG, Hanwha, and Q-Cells. Southern Energy Management installs inverters produced by SMA and SolarEdge, which are each respected brands within the industry. 

For individuals interested in battery storage, the renewable energy company also offers Tesla Powerwalls as a Certified Powerwall Installer.

Smart Electrical Panel

One of the standout offerings by Southern Energy Management is its SPAN Panel installations. These smart electrical panels are designed to seamlessly connect and optimize home energy systems. Acting as the central hub for energy management, SPAN panels facilitate the integration of solar, battery storage, and the grid. 

This intuitive solution can empower homeowners to take charge of their energy consumption and enhance their battery backup capabilities, fostering a more resilient and efficient energy ecosystem in conjunction with solar installation.

Purchase and Financing Options

Southern Energy Management gives its customers the option to either purchase their solar energy system outright or finance it with a loan. Because both of these options lead to solar ownership, the customer will also have the ability to take advantage of any available rebates, tax credits, and other local and federal incentives.

Solar System Monitoring

Every Southern Energy Management solar array has the option of a robust monitoring platform to help owners check the energy efficiency and output of their system. 

This monitoring platform is accessible from any desktop browser or mobile device and allows users to view both system production and home energy consumption in real-time. 

Users can also receive text messages or email alerts if a module is down, receive an annual report detailing production and usage levels for the year, measure their environmental impact in terms of trees planted or CO2 emissions offset, and receive weather alerts.

Industry Experience

Southern Energy Management was founded in 2001, and its longevity as a solar company has allowed its 100 percent in-house team to develop experience and expertise in the solar industry. 

In fact, Southern Energy Management is so confident in the team it's built and its time-proven process that the company guarantees the production of all of its solar installs. Production guarantee details are not described, so add this to your list of questions to ask a company representative. 

Holistic Approach to Energy Solutions

For those embarking on new home construction or seeking to enhance existing structures, Southern Energy Management provides valuable consulting services. The company’s guidance covers a wide range of topics including the following:

  • Energy code compliance
  • LEED designation
  • Solar power integration
  • HVAC design
  • Sustainability incentives

This comprehensive consulting ensures that every aspect of a building's energy performance is optimized to the fullest extent.

Southern Energy Management positions itself as North Carolina's premier solar power and building performance expert, a title that's well-earned given the company's comprehensive approach to energy solutions. It offers an impressive range of services that cater to both residential and commercial clients, ensuring that every facet of energy optimization and sustainability is addressed.

Certified B Corp

Southern Energy Management is a true believer in the power of business to create a real and powerful positive change in the world. Based on this belief, the company decided to become a certified B Corporation (B Corp) in 2009, signifying a deeper commitment to social and environmental responsibility initiatives. 

B Corp is a certification for businesses similar to Fair Trade for coffee or LEED for buildings. To maintain its B corp certification, Southern Energy Management is regularly evaluated on its environmental and social performance. In 2017, Southern Energy Management was awarded B Corp’s "Best for the World" label for the environmental category.


The Bad

  • Short Workmanship Warranty
  • Needs Customer Reviews 
  • Limited Availability

Short Workmanship Warranty

Southern Energy Management will only cover issues related to labor for 5 years.

While Southern Energy Management's equipment warranties are on par for the industry, the company's workmanship warranty is relatively short when compared to those offered by other top companies in the industry (10–25 years). Workmanship warranties generally cover issues with roof leakage caused by panel mounting equipment during installation. 

Needs Customer Reviews

Verified customer reviews are essential to corroborate a company’s claims to excellent customer service, installation efficiency, and production guarantees. If Southern Energy Management has done a solar installation on your property, please leave a review for prospective customers to consult as they shop for the right solar company for them. 

Limited Availability

Currently, Southern Energy Management only offers solar energy services in North Carolina. Individuals who are interested in clean energy for their home or business but are located elsewhere will not have the opportunity to work with this company.


The Bottom Line

With a diverse portfolio of services, from solar installations to cutting-edge smart energy solutions, Southern Energy Management exhibits a dedication to innovation and, above all, true sustainability. 

Company highlights include the following: 

  • Several years of experience
  • High-quality solar power equipment
  • A lengthy equipment warranty,
  • System monitoring
  • Smart electrical panels
  • Accolades and awards 

However, without customer reviews, it’s difficult to gauge where the company stands in regard to customer service and overall customer satisfaction. And the company's workmanship warranty is relatively short at just 5 years. 

As with any significant home improvement investment, we recommend consumers conduct thorough research and consider several options before signing a contract with a company.  

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