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Since 2007, South Coast Solar has specialized in solar energy installation projects for residential, commercial, and government properties in Louisiana and South Carolina. The locally owned and operated company has performed over 1,500 residential installations, provides free estimates, and offers a $250 incentive for customer referrals. South Coast Solar offers solar panel installation, backup generators and battery backup systems.

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The Good

  • Full Warranties
  • Numerous Monitoring Choices

Full Warranties

South Coast Solar uses a flashed mounting system that features a patented water seal technology to keep installations from leaking from inclement weather. All materials and labor is covered under a 10-year warranty that can be transferred upon the sale of the home in the future. The production analysis for the installed system is also guaranteed for 10 years. A 25-year manufacturer warranty is also included.

Numerous Monitoring Choices

A digital display on the inverter will provide current system data as well as some information on its performance history. There are several choices of third-party providers for performance monitoring services and equipment. Some of these services feature weather stations and sensors. South Coast Solar also has web-based and on-site monitoring that has revenue-grade capabilities.


The Bad

  • Some Installation Limitations
  • Longer Installation Time

Some Installation Limitations

South Coast Coast Solar is experienced in installing custom designs on many rooftops but they do not install solar panels on roofs with asbestos or concrete tiles. The size of your roof is also a factor in the type of solar panels that can be installed and rooftops that face south are best for installing these types of panels. Homes that experience a large portion of shade throughout the day will most not likely qualify for the installation of solar photovoltaic panels. Chimneys, vent piping, and ventilation fans may interfere with the installation process and may need to be moved before work can begin. Consumers will need to make sure they have at least 48 inches of wall space free from obstructions next to their utility meters for inverters and disconnect mountings.

Longer Installation Time

South Coast Solar admits on its corporate website to spending a longer time with the installation process than other similar industry competitors. Consumers can expect a day of installation for each kilowatt of solar electricity. Installation for solar hot water systems takes approximately 1-3 days. According to the company, the longer installation times are due to the installation of the leak-proof mounting system and to making sure the wiring is hidden as much as possible. Some minor inconveniences can also be expected by consumers as contractors perform some wiring work inside the residence as well.


The Bottom Line

South Coast Solar is an experienced provider of solar energy systems for commercial, residential, and government properties. South Coast Solar provides customers with free estimates, full warranties, and multiple performance monitoring and financing options. However, the company's installation time is longer than what is offered by similar competitors and there are some limitations to the installation process.

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Thomas Miller Jr. ,

South Coast Solar was a great experience, from the beginning until the end. They were very responsive and explanatory in the early planning/design phase. They were fast and professional in the installation phase. And they were still right there in the post-installation phase to ensure we got the system turned on and reporting correctly. I can't recommend this company enough.

3 months ago

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Taurus TCP Aiken, SC

I chose South Coast Solar from Columbia, SC because of the knowledge that Grant S shared with me during our consultation. Grant never tried to force me to accept any sales pitch. I was immediately impressed that Grant walked down the outside of my house to verify any shading; he looked in the attic to ensure the structure could support the panels and electrical wiring could be installed and looked at my outside electrical boxes. Grant told me about the cash rebate that the panel company was offering. Grant offered state laws and information that help you to understand that is process is taken very serious by the electrical companies and the government. There is a lot of paper work involved in this process, along with engineering drawing. Columbia is only 50 miles (1-hour drive) from me so they are closer to get to me if I need repairs or equipment upgrade. I had two other quotes also. Grant had the same 310-volt panels as the other two sales reps from Charleston, SC and they were asking $35,000 for the same brand panels with no cash rebate. South Coast Solar had the same panels for $24,000 with the end of the year cash rebate from the solar panel company. The other two Charleston based companies were so overpriced. I asked Grant is there other voltage of panels about any other panel and he said yes. There was a 410-volt panel for about $3,000 more. I wanted a quote for those panels and those are the panels I chose. South Coast Solar offered a 25-year warranty on the solar panels and the labor. Other companies did not. The Better Business Bureau had the company listed with a very good rating and any complaints were resolved. (No business is perfect and as long as your customer service can work to appeal the customer, I can work with that.) South Coast Solar from Columbia, SC sent three installers, Stevie, Bennett, Chris and Steve to my house on Feb. 28, 2020 to install my 9.02kw system, 22 SunPower 410AC modules with SunPower monitoring. These four young men did an excellent job. They involved me in the entire process and explained everything to me as they installed various components and equipment. I received a really good education on solar panels. These young men were very polite and respectful. I was very impressed as they worked through lunch to ensure they completed the job today. I had to get them lunch and encourage them to at least take some bites of their barbeque pork lunches as they worked. They clean up and left everything very clean. They never deviated from the engineering drawing even when I told them I approved of relocating a few solar panels to the other end of the house on the back. These young men take this process serious and they work by the laws that keep them safe and employed. I was truly impressed that another Master Electrician, Steve, showed up around 12:30pm to verify and ensure the work of the electrician and his wiring was in code and correct. That was a surprise but definitely an assurance. I have Dominion Energy scheduled to come and review the work that SunPower South Coast Solar has completed at the end of the week and then we can turn on the solar panels. I will report back later when to let you know if this system really saved me any money. However, I can say, this company did an excellent job in installation and keeping me informed of the progress of my application along with the documents required. As far as installation at this point, I do recommend them for installation. Suggestions for improvement – always have more than one price quote to a consultation. People are on fixed budget so have a price range from a low price to the best quality price. Some people like low and some like the latest and greatest in technology. This is a win-win for everyone. I had to ask was there any different panels and I went with the higher grade panels but I needed way less of them.

1 year ago

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Roger Buenzow Florence, SC

We had a solar system installed in 2013 by Solar Tech out of Asheville, NC (the original installer). This past year, starting in April a microinverter failed, within 3-4 months a total of 4 microinverters failed. I tried for over 8 months to get the original installer to replace the microinverters with zero success. Finally, I contacted Scott O, Chief Technology Officer, for the local SunPower dealer. I explained the problem I was having and he immediately stepped up and offered to solve the problem. He assured me he could fix the problem. He communicated with the SunPower technical support staff and provided a reasonable cost estimate to install the new inverters. His cost bid was approved and within a very short time he scheduled his installers to be on site to complete the job. The crew arrived right on time and went to work. They inspected the original installation and found a number of major deficiencies committed by the original installer; failure to seal roof cable penetrations, failure to make ground wire connections, failure to properly secure wire connections, failure to weather seal ends of panel runs, just to mention a few. Scott's crew corrected these deficiencies on the spot and made sure the system was fully operational. They didn't just install the new inverters, they went above and beyond the call to duty. They mapped the location by serial number of all 10 panels, which was something the original installer failed to do. Scott's crew had to remove all 10 panels just to find the location of the failed inverters. I am extremely pleased with the support and assistance by Scott O and his crew. They did an outstanding job. Couldn't be more pleased. I'm so glad I was able to find Scott O and his crew.

4 years ago

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Frank Duncan Slidell, LA

This was a professional outfit from the get-go. They had the plans for our house available for our first consultation and the sales lady knew her product thoroughly. They were offering a 7kw package and determined that I could actually get a better one and proposed that. They had ALL of the necessary paperwork necessary with complete instructions. They arrived on the day agreed on and began the installation with an experienced crew. The whole installation, including the electrical installation was as neat and professional as it was possible to be. There was power production and a reduction in power needed because the installation shades the roof. We have had this installation running without the slightest problem for almost two years. We are very pleased and satisfied. We highly recommend them!

4 years ago

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Thomas Cunningham New Iberia, LA

SOUTH COAST SOLAR installed a 14.1 kw system to my home in 2011, within 3 yrs the system started to fail, after 6 yrs more than 90% of the system had failed or was failing. the micro inverters had failed not the solar panels, my warranty with the micro inverters was honored by Enphase. South Coast Solar have are yet to schedule a date to have my system upgraded. They received the upgrade parts 5months ago from Enphase.

3 years ago

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