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LAST UPDATED: September 29th, 2022

SOCO Solar and Power provides alternative energy solutions to clients looking to reduce monthly utility bills while using clean energy sources. Each step of the solar project is handled in-house by a SOCO Solar and Power energy professional. There is no aspect of the SOCO Solar and Power service that is ever outsourced to another provider within the industry.

The SOCO Solar and Power operation was officially launched in 2021 and backed by a strong Generac brand. The company was started by solar professionals, Charly Minkler and Will Nowell, who have each had respectable careers within the solar and energy industry. In its first year alone, the SOCO Solar and Power team installed over 100 new solar systems and generators. Additionally, the SOCO Solar and Power team was also able to service over 200 current Generac customers looking to maximize their generator and/or solar investment. 

A majority of all SOCO Solar and Power work results from word-of-mouth referrals. To date, over 99 percent of all SOCO Solar and Power customers would recommend the service and products offered by the company. This has resulted in a number of clients reaching out to SOCO Solar and Power directly to help take on their desired solar or generator project. Free quotes and consultations are available to all interested clients. 


The Good

  • Certified Generac Sales, Installation, and Service Dealer
  • No Outsourcing
  • Generator Solutions Available
  • Variety of Project Types

Certified Generac Sales, Installation, and Service Dealer

In an effort to provide quality, tier-1 solar equipment to its clients, SOCO Solar and Power has teamed up with Generac to offer solar systems and battery storage solutions. The specific system installed is the Generac PWRcell system, compatible with the powerful PWRcell battery. This system is considered by some to be the most flexible and scalable home energy system on the market as it can function in nearly any climate and provides continuous backup power.

No Outsourcing

Another major benefit to the service SOCO Solar and Power provides is the fact that the company will handle each step of the process in-house from start to finish. That means the sales, design, installation, and continued service is all done by SOCO Solar. Competitors will outsource pieces of this process, but SOCO Solar and Power takes all of it on. 

Generator Solutions Available

As a Generac dealer, SOCO Solar and Power also offers home backup generators to clients. While many solar providers will offer battery or storage solutions to solar clients, not many companies offer generator solutions for clients who do not have the luxury of having solar as an option. SOCO Solar and Power provides solutions to these types of clients as well; providing backup energy and increased energy independence is a main goal of the company. The generator solutions offered through SOCO Solar and Power allow for uninterrupted energy even during utility power outages or inclement weather. Generac generators are permanent solutions that provide an automatic service. 

Variety of Project Types

The solar market seems to lean towards catering to the residential homeowner. While some companies will offer limited commercial options, the residential product appears to be what most of the market goes after. That being said, there are other clients and projects that would benefit from renewable energy. SOCO Solar and Power understands this which is why the company services the following types of clients:

  • Residential clients
  • Small and large scale commercial projects
  • Rural (farming and ranch properties)

Not many solar companies will take on rural clients, nor do they generally have the skill or knowledge it takes to successfully complete these types of projects. SOCO Solar and Power does. 


The Bad

  • Limited Service Area
  • Undisclosed Financing Information
  • Limited Warranties

Limited Service Area

Most solar installation providers provide a relatively localized service. SOCO Solar and Power is no exception. However, SOCO Solar is a dealer for Generac products. Solar dealers are typically restricted to a particular service area as service areas are dictated and distributed by the manufacturer. Solar installation companies not tied up in a dealership relationship have the opportunity to expand on their own terms.

SOCO Solar and Power does not have this same leeway. As a result, SOCO Solar and Power is only able to service clients in the Southern Colorado region. Outside of this area, SOCO Solar will have to pass on the project limiting who the company can reach. 

Undisclosed Financing Information

While solar savings throughout the duration of the system’s lifespan speak for themselves, the upfront costs associated with installing a solar system cannot be ignored. The average residential solar system costs anywhere from $15,000 to $25,000 to have installed. Federal, and in some cases state, tax incentives can reduce these costs, but it will still most likely cost thousands of dollars for a property owner to purchase a system outright and upfront.

While this is the most fiscally responsible way to handle solar as it boasts the largest return on investment, it is simply not feasible for everyone looking to enjoy the benefits of solar energy. As a result, most solar companies will offer alternative financing options like loans, leases, and power purchase agreements.

For researching clients, the availability of financing options can be a determining factor. While SOCO Solar and Power claims to offer financing that will include lower payments than current monthly electric bills, the company has failed to disclose exactly what those options are. Most solar installation companies make this information public as it is important information for prospective clients. 

Limited Warranties

Warranties have grown to be somewhat standard within the solar industry. Since it can cost thousands of dollars to have a custom solar system installed, it makes sense that clients would want that investment protected for a reasonable period of time. Typically, solar companies will offer some type of warranty for equipment, production, and workmanship.

The manufacturer typically covers the equipment and/or production warranty. In the case of SOCO Solar and Power clients, Generac does cover an equipment warranty, but it only lasts 10 years. Most manufacturers offer equipment warranties for upwards of 25 years. The workmanship warranty is then generally covered by the actual installation provider. SOCO Solar and Power has not disclosed any workmanship warranty details so it is unclear whether or not this feature is available to clients. 


The Bottom Line

SOCO Solar and Power provides a complete start-to-finish solar product for a wide range of clients looking to use renewable energy to power a property. SOCO Solar has partnered with Generac and has been named a certified sales, installation, and service dealer supplying clients with the latest Generac has to offer.

In addition to providing traditional solar alternatives, SOCO Solar can also install Generac generators for customers looking for a backup power source or increased energy independence. Based on where SOCO Solar provides its services, it's no surprise that the company offers solar solutions to residential, commercial, and even rural clients. 

There is no perfect solar operation and SOCO Solar and Power is no exception. Prospective clients looking into SOCO Solar for installation services should be aware of current limitations to the company’s operation. SOCO Solar only services the southern Colorado region. Outside of this service area, SOCO Solar cannot take on the project. It’s also concerning that despite claiming to offer alternative financing, there is no information regarding what specific options are available to clients. Lastly, the warranties offered to SOCO Solar and Power clients are limited compared to the rest of the industry.

Interested solar clients in southern Colorado looking for a quality solar system and battery combination will likely benefit from what SOCO Solar and Power has to offer. Solar customers interested in protecting their investment and utilizing special financing, however, may want to look elsewhere. 

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SOCO Solar Power

Soco Solar Power is an alternative energy provider helping Colorado residents achieve their goals of being fully self sufficient, by harvesting their share of Rocky Mountain sunshine.

With over 12 years of experience being the only authorized Generac dealer on the western slope, you can be certain that your needs will be treated as our own in your transition to a fully self-sustainable life!

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Well there slow been dealing witb this for months now still not working

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Lucy Montrose, CO

Communication was spotty, and sometimes unclear.

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