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LAST UPDATED: May 25th, 2021

Simply Solar is a Bay Area-based solar company that installs residential and commercial solar panel systems, as well as solar battery backup systems. The company provides site analysis, system engineering, permitting, installation, activation, monitoring, and maintenance services. Simply Solar has more than 20 years of experience and has installed thousands of solar panel systems. 

Simply Solar provides solar advisors to help customers choose the solar panel system that’s best for their property, whether it’s a residential or commercial property. Then, the customer learns about and chooses their options for equipment, installation, and financing. Finally, Simply Solar completes the installation, putting a portion of the proceeds toward solar projects in foreign and domestic communities.

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The Good

  • Partners
  • 10-Point Guarantee
  • Warranties
  • Roofing Division
  • In-House Technicians
  • Solar Battery Backup Options


Simply Solar is a Solaria pro partner diamond, a SolarEdge certified installer, and an LG Chem product partner.

10-Point Guarantee

Simply Solar offers a 10-point guarantee that the company says adds more than $13,950 to the lifetime value of each customer’s solar panel system. 

The guarantee promises that Simply Solar will do the following:

  • Provide 25-year workmanship warranty covering the work Simply Solar does, as well as any damage that the company’s work might cause
  • Cover any additional electric costs if the new solar panel system doesn’t perform at 90% of the quoted production or better
  • Remove the customer’s solar panels and reinstall them if the client needs a new roof
  • Use the highest quality equipment and installation techniques
  • Respond to questions within two business days
  • Install the solar panel system as quickly as possible
  • Provide a dedicated project manager throughout the solar panel installation
  • Use long-lasting products
  • Address any roof modifications the customer needs
  • Not charge any hidden costs


In addition to Simply Solar’s 10-point guarantee, the company provides a 25-year manufacturer warranty and a 25-year satisfaction guarantee. The products the company installs also provide 25- to 30-year product warranties. 

Roofing Division

Sometimes residential solar customers need modifications to their roofs when they install a new solar panel system. Simply Solar has its own in-house roofing division, enabling the company to handle any needed roof adjustments without involving an outside roofer. The roofing division, Rockin’ Roofers, can also perform roofing assessments and dry rot evaluations.

In-House Technicians

While some solar companies hire out their work to outside contractors, Simply Solar handles all of its installation work with in-house technicians. This gives the company greater control over installation protocols and techniques and the quality of the training that the technicians receive.

Solar Battery Backup Options

Simply Solar also sells solar battery backup options, which provides options for customers who want to go off-grid or store energy in case of a power outage. Simply Solar uses LG Chem battery storage for both residential and commercial projects.


The Bad

  • Limited Information

Limited Information

Simply Solar’s website doesn’t provide information about where its services are available, the price ranges for those services, or available financing options.


The Bottom Line

Simply Solar is a solar company based in Petaluma, California, with decades of experience and thousands of solar installations to its name.

The company handles everything from site analysis to system engineering to permitting to installation to monitoring to maintenance. Simply Solar even has an in-house roofing division, called Rockin’ Roofers, that handles roofing services that solar customers might need. The company also uses in-house contractors to install its solar panels. These in-house services not only provide convenience for customers; they also ensure that Simply Solar has greater control over the installation work than companies that hire outside contractors.

Simply Solar has a number of professional partners. The solar company is a Solaria pro partner diamond, a SolarEdge certified installer, and an LG Chem product partner. These partnerships give solar customers more product offerings than companies that sell one brand exclusively. They also speak to Simply Solar’s reputation in the solar industry.

Simply Solar also installs solar battery backup systems, which is an additional service not all solar companies provide. 

The company offers a number of reasons to feel confident in its services. One of these is its 10-point guarantee. The 10-point guarantee makes a number of promises to customers, including that Simply Solar will cover any additional electric costs in the first year if the solar panel system it installs doesn’t perform at 90% of the quoted production or better. Simply Solar also provides a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty, a 25-year satisfaction guarantee, and 25- to 30-year product warranties, which are among the longest in the industry.

One downside is that Simply Solar doesn’t specify the price ranges, geographic availability, or financing options for its services. 

However, Simply Solar is a great option to look into for customers located near its office in Petaluma, California — especially those who want to work with a well-established company that offers long warranties.

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