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LAST UPDATED: May 27th, 2021

Shinnova Solar is Kansas City’s premier turnkey solar company. 

Shinnova Solar provides all-inclusive custom energy solutions, including system design, solar panel installation, and 24/7 real-time energy monitoring. The company is dedicated to helping people focus on reducing their carbon footprint and promoting clean energy solutions. 

Formerly known as Smart Home Innovations LLC, Shinnova Solar wants customers to know that although its name changed, its commitment to clean energy remains the primary focus.

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The Good

  • Financing Options
  • Trained Professionals
  • Referral Program

Financing Options

Shinnova Solar works with several solar and renewable energy lending partners, including Sunlight Financial, Loanpal, Enium, and Mosaic. 

Whichever company lending partner you choose to work with, Shinnova Solar boasts that you can finance your solar system with low, fixed monthly payments, competitive interest rates, and either little or no upfront costs. 

Trained Professionals

Shinnova Solar is NABCEP Certified. 

This means that Shinnova has met the NABCEP’s experience and advanced training requirements and has been deemed capable of meeting the demands of renewable energy projects and employers worldwide.

Shinnova Solar is also a Telsa Energy Certified Installer. This means that Shinnova Solar’s technicians are trained to install Telsa’s Powerwall and adhere to the strict quality, permitting and inspection requirements.

Referral Program

Shinnova Solar is so dedicated to helping everyone go green that it offers a referral program to its clients. 

Shinnova clients can make some money by referring their family, friends, neighbors, and acquaintances to go solar. Registering for the program is really simple. Just log on to the Shinnova website, enter your information, and follow the instructions from there. If one of your referrals makes a purchase, you’re then rewarded.


The Bad

  • Vague Website
  • Must Call for More Information
  • Limited Availability

Vague Website

Although Shinnova Solar provides a respectable amount of information on its website, some essential information is missing. 

The first thing we’d like more information on is Shinnova’s assessment and installation process. Specifically, it would be nice for potential clients to know what to expect once they’ve filled out the online quote form. Shinnova Solar does provide some details, but this is at the bottom of the Solar 101 page, and we’d like to see it more prominently displayed on the website. 

Shinnova isn’t the most upfront with how long customers can expect their solar installation to take. Many companies boast that they can install solar panels in one or two days, while others say that installation may take up to a week.

We would like to see the company be more candid with this information; that way, customers know exactly what they’re getting into when working with this company. 

Additionally, there is not a lot of information regarding all your options should you choose to finance your solar system. You can clearly get a loan, but it is unclear whether the company offers solar leases or Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). 

Must Call for More Information

With limited information on the website, potential customers will need to contact the company directly for more details. Shinnova’s website clearly states that if you have any questions or concerns to call or email. 

Our research team contacted Shinnova via email, asking for general information regarding its solar panels, financing options, equipment, etc. 

Shinnova Solar responded to the email stating that if we want more information to call. Our team then responded, saying they preferred to communicate via email, and Shinnova did not respond to that email. 

This is frustrating for customers who want to learn more about the company and its solar program but do not want to (or don’t feel comfortable) calling. We understand that not every situation is the same, or specific circumstances affect the final cost or installation that requires more detailed communication. But it would have been nice for Shinnova to at least provide some general information.  

Limited Availability

Shinnova Solar’s service area is fairly limited. Currently, the solar company is only available to those living in Kansas, Iowa, and Missouri. Consumers who do not live in these states will not have the opportunity to do business with Shinnova Solar. 


The Bottom Line

Residents of Kansas City Metro area looking for a reliable solar installation company should look into Shinnova Solar. The company is locally and veteran-owned, with over 500 installs. Shinnova knows that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to solar, so it works with each client to ensure they’re getting a customized system that fits their unique needs. 

There isn’t much detailed information regarding the installation process, financing options, equipment, etc., on the website, so consumers will need to contact the company directly for more details.

However, although the company says that you can ask your questions via email or by phone, our research team found that even if you email the company, Shinnova Solar will ask you to call them. 

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Tom Switzer IA

Hello , I agreed to purchase a solar system from shinnova solar in Oct. 2020 with the agreement that the system would be installed and producing energy before the end of dec. 2020 . Today 7 months later , after tons of phone calls and excuses on there behalf , I still dont have me system installed. The finance company has released the funds to shinnova solar and in July 2021 I will be making my first payment for my uninstalled solar system. Bottom line is , if had to do it all over again I would NOT purchase from SHINNOVA SOLAR.

1 year ago