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LAST UPDATED: January 21st, 2024

Rumos Chem is a professional solar contracting company that handles each aspect of the solar installation process. The company offers customized solutions for residential and commercial property owners looking to utilize energy efficient alternatives that add value to the property while decreasing carbon footprint impact. 

The Rumo Chem operation was officially launched in 2018 and has since serviced over 250 property owners. To date, Rumos Chem has installed over 3,152 kW which equates to over 757 trees being planted. Rumos Chem has helped clients access efficient energy sources while also making a positive impact on the environment benefiting all parties involved.

Rumos Chem is known for helping clients save thousands of dollars in energy costs, bolstering properties in the event of power outages, and even increasing the value of the home or commercial property.

The systems installed by Rumos Chem are designed to require little to no routine maintenance and should produce quality and efficient energy for decades to come. Rumos Chem provides a “one-stop shop” for property owners interested in harnessing the power of the sun as an energy alternative. 

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The Good

  • Start-to-Finish Contracting Services
  • Solar Panel Options
  • Battery Storage Solutions

Start-to-Finish Contracting Services

The solar installation process in recent years has become more and more complex with more companies trying to get a piece of the “solar” pie. Some companies strictly handle the sales portion of the solar process. There are then solar contractors strictly responsible for installing a system. Others then provide routine maintenance or upgrade duties. With manufacturers and installers all over the place, it can be difficult to find a “one-stop shop” that will handle the entire process from start to finish.

With Rumos Chem, clients can rest assured that each aspect of the solar installation process is handled in-house from beginning to end. From the initial consultation, to the design, to the installation, to the hook-up and permits, Rumos Chem will handle it all. None of the work will ever be outsourced to another solar provider ensuring that all work and communication is handled through one source. 

Solar Panel Options

Many solar installation companies operate as authorized dealers of one particular solar manufacturer. This means that a solar contractor will come in and try to make one type or brand of solar panel work for each and every client, even if a different product or supplier may offer a better solution. 

That is not the case with Rumos Chem as the company can truly provide a more customized and tailored approach to solar panel selection and installation. Rumos Chem has partnerships with the following solar panel manufacturers:

  • Panasonic
  • LG
  • REC
  • Q Cells

With this many suppliers to choose from, Rumos Chem clients have the opportunity to access one of the best solar panels for their particular property and address their energy goals and needs without having to fit into a cookie cutter approach of traditional solar dealers. 

Battery Storage Solutions

One of the more popular alternatives to energy independence that property owners are turning to is the battery storage option. Having a battery storage system in place protects properties when inclement weather comes into play or the utility grid shuts down for any reason. With a battery backup or storage solution, property owners can access stored solar energy and continue life uninterrupted regardless of outside conditions.

While many solar installation companies have started to offer battery storage solutions, not all are equipped to handle these system installations and ensure that property owners can save money on peak-time power bills.

The professionals at Rumos Chem have the knowledge and expertise needed to install effective home battery storage solutions that help eliminate energy inefficiencies and keep a property up and running regardless of power outages. 


The Bad

  • Limited Warranty Details
  • Undisclosed Financing Options
  • Limited Service Area

Limited Warranty Details

Having a solar system installed is a long-term investment. While the rewards of this solar investment can lead to great returns, there is still somewhat of a risk a property owner takes when investing in solar. To mitigate this risk, most solar companies offer a number of warranties or guarantees as a way to provide peace of mind. Generally, solar customers will have access to all or some of the following warranties:

  • Equipment Warranty
  • Production Guarantee
  • Workmanship Warranty

Warranty information is also typically made public as researching clients have a vested interest in what forms of protection they will have access to. Rumos Chem claims to offer “unparalleled 30-year backup warranties” but it is unclear what those warranties cover and who is responsible for backing those. This makes it difficult to determine the quality of these warranties in comparison to the rest of the solar installation competition.  

Undisclosed Financing Options

A major obstacle for many property owners when it comes to having a solar system installed is the financing of the operation. The solar equipment itself, along with the solar installation, costs thousands of dollars. While this investment can pay back in dividends over a period of time, rarely do prospective solar clients have all the funds required upfront to pay for the system and installation out of pocket at the time of installation.

As a result, most solar customers turn to alternative financing options to access solar energy. Most solar installation companies will either offer or partner with a financing company to provide alternatives like solar loans, leases, and power purchase agreements.

While Rumos Chem claims to work with a “great financing company,” it is unclear what the institution is and what purchasing options are actually available to its customers. This makes it impossible to determine the viability of the financing available through Rumos Chem. Most companies will disclose this information clearly and publicly as it is a big part of the solar purchasing and decision making process. 

Limited Service Area

Many solar contractors offer a local service meaning that these companies generally only service a restricted geographical area. Due to the logistics and equipment needed to successfully complete a solar installation, it makes sense why solar installers target a certain area and offer services in select cities and counties.

While most solar installation companies only service select cities or counties within a particular state, there are others that have found ways to offer a regional or national level of service. However, Rumos Chem seems committed to its service area and with its authorized dealer status, it does not appear that expansion will occur anytime soon. 


The Bottom Line

Rumos Chem provides reliable solar installation services to those looking for efficient energy alternatives. The Rumos Chem team offers end-to-end solar contracting services to its clients, meaning no aspect of the process is ever outsourced or handled by a different provider.

Each client that goes through Rumos Chem for installation has the ability to choose from a wide range of solar products as the company has partnered with a number of tier-1 solar manufacturers.

In addition to offering reliable solar alternatives, the company also provides battery storage solutions to those that want access to energy even in adverse weather conditions or when the utility grid has shut down.

Despite offering a number of reputable services, there are downsides to the Rumos Chem operation that prospective clients should be aware of. For starters, there is little to no information on the warranties offered to Rumos Chem clients or the alternative financing options available during the purchasing process.

Additionally, the service area that Rumos Chem covers is geographically limited to a confined area in Missouri.

Taking into consideration both the advantages and limitations of the company, Rumos Chem is an ideal choice for those unconcerned with the financing aspect of the solar process and are instead focused on having a customized and tailored solar solution handled by a single contracting operation.         

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