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LAST UPDATED: September 2nd, 2022

RDX Power is a solar brokerage company that services residential property owners who want to utilize renewable energy and stabilize energy costs. Founded in 2019, RDX Power develops relationships with solar manufacturers and installers in an effort to streamline the solar process. RDX Power employs experienced energy consultants that will work with individual clients to ensure project success and satisfaction. 

Many people are turning to solar as utility rates continue to increase. However, navigating the solar technology, design, and installation process can be daunting. RDX Power exists to answer those initial questions and create a plan that will allow energy savings while potentially implementing a net metering structure. 

Those interested in locking in their energy rate, selling clean energy back to the power grid, and taking advantage of uninterrupted power solutions will find answers to all questions and concerns through an RDX Power energy consultant. With basic energy bill information, RDX Power can supply interested solar clients with the data needed to make an informed and information-driven purchasing decision. 


The Good

  • Tier-1 Solar Manufacturer Partnership
  • Complimentary Savings Report

Tier-1 Solar Manufacturer Partnership

To supply tier-1 solar equipment, RDX Power has partnered with Sunrun to offer quality solar panels, inverters, and battery/storage systems. Many solar brokerage companies will shop around and try to piece equipment parts together in an effort to show a cheap equipment alternative to clients.

RDX Power has opted to take the partnership route, something most start-to-finish solar providers do, which allows clients to make a more informed final decision. 

Complimentary Savings Report

The best aspect of the RDX Power service offerings is the complimentary savings report supplied to each interested client free of charge. When meeting with an energy consultant, the RDX Power consultant will take information from the potential customer’s past utility bills and provide a data driven savings report to accurately display what solar can do in terms of money saved and equipment needed.

While many solar companies provide some sort of complimentary initial consultation, few provide this level of specific data that is accurate and portrays the interested client’s individual situation. 


The Bad

  • Solar Brokerage
  • Outsourced Installation Issues
  • Limited Warranties
  • Undisclosed Purchasing Options

Solar Brokerage

While there are some benefits of utilizing a solar broker, common issues have been found when residential property owners use this kind of solar provider over companies that manage the entire project from the initial sale until the system is turned on and operational. Some customers feel like there are too many moving pieces between the equipment provider, the consultant, and then the installation team. 

Outsourced Installation Issues

A common complaint of solar broker clients in general, and from specific RDX Power customers online, is that the installation process causes a number of issues. Since the work is outsourced, the client is not necessarily in control of who is working on the property. When issues arise, it is difficult to determine where the responsibility lies. Difficulties in obtaining refunds or repair work have been noted, again, since this stage of the process is outsourced. These kind of miscommunication issues are minimized with solar installation companies that manage the entire process in-house. 

Limited Warranties

Since RDX Power plays somewhat of a middle man role, the company itself does not offer any warranties to clients. In the traditional solar makeup, the equipment manufacturer will provide the equipment or production warranty. These are generally 25 years in length. Then the solar installation provider backs the workmanship warranty for an industry average of 10 years.

Because RDX Power neither produces the solar equipment nor installs the system, these warranties are not available through the company. Sunrun, the equipment partner, offers a 10-year warranty on the solar panels. Since each client will work with a different installation company, it is unclear whether workmanship warranties are available at all. 

Undisclosed Purchasing Options

Alternative financing options have become relatively common within the solar industry as it costs an average of $15,000–$25,000 to install a residential solar system. Few people are in a financial position to purchase the system upfront and in cash, so most solar companies will offer at least one of the following financing alternatives: loans, leases, and power purchase agreements.

Unfortunately, it is unclear whether these financing options are available to RDX Power clients, and it does not appear that the company has forged a relationship with a financing organization to offer these solutions. 


The Bottom Line

RDX Power operates as the middle man for those looking into solar energy but are unsure about what steps to take next. For equipment purposes, RDX Power has partnered with Sunrun to supply solar panels, inverters, and battery/storage systems. Before getting started, a RDX Power energy consultant will sit down with each interested client to go over potential savings, equipment needs, and the overall solar process. 

While there are benefits to the services provided by RDX Power, there are limitations to be aware of as well. First, the company is solely a solar brokering operation meaning the equipment manufacturing and actual installation is outsourced to another company. RDX Power just handles the initial questions and fills in the information gap. This has led to installation issues as many clients are unaware of who is actually conducting the service.

Warranty information is vague as the equipment provider, Sunrun, offers the equipment warranty but it is unknown who the solar installation provider will be making it impossible to determine if a workmanship warranty is offered or available to RDX Power clients. Lastly, there is no public information on what purchasing options are available to RDX Power clients or if there is a alternative financing partner available to utilize. 

Those interested in utilizing a solar provider that manages each stage of the project from start to finish will not find what they are looking for with RDX Power. RDX Power provides a consultation service and then outsources equipment and installation work to companies RDX Power has deemed trustworthy. 

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