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LAST UPDATED: July 6th, 2022

Phoenix Energy Products, or PEP Solar, is a privately owned company based out of Phoenix, servicing all parts of the state of Arizona. Founded in 1979, they strive to meet the needs of anybody looking to make their homes greener and more energy efficient. PEP Solar offers just two ways for consumers to use solar energy, which includes owning and leasing. For some customers, this may be the only options needed, but when looking at the majority of solar providers, PEP Solar falls short. PEP is an APS Qualified Installer, and is recognized by the Arizona Solar Energy Industries Association. This review is to help you understand the pros and cons of PEP Solar and if they are right for you-assuming you live in Arizona.

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The Good

  • Solar Leasing
  • Buy Your Own System
  • Monitoring Services
  • Warranties

Solar Leasing

Leasing is a good way for people to acquire solar energy if they have limited resources for the large down payment that comes with purchasing solar equipment. They also offer this option if you are planning on staying at your property for the next 20 years and don't want to wait for the next year to get the tax credits. The up-front cost ranges between 0% and 50% of the originating price of the equipment. This is also where the contract is different. We said it's 10 years, but leasing options tend to go up to 20 to 25 years. Also, maintenance and repairs are on the shoulders of the leasing company.

Buy Your Own System

Purchasing your own solar is perfect if you have the funds to buy them, if you're doing it for a business, or you plan on selling within the next few years. Obviously, this requires full payment up-front and systems only take up to six years to pay for themselves. You'll also get access to other tax credits. Here, your equipment is under a 12-year warranty, which we will discuss later.

Monitoring Services

PEP Solar does offer a free, online program to track your system's performance and repots any issues to the leasing company. This can be installed on your phone or tablet, or you can just use the computer. It's a great way to view how your system uses energy and where you can make adjustments in your home.


PEP Solar offers some great warranties, including a 12 year install warranty, 12 year roof warranty, and 12 year performance guarantee (on select models). In addition, panels come with a manufacturing guarantee of up to 30 years. Inverters come with a 25 year manufacturer's warranty.


The Bad

  • No Loan Option
  • Site Performance

No Loan Option

Now, you may be wondering how a loan differs from leasing. PEP Solar removed its options for customers. Imagine taking out a 30-year loan to help you get started with solar energy. Here, you would actually own the system and get access to the 30% Federal Tax Credit in addition to other state benefits. It may be an option they could bring back, but there are no plans as of now.

Site Performance

We live in an age where the internet gives us instant access to all sorts of information. While PEP Solar has plenty of information on their site, it could be better organized. We had to call the company for a lot of their information regarding solar services, as it couldn't be found on the site.


The Bottom Line

Overall, PEP Solar offers Arizona residents an option to get solar into their homes or businesses. You'll have access to some nice warranties, as well as monitoring services on your phone, tablet or computer. And in a state where the sun shines often, PEP Solar offers many of the services to help you get started on solar.

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Steve Phoenix, AZ

Wow, our install is so much better than those lease companies down the street. We were told to go with pep solar because of their install and the US made product. Just amazing crew, and the thin film solar is just so pretty. Everything came out just as we had hoped it would. We would most definately recommend pep solar.

7 years ago

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K.C. Call Chandler, AZ

This company sells above average product with way above average pricing, but at least the installation time is slow. In addition, as it turns out, they have chosen not to pay at least 4 of their employees the wages or commissions owed. I should know as I was asked to testify on behalf of a coworker recently who was awarded restitution for his case. I am still owed nearly $15,000 in commissions and my son is owed over $500 as a minimum wage employee with commissions and bonuses unpaid. After returning from a medical “vacation”, I was told I was fired for deserting the company and refused commissions owed. I always wondered why I was always the highest priced bid in the market when vying for business. It’s because PEP Solar, if you shop, is the most expensive. Believe me, you can find better.

1 year ago

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Jeff Kulpins Sun City, AZ

Had a solar array installed about 5 years ago - 40 panels. After 3 years, one of the panels showed zero production. Was told it was because of a micro-converter but panel was producing. Someone came out a few months later & replaced the micro-converter. Still showed zero & was told it was because the serial # needed to be updated. Six months later, 5 more panels showing zero. Same story. Months later, they were out to replace micro-converters & was told panels really were bad. 2 months after that, they replaced 4 panels but after they left 9 more panels showed zero production. Calling again.

6 years ago

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Brad Whitehouse Phoenix, AZ

After 4 years my system started failing and now I have numerous panels and the power manager that no longer works properly (the communication system has failed as well as numerous power inverters). They won't even return my calls or email requests to repair my system and claim they can no longer get the failed parts to fix my whole house system. It's an inconceivable way to treat a customer. I can't believe they can still claim to be the oldest solar installing company in AZ. Guess it helps if you juke people all the time.

2 years ago

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Carol B Mesa, AZ

imo...worst solar company in the away as fast as you can....terrible customer service They double wired breakers in my power box( against code)...they didn't ground the wires on the roof when they installed the solar panels.....the entire solar array had to be redone by another company. They will tell you anything to get your business

6 years ago