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LAST UPDATED: January 18th, 2023

Panasun Solar provides comprehensive solar services to residential and commercial property owners looking to address the ever increasing costs for energy. To combat these price hikes, Panasun Solar is helping property owners identify ways to cut back costs and transform homes and office buildings into more energy efficient structures.

Panasun Solar will handle each aspect of the solar process and all work will be conducted by Panasun Solar trained professionals.

Since 2015, Panasun Solar has helped clients reach energy independence goals while reducing monthly energy costs. While the operations are based in Florida, Panasun Solar has expanded its efforts to provide high quality solar installation services in Florida, Texas, and California.

Panasun Solar does not just install cookie cutter solar systems. Instead, the company offers “smart” solar solutions allowing for monitoring and additional insights which contribute to overall savings and efficiency efforts. 


The Good

  • Wide Variety of Energy Services
  • Equipment Partnerships
  • Generous Warranty Terms
  • Financing Plans
  • Backup Power Solutions

Wide Variety of Energy Services

A vast majority of solar installation providers strictly focus on the sales and installation of solar systems. This is one area where Panasun Solar stands out from its competitors as the company is truly focused on helping its clients save on its monthly energy bills while transforming the home into a more energy efficient place. Energy services available through Panasun Solar include the following:

  • Energy efficiency — Panasun Solar professionals will identify all ways, including the installation of solar, to optimize a home’s power usage. 
  • Duct and air sealing — Installing a solar system is a great first step in turning a home into an energy efficient property. Taking additional precautions like sealing and insulating the home for a more controlled temperature year round will only add to the overall savings. 
  • Monitoring and protection — Clients can keep track of their property’s energy usage in real time to ensure that solar savings are on par with desired results. 

Equipment Partnerships

Solar installation companies and solar manufacturers work hand in hand to bring renewable energy sources to the masses, particularly to residential clients. The manufacturers are responsible for developing and producing the equipment while the installation companies typically sell and install the systems. These partnerships between installation and solar manufacturing companies are pivotal to making solar available.

Prospective solar clients are particularly interested in these relationships as it determines what brands a homeowner will have access to through a particular provider. Panasun Solar has gone above and beyond to secure high level partnerships with the following tier-1 solar manufacturers:

  • Panels — SunPower, LG, Silfab
  • Inverters — Enphase
  • Batteries — Tesla

With Pansun Solar, clients can expect to have access to some of the best solar technology available. Not all solar installation companies can offer this level of equipment partnership quality. 

Generous Warranty Terms

Warranties are a standard offering within the solar industry. Because solar is an investment, protecting the money that goes into this type of long-term investment is of utmost importance to clients. Generally, solar companies will offer equipment and workmanship warranties. The terms for these warranties vary.

On average, workmanship warranties (which are backed by the solar installation company itself) last 10 years. Panasun Solar is confident in its installation capabilities and offers a full 25-year workmanship warranty in addition to a 25-year equipment warranty. This essentially protects the system and its connectivity for the lifespan of the system. 

Financing Plans

Since solar is an investment, it often deters homeowners from taking the plunge. However, Panasun Solar has worked to make solar more affordable and attainable by offering a number of financing alternatives that assist a wide variety of financial and budget limitations.

Most solar companies will inform clients that purchasing upfront and in cash allows for the best return on the investment, but it is simply not realistic for many homeowners. In these circumstances, Panasun Solar offers the following alternatives:


  • Can be transferred to new homeowner
  • Low monthly payment
  • Includes maintenance work
  • No upfront costs
  • Flat rate each month


  • Low monthly payment
  • No upfront cost
  • Only pay for energy produced by panels
  • Maintenance included
  • $0 upfront

Power Purchase Agreement

  • Ability to transfer agreement
  • Low monthly payment
  • Only pay for produced energy

Most solar companies will offer some financial alternatives, but it is not common where a solar contractor offers all financing alternatives associated with solar purchases. Panasun Solar offers it all. 

Backup Power Solutions

While a solar system will allow some level of energy independence, if the system has to be connected to the utility grid, clients are still subject to power outages. Understanding the frustration this causes some homeowners, especially those who routinely deal with poor weather conditions, Panasun believes this disruption is unacceptable. Panasun Solar works to help these clients increase overall energy independence with battery solutions. 

More and more solar companies are offering battery solutions as there is an increased demand for energy independence, but not all companies are qualified to install the highly ranked Tesla Powerwall system like Panasun Solar is. Panasun Solar will offer whole home backup with the industry leading Tesla Powerwall.  


The Bad

  • No NABCEP Certification

No NABCEP Certification

The only glaring missing element to the Panasun Solar platform is the absence of the company or project leader NABCEP certification. The North American Board of Certified Energy Professionals is widely considered to be the gold standard certification organization within the renewable energy industry.

Many solar installation providers will at least have one solar professional in-house that has obtained this NABCEP certification. Unfortunately for Panasun Solar clients, there are no NABCEP-certified professionals on the company’s staff. 


The Bottom Line

Panasun Solar is an end-to-end solar contractor helping residential and commercial property owners save on monthly utility bills while utilizing renewable energy sources. Panasun Solar does not simply install solar systems for its clients; the company also offers other energy savings services like duct and air sealing as well as monitoring and protection.

As for the solar side of the business, Pansun Solar has partnered with some of the highest rated equipment manufacturers to install on behalf of its clients. Additionally, Panasun Solar backs its service and equipment used in installations with comprehensive 25-year warranties on both the equipment and workmanship front.

In an effort to make solar more available to a wide range of homeowners, Pansun Solar offers a number of financing alternatives to clients including leases, loans, and power purchase agreements.

Lastly, Panasun Solar works to help homeowners reach energy independence goals by offering backup solutions that work seamlessly with the solar system. 

Despite offering a number of valuable services and features to its clients, Panasun Solar has yet to obtain or hire an NABCEP-certified professional. While it is not required to be NABCEP certified to conduct solar design and installation services, it does go a long way in demonstrating skill and knowledge. 

Homeowners looking for a reputable, start-to-finish solar contractor with high level equipment partnerships and quality energy efficiency services will likely benefit from what Panasun Solar offers to its clients. 

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Rolland Geyer Miami, FL

I had an excellent ecxperience with Meli and Panasun. We spoke to two other companies before scheduling a consult with Panasun. During our meeting, we immediately felt comfortable with Meli. She was very genuine and honest, and she was knowledgable about solar and the process. From then on, the coordination team kept us updated at every step of the process; communication was great. The process to get the permits and approval from our homeowner's association took about 6 weeks but the actual installation took one day. I didn't like that the electric company took 3 weeks to turn our system on but that wasn't Panasun's fault.

1 week ago


Review Source

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Sharon Gallo Orlando, FL

I recently had the pleasure of working with Panasun Solar and I'm so glad I did. They provided me with the best solar solution for myhome and the customer service was top notch. Their team was knowledgable and always available to answer any questions I had. The installation process was quick and efficient, and now my electricity bills are much lower! I highly recommend Panasun Solar to anyone looking for a reliable solar company.

1 week ago

star star star star star

Raphael Simeon

My representative Josh was very knowledgeable and thorough with the solar process. I was pretty skeptical at first and had to have a few appointments before pulling the trigger. I’m now saving over $100 per month with my system compared to when I was paying Duke. Very communicative company that is super honest and upfront about what to expect.

9 months ago

Panasun Solar Logo

Reply from Panasun Solar

Hey Raphael, thank you for choosing us to as your solar provider! Josh is one of our best, we’ll pass on the kind words.

Dec. 23rd, 2022