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LAST UPDATED: April 12th, 2023

Modern Concepts Solar is a company in Florida that provides solar, roofing, and HVAC services. Founded in 2021, Modern Concepts Solar brings together employees with experience to offer customers energy savings solutions. 

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The Good

  • Transferable Service Agreement
  • Net Metered State
  • Quality Products

Transferable Service Agreement

Modern Concepts allows customers to transfer their solar agreement and warranty onto the next homeowner. An MC Solar customer service team member can assist the homeowner with that process.  

Net Metered State

Modern Concepts is in Florida, which is a net-metered state. This means that solar customers can generate extra electricity with their solar system during a month that can be used at a later time. 

Quality Products

Modern Concepts uses top-tier quality solar products. These solar products come with a 25-year warranty, which is the best in the industry. Often panels provide solar power for much longer than the warranty, giving homeowners many years of energy production.


The Bad

  • Limited Service Area
  • Lack of Specific Information
  • Company Age
  • Hires Subcontractors

Limited Service Area

Modern Concepts Solar is available only to residents in Florida.

Lack of Specific Information

Modern Concepts Solar doesn’t offer a lot of specific information on its website that consumers need when comparing solar companies. Certifications, workmanship warranties, monitoring apps, and average pricing are all important data points consumers should have when deciding about what solar company to use. 

Company Age 

Purchasing a solar energy system that may or may not include a new roof is an expensive, long-term commitment. Customers will be working with the company throughout the lifetime of the panels' warranty, which is 25 years. It’s important to hire a company that has been around for at least 5 years. Modern Concepts Solar is only 1 year old, so it doesn’t meet our suggested minimum company age requirement. 

Hires Subcontractors

Modern Concepts Solar hires out subcontractors. Some customers want to know this upfront and prefer to not work with companies that don’t do the work themselves. When subcontractors are used, there is a greater chance of communication challenges, as customers usually sign a contract with a salesperson whose main goal is to sell work, sometimes agreeing to things that installation subcontractors may not be able to do.

Working with the same company/staff who are responsible for the sale, installation, and long-term service needs is often easier for solar customers.


The Bottom Line

Modern Concepts Solar is a new company. We wouldn’t suggest using a company that is so young. Other than the few reviews we find on its website, there is little to be found anywhere on the web to give us an idea of Modern Concepts Solar’s reputation.  

We suggest potential solar customers find a solar company that has been in business for at least five years and has great reviews on multiple websites. 

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Olinsser Cuevas Immokalee, FL

the worst company of Solar Panels, I wish I had never made a contract with them, all wrong from the beginning, they answer the phone the first days before the panels are installed, after that no one answers. supposedly my contract was $140 per month for 30 years and now they sent me word that it will go up to more than $200 per month, what a great robbery, worst of all, the panels are just pieces of metal on my roof that are useless since they They didn't pass my county inspection test, after that I haven't heard from the company and now I have to deal with the electric bill from the panels plus my city electric bill.

5 months ago

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Lisa Gayle

The company pulled my 28 year olds credit never asked for income and qualified her for a 74,000.0O dollar loan never came back to ask for income??? They hurried to put panels. Had major roof leaks took some panels down never did a main panel upgrade left me with no way to pass a 4 point inspection on a federal Pacific Breaker Box. I’m 60 single was trying to get cost down on home. Please Google Pink Energy/ Goodleap there’s a letter attached from several AG asking for stop payment we are in same situation . File a complaint with the attorney general with that letter we need help I can’t afford 2 payments never could it’s fraud in my eyes. They new what they were doing

7 months ago

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ANN B Fort Lauderdale, FL

Like everyone else, this is the worst company ever. Customer service is terrible. In the pass week and a half, when you call no one answers and you are placed immediately on a horrible music hold. At this present time cannot reach anyone as of 02/20/23 when you call their number it disconnect immediately. Installed 07/22/2022 and cannot pass permitting. At this point in time I've lost hope of ever having working panels. The main reason for solar panels was not to have an electric bill any longer. Needless to say I now have both an electric and solar panels bill that is not functioning. The words FRAUD and SCAM is perfect.

7 months ago

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Britt Dixon Orlando, FL

This is the worse company ever. They will keep in contact with you until they have received the funds from the lender and then will stop all contact with you. It has been 5 months and they haven't sent someone out to fix my solar panels to pass inspection. I emailed almost everyone in the company. It appears the company went out of business. . This is fraud. I paid for services and am still paying for services u never received. I'm stuck with a bill, no reimbursement and no solar power. I'm in more debt than I started with. I have to pay a light bill and a solar bill. There's no one that can help. It's draining and depressing... and I'm in a lot of debt because of it.

7 months ago

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Roy Boutin Sebring, FL

This is the worst company I have used in my entire lie. They installed very quick and failed inspection twice now. They installed on May 30th of 2022 and still not operational. They were making refunds of my payments but now have stopped. They do not answer there phone. I have sat on hold waiting for a pick up that does not happen. (god offal music, I think that is planned so you hang up.) It is now February 2023 and still no response. Has anyone started a class action lawsuit yet? I plan to contact a lawyer soon and get this resolved or removed! How can they remain in business this way! Worst ever, stay away!

7 months ago

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I. Magloire Ashburn, VA

I wish there was the option to give 0 star. This is by far the worse company I have worked with, they are not responsive and when you finally get a hold of them they lie and make empty promises. I purchase solar panels from them back in July 2022, panels were installed within a week and they said that they would be connected and running within 2 months which is the time frame for the loan payments to start. They promise that if there is a delay they will refund the loan payments. Well we are in February 2023, 7 months later, panels are still not connected, my inspection cannot seem to get scheduled (every time there is an excuse with no definite date), my permit from the county is about to expire in 3 weeks and they are not refunding the loan payments. PLEASE STAY AWAY AND DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. I still do not have an inspection date and do not know when these panels will get connected, in the meantime I am paying for the panels and for FPL.

7 months ago

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Tracey Duffendack Oviedo, FL

No star for MC Solar. They are about to be on channel 9 news because of what they did to us and a bunch of clients. They took our money and left. I can't sit back and do nothing so called attorney General, channel 9 news, and lawyers. Mc solar has to pay for what they have done to all of us! We shouldn't have to be paying our power bill and solar.... its ridiculous!!!

7 months ago

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Rachel McDonald Freeport, NY

They installed our panels within a week of signing contract but it took an additional 6 months to get them up and running. Have had issues with connectivity and am still getting an electric bill every month, not the $16 per month fee that we told up front. Now they are saying I need more panels! They looked at our entire years usage and said this is what you will need. They are using bait and switch selling tactics.

7 months ago

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Beatriz Pelaez West Palm Beach, FL

This is the worse company I ever had the displeasure to work with. Everything has gone wrong from beginning to , now. They made mistakes on the layout of panels, delivery date, installation day, have had panels sitting on my house for over two months(should be paying me for storage). Reported I had panels installed when I didn’t and was getting charge for something I never received.I have called them several and several times and when they rarely answer the phone they say, would call you back and never do. After so many mistakes I am requesting a cancellation and they want me to pay $2,400 for their incompetence and fraudulent behavior. Either they are going into bankruptcy or something is very wrong with that company stay away and do yourself a favor! Just look at the amount of people with a 1 star review who have been robbed! I reported them to the BBB and plan to lawyer up if they don’t fix this immediately. I am sure quite a few folks here would like to make them pay in court!

9 months ago

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Jeana Berry Louisville, KY

If I could give ZERO Stars I would!!! It appears this company has gone out of business and left thousands of customers in limbo - some waiting for permits, some waiting for additional work to pass inspection, some waiting on NetMetering Application Fees to be paid... DO YOUR RESEARCH before signing ANYTHING with any Solar Company.

7 months ago

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Mario Garcia Fort Lauderdale, FL

This is the worst company ever. The solar panels were installed very quickly. The final inspection hasnt been done. The City tells me they are waiting on MC Solar. I call and email this company with no response. The panels were installed August of 2022, Feb 2023 and they are still not being used.

7 months ago

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kenny rosa Palm Coast, FL

If I could put no stars I would. The install super fast everything else is SUPER SLOW!!! Customer service absolutely horrendous, very sarcastic, rude, they literally left me on hold for 45 minutes till they closed and hung up the phone! No one can ever give me a straight answer or the right one. If I don't call them I would never know they need something to move forward. Project started in August, 4 months later we are still not done and they can't tell me a round about time frame. I really wish I never started with this company.

9 months ago

star star star star star

maria perdomo Tampa, FL

My system was installed quickly and currently functioning as it should. MC solar has done everything they say they would

10 months ago

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Frank Fort Myers, FL

contract signed 4/7/22 with broker engineering 4/15/22 which was NOT the wind resistance I requested so sent to engineering to update, installed 5/19/22 after I called to make sure they would be using proper screws to anchor into trusses was assured screws from packing list was proper so they installed them. They missed the trusses which their own engineering required not just one or two but 90% of anchoring. 2 inch screw sticking through plywood 1 1/2" which hold nothing. After trying to get a response from them to NO response I contacted lawyer to have them removed. Oh plans called for conduit and ran romex in attic not conduit. Install was not what I payed for at all. would of given NO stars but had to give at least one here. 2 of their sub contractors have been here and both told me that it was installed WRONG!!! still no inspection or contacting fpl or me or my lawyer they have money for parts and install and will not respond. I am not a joe citizen as have been a electrician for 40 years and would of done the work myself by have a broken back that will not allow me to get up on a ladder let alone roof. 9/8/22

1 year ago

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Tom Perez West Palm Beach, FL

Would not recommend , Since May 2022, Permits never issued , They had another company I had no agreement with show up and Damaged my roof and messed with my electrical . A Quote for repairs was submitted and since ignored. System never installed . I want nothing to do with them anymore . They lied to the Lender back in May , claiming they “successfully installed “ a system in my home and they secured the money for themselves. Now the lender is coming after my family .

1 year ago Edited September 27, 2022

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Sigmundo Centeno Lehigh Acres, FL

Sigmundo fort Myers’ was guaranty 129 dollars for life, got text last month payments was going up to 179 a month, time to see a layer

5 months ago

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Steve Reid St. Cloud, FL

They are a fraud big time. I've made 3 payments and still getting excuses for not finishing their job. Run from them as fast as you can.

1 year ago