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LAST UPDATED: December 28th, 2023

Magic Solar is made up of a team of professional solar installers that specialize in both residential and commercial solar projects in and around the greater Los Angeles area. Since 2013, Magic Solar has helped clients produce and utilize clean, renewable energy by installing tier-1 solar equipment backed by reliable warranties ensuring high-quality production for years to come. 

The goal of Magic Solar is to help property owners take back control of their energy prices and increase energy independence through a reliable, clean source of energy. Magic Solar professionals handle each aspect of the solar project ensuring consistency from end to end. 

Each prospective solar client will meet with a Magic Solar professional to outline the entire project. A full-scale site inspection is conducted, and when all terms are agreed upon, a permit is submitted for processing. The project is designed and the installation moves forward. 

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The Good

  • Solar ADUs
  • EPC Contracts
  • Free Online Quotes
  • Available Warranties

Solar ADUs

Most professional solar installers offer traditional residential and commercial solar installations. One of the areas where Magic Solar stands out from every other solar installation provider is the fact that the company offers Solar ADU services.

Accessory Dwelling Units, or ADUs, are typically small areas that are used as additional living space on a property. Oftentimes, ADUs are rented out and are usually fully-furnished. However, since they are separate dwellings, separate sources of power are also required. 

Magic Solar helps property owners meet all state solar mandates and blend the system into the design and aesthetic of the ADU. This transforms the structure into an energy efficient unit and lowers electricity bills. Each ADU solar system is tailored to meet the needs of the building and increase the property value. 

EPC Contracts

Not only does Magic Solar specialize in solar systems for small units, the company is also capable of handling EPC contracts. The team at Magic Solar has worked with developers and sales organizations to provide full-scale turn key solar systems on larger infrastructure-type projects. 

While many solar companies also offer commercial solar services, Magic Solar takes it to the next level with EPC work. Magic Solar will provide its EPC clients with high quality installation, fast permit package estimates and time frames, full-scale project managements, and commissioning. 

Free Online Quotes

Despite only offering its installation services in southern California, Magic Solar offers a free online quote tool to any prospective solar customers still in the research process of their solar purchase.

Prospective clients simply enter their zip code and an automatic data process goes into effect. While the numbers will not be exact, interested solar customers can get a decent idea of their financial responsibility if they decide to have a solar system installed.

Most companies require some sort of commitment or appointment in order to receive these types of financial breakdowns. Magic Solar offers prospective solar customers  a ballpark range of what solar can offer.

Available Warranties 

Having a solar system installed is a financial investment and commitment. Since there is a financial component to having a solar system installed, it is imperative that the equipment work properly for the duration of the lifetime of the system. However, there are pieces that can start to malfunction, which is why the warranties are so important.

To ensure that the system and all involved components work properly and the investment is protected, Magic Solar offers a 25-year warranty of performance, labor, and parts. That means the workmanship and all equipment is backed by a strong warranty for a full 25 years. Rarely are all of these components covered for that long, but Magic Solar stands by its work and its installed product. 


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Purchasing Options
  • Installation Service Area

Undisclosed Purchasing Options

Most solar companies offer an assortment of purchasing options to its clients to help alleviate the financial burden of having a solar system initially installed. For residential projects, a solar system can cost anywhere from $15,000 to $25,000 for a small to medium sized home. To combat the steep finances, most solar companies will offer solar loans, leases, or power purchase agreements. Some companies even offer all three. 

While Magic Solar makes claims of offering its systems for “$0 down” there is no public mention of what purchasing options are then offered to its clients. This is difficult for prospective clients that are potentially relying on one purchasing option over another to have a solar system installed. Generally, solar installation providers disclose these purchasing options but Magic Solar does not.

Installation Service Area

Despite offering a national service in its online free estimate calculator, the actual service area of Magic Solar is relatively small. Some solar companies cover an entire state, but Magic Solar has remained committed to servicing the Los Angeles area only.

That means that anyone interested in solar outside of this service area will have to find an alternative provider as Magic Solar is limited in its service area.


The Bottom Line

Magic Solar offers an array of solar solutions to property owners looking for a more reliable and less expensive source of energy. One unique offering of Magic Solar is its solar ADUs which are cost-effective and eco-friendly.

Additionally, Magic Solar offers EPC services for more large-scale infrastructure projects. For those interested in solar but unsure of what the finances will look like, Magic Solar offers a free, AI-generated quote tool that allows anyone access to prospective costs and breakdowns.

Lastly, the warranties covering the work done by Magic Solar rival some of the best in the industry. 

While there are a number of reasons to consider Magic Solar for solar installation services, there are drawbacks and limitations prospective solar customers may want to be aware of. There seems to be purchasing options available to solar clients as Magic Solar makes claims to its customers of a “$0 down solar system.”

However, there is no mention of what those purchasing options are or whether or not loans, leases, or PPAs are available. Secondly, the installation service area of Magic Solar is limited to the greater Los Angeles area. Outside of this area, prospective solar clients will have to consider alternative solutions.

There is no denying that Magic Solar offers unique solar and energy services. But there are restrictions on who and where the company can provide services. Those located in the Magic Solar service area should consider the company for solar installation and associated services. 

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