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LAST UPDATED: July 15th, 2023

Lucent Home Energy provides comprehensive energy-related services to property owners all across the country. With a network of installation partners and experienced technicians, Lucent Home Energy is able to run point on solar projects and outsource the actual installation in an effort to help more people across a larger geographical area. 

The Lucent Home Energy team will handle the design, sales, and even inspection portion of the solar process. The team is well-equipped to handle the high level and management portion of solar projects. In conjunction with its partners, Lucent Home Energy is able to provide a complete solar service. 

The in-house Lucent Home Energy team will manage all fulfillment needs including the following: HOA applications, engineering, permitting, providing trusted installation, and interconnection. The goal of the Lucent Home Energy service is to provide a seamless service that results in energy and money savings solutions. 

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The Good

  • Wide Variety of Services Offered
  • Smartphone Monitoring
  • National Reach
  • Purchasing Options

Wide Variety of Services Offered

Lucent Home Energy, while focused on its solar efforts, provides a number of energy savings services. These services include the following:

  • Solar 
  • Battery back-up 
  • Roofing services
  • Smart home implementation 
  • Design 
  • Home efficiency upgrades
  • Navigation solutions

Most solar companies focus strictly on solar sales and installation, disregarding any other energy savings services. Lucent Home Energy does more by providing comprehensive consulting and managing services. 

Smartphone Monitoring

Each client that utilizes Lucent Home Energy to manage their solar project will have access to its monitoring system. From their smartphone, clients will be able to track and monitor the system’s performance including energy production and overall system efficiency. This ability to monitor provides clients with insights if or when there is an issue. Most solar companies upon completion are never heard from again, but Lucent Home Energy will dispatch help if monitoring indicates there is an issue. 

National Reach

Due to the makeup of the Lucent Home Energy platform, the company is equipped to handle projects on a more national level in theory. Lucent is responsible for the logistics and sales portion of the solar process. The company then outsourced the installation work to trusted partners.

By outsourcing this step, Lucent Home Energy is able to service clients that tradition solar companies simply cannot help. The hesitation with this model is that Lucent Home Energy is still in its infancy and may not have trusted partners to conduct installation in all 50 U.S. states. 

Purchasing Options

Having a solar system installed requires a hefty financial investment if purchased in cash. On average, solar systems cost $15,000–$25,000 to have installed. Many homeowners can not access this sum in cash to self-finance a solar project. To combat this issue, Lucent Home Energy provides the following financing options:

  • Loan
  • Cash/Buy
  • PPA

Each option has its own benefits, but more important is the number of options available to Lucent Home Energy clients. Most solar providers will offer one financing option, but Lucent Home Energy provides extra flexibility with its purchasing options. 


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Equipment Information
  • Third-Party Installation

Undisclosed Equipment Information

As a consulting and sales force, it is concerning that Lucent Home Energy has failed to disclose what solar equipment it has access to. Most solar providers will publicly provide equipment information as this oftentimes plays a role in a consumer’s final purchasing decision. Lucent Home Energy, for whatever reason, has not disclosed what equipment partners (if any) the company has. 

Third-Party Installation

There are no in-house installation teams hired on as part of the Lucent Home Energy platform. The company strictly provides operational and consulting services. That means that Lucent Home Energy will help clients pick solar equipment and advise throughout the project, but the company will not actually provide the labor. Instead, Lucent Home Energy contract out the installation process.

Most solar installation companies handle the entire project from beginning to end, but Lucent Home Energy partners with installers to complete solar projects.


The Bottom Line

Lucent Home Energy provides a number of energy savings and related services to homeowners across the country. In addition to solar services, Lucent Home Energy provides battery system installation, roofing services, smart home implementation, and home efficiency upgrades. Lucent Home Energy clients can monitor their solar production and efficiency with a smartphone. Due to the nature of the Lucent Home Energy platform, the company is designed to help clients on a national scale. Those who decide to utilize the Lucent Home Energy service will have access to a number of financing options to lighten the burden of costs. 

Despite offering a number of energy savings services, there are limitations to be aware of for those utilizing Lucent Home Energy for solar assistance. There are no known equipment partners, so it is difficult to determine whether or not Lucent Home Energy clients will receive tier-1 solar technology. Additionally, all Lucent Home Energy projects will involve third-party installers as the company itself only offers operational and consulting services. 

Considering all that Lucent Home Energy offers its clients, those looking for a company that can provide start-to-finish services will not be satisfied with how Lucent operates. Those looking for a company to manage energy-related projects would benefit from what Lucent Home Energy provides. 

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Dmitry Svetlov

Probably my worst experience ever. Got contacted by Lucent agent in November 2022. He assured me that they can complete the project in 2022 or early 2023. They were quick to get the deposits and payments. They started the panel installation in the end on May 2023 after multiple escalations. Installation crew damaged our gas pipe and caused a hazardous gas leak. You would think they would speed up the installation to make up for the horrible experience but they further delayed it. It's mid July 2023 and the panels are still not operational as it takes forever for Lucent to provide the engineering documentation to the township. I wish I'd never started the project with them and I recommend everyone to stay away from this company.

4 months ago Edited July 17, 2023


Verified Customer


Review Source

star star star star star

Derek Seethaler Carrollton, TX

Great company to work with! Took care of everything very professionally and had great customer service.

1 year ago