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LAST UPDATED: July 28th, 2022

Kuubix is a California-based solar installation company that strives to raise industry standards. The company designs and installs cost-effective solar energy systems, as well as partners with high-quality dealers all over the country. In 2020, the company made the Inc. 5000 fastest growing company list, coming in at 47 and recording nearly 6,000 percent growth in just three short years!

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The Good

  • High Quality Equipment
  • Competitive Warranties
  • Customized Solar Systems
  • Multiple Financing Options
  • Broad Service Area

High Quality Equipment

Kuubix utilizes top-tier solar equipment and is a Tesla Powerwall certified installer, so customers have the option to add on battery storage to their solar setup if they’d like. In terms of solar array equipment, Kuubix uses solar inverters from both SolarEdge and Enphase, two of the industry's leaders in micro and string inverter technology.

The company also installs solar panels from REC Solar, which are widely considered some of the most energy efficient and durable solar cells on the market. REC Solar panels average 21.7 percent energy efficiency, ranking them in the top three for that category, and come with a 25-year equipment warranty.

Competitive Warranties

As mentioned above, Kuubix Energy brings some robust warranties to the table. On top of industry leading equipment warranties from the solar manufacturers the company partners with, Kuubix also attaches a 25-year installation or workmanship warranty to every solar panel installation it completes. This includes a 10-year roof penetration warranty

Customized Solar Systems

Kuubix uses high quality software to create and design a solar energy plan that fits each customer’s home. The company will set up the project around the customer’s schedule and try to make everything as simple and straightforward as possible.

Multiple Financing Options

Kuubix Energy is one of the few companies in the industry to offer customers a full array of solar financing options. While the majority of solar providers only allow customers to either purchase their solar panel system directly, or to finance it via solar loan or home-equity line of credit, Kuubix also gives them the option to rent the system through a solar lease, or pay only for the solar energy via a power purchase agreement (PPA). Both of these options come with low monthly rates, zero money down, and covered maintenace for the life of the contract.

Broad Service Area

The company has also significantly broaded its service area over the past few years, jumping from a California-only company to covering five additional states: Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Texas, and Utah. While this service area does is not quite as expansive as those of some industry leaders, it represents an important step in the company's development and help Kuubix further distinguish itself from the hundreds of companies that only operate in California.


The Bad

  • No NABCEP Certification

No NABCEP Certification

Kuubix Energy does not appear to be certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). The NABCEP is an industry-recognized organization that authors some of the most rigorous certification programs in solar. While the lack of a certification does not imply poor installation or serice quality on the companys part, companies that employ NABCEP-certified installers and electricians send a message to customers that their technicians have undergone additional, specialized training to ensure that industry standards and best practices have been met.


The Bottom Line

Kuubix Energy has literally covered a lot of ground since its 2016 founding. With a six-state service area, full slate of financing options, a Kuubix solar energy system has never been more accessible. And with robust warranties and quality equipment, these systems are guaranteed to last. While the lack of an NABCEP certification does blemish the company somewhat, customers living in Kuubix's service area are encouraged to obtain a free quote to see if this solar company is right for them.

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Cristian Pacheco Visalia, CA

Kuubix is a fast, friendly, reliable solar company, With in 3 weeks of signing they installed my system and had me turned in the follow week. Customer service was most friendly in helping with all the scheduling of what was stages. I would recommend them highly.

4 years ago

Kuubix Logo

Reply from Kuubix

Mr. Pacheco, Thank you glad you are apart of the Kuubix Family!!!!

Feb. 7th, 2019

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Loni Hayes-Mazzocco Chico, CA

Employees are friendly when you are able to speak with them. However, I feel my issues are not resolved. I would not recommend this solar company. I received several contracts to sign, which were wrong according to our telephone verbal agreement. (The salesperson that sold this to me was fired. They said they couldn't retrieve his emails to me nor could they retrieve his recorded phone conversations with me. Convenient for them. ) The last one sent, I was guaranteed it was right. Unfortunately, it was also incorrect and I am now I am stuck with it. Even with the paperwork I have to back it up, Kubix says it is not their problem and told me to go to Service Finance. They in-turn tell me it's Kubix. No one will help me. Each keeps passing the buck. We are stuck paying a higher bill. In addition, I was told 15 panels would be plenty, but I installed 16 just to make sure our monthly electricity would be covered. It isn't. Our end of year True Up was almost an additional $800.00. That hurt!! Why? I had the panels cleaned. Our paper work said that Kubix would hook up a monitoring system for us on our computer. That has never been done or addressed. Not happy with this company. Would never recommend.

2 years ago

star star star star star

Allen James Coalinga, CA

We went solar with Kuubix 1 year ago, the install was very fast and communicated every step of the process. Just got our true up bill and PGE wrote me a check for $250. Super happy with my decision to go with Kuubix

4 years ago

Kuubix Logo

Reply from Kuubix

Thank you Mr. James for your kind words. It was our absolute pleasure working with you and your family.

Feb. 7th, 2019

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JP Riverside, CA

DON"T USE THIS COMPANY!!! I decided to go solar and based on a friend's (realtor) recommendation I went with Kuubix. Wish I had done my own research on the company. I made a deposit on 11/22/2021 to get started then problems began. The installation was scheduled and reschedule daily for almost 2 weeks. They kept scheduling installations without having the panels (hoping they would miraculously appear). Paid for installation on 02/22/2022 just to find out they forgot one panel so the installers came back to finish the install. Once installed I kept hearing that Kuubix was waiting for city approval...in my head "it's already installed?". Fast forward to 07/14/2022 that was the first day my panels were officially activated. Never will I use or recommend such a company. The only good of the company was the rep that kept trying to help but from her up there was incompetence on top of incompetence. I will never use or recommend this companyever

1 year ago

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Edgar Martinez Rosemead, CA

If we could, we would rate negative stars for this solar company. Took advantage of a 79-year-old woman in East LA, California. Salesperson goes door to door hunting for victims. He lied about her income. Stated that she is self-employed for her to get approved. All E-signatures state the SAME date and time stamp in which the elderly woman does not remember signing anything. She never got a hard copy or email of her contract. The salesperson said it would be 10k less financed than what was actually financed. Called the sales person FRANCISCO G who admitted that he did in fact put false income and employment information. This lady is on a fixed income where she CANNOT afford the solar panel loans herself. He stated he is a broker for Kuubix and basically washes his hands from anything that happens. Then if he could he would take the solar panels off himself. He also stated that he is a realtor in CA. This person does not follow any ethics whatsoever and just wants his commission. Not only that - he said the Kuubix pushes for such scenarios to get approvals and that he just does it. Also, when you call Kuubix they just send you over to their servicer which then the servicer (Service Finance, Boca Raton, FL) pushes you back to Kuubix. Seems like everyone is pointing the finger and then the servicer will sell the solar loan to other credit unions such as NASA FCU. Or just send you straight to collections so that they get their profit upfront. HORRIBLE. Your lack of assistance for the elderly and pointing the finger to others while fostering a culture to hunt innocent elderly people is what got you this review. FIX IT! Remove the loan and the panels ASAP.

1 year ago Edited July 6, 2022

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Charles Sannar

Approximately two years ago Kuubix installed solar on the roof of my home. On Christmas day 2021 during a rain storm water was leaking through my ceiling into my kitchen. Upon examining in the attic I could see multiple areas where water was running through my roof from plugged penetration holes by the Kuubix installers. The water had been running in my attic for sometime and has damaged the wood of the facia of the roof as well. I called them and they sent a roof technician out the day after the rain stopped and he did some patching. Since that time which is now going on three months I have had no contact from them regarding what still needs to be done in about the damage caused to my home by then improperly trained installation technicians. My neighbor asked about my system and wondered if he should reach out to them to install panels on his roof and I had to tell him that I would not recommend Kuubix because they do not value their customers needs once the system has been installed. I am a dentist and understand the value of putting your clients needs at the highest priority. I do not believe that Kuubix has put my needs in as a high priority. I had rain last night at my home and rain again in three days. Do I have to leave an unfavorable review in order for them to reach out to me? This is beyond unreasonable and not what I expected when I chose them over other highly rated solar installation companies that are locally owned.

1 year ago

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Jordan Clark Paradise, CA

AVOID KUUBIX (unless you enjoy a company which will ignore you once they throw their system onto your house). I could write a novel on dealing with them for the better part of 2020. This company is incredibly disorganized, nobody ever has a clue what is going on with your account and getting help from them is nearly impossible. They are bad at Powerwalls- they knew I wanted to run my AC on the Powerwalls, they designed and set up the system and of course the AC won’t run when the power is out. I can’t get them to fix it. They said they would order a kit to do it, but then inexplicably stopped that process… and weeks later we’re just at a standstill with complete silence from them. They don’t seem to care that we are subject to PGE public safety shutoffs and/or rolling blackouts during the hottest times of the year. I also can’t get them to easily connect their system with another existing solar system we had- just so the Powerwalls can monitor the energy being generated by both systems. Tesla says this is easy, and has even contacted Kuubix on my behalf instructing them to go ahead and connect it this way. BUT after battling with Kuubix for MONTHS on end now, I can’t get anyone to call back or write me back. Even the Owner and President of Sales both have ignored me as well. This company does not care about its customers whatsoever once they’ve been paid for the initial install, then they just try to ghost you. They were at my house two weeks ago to supposedly hookup the monitoring of the two systems, they of course did not accomplish this and for two weeks I can’t get any info from anyone at Kuubix on what exactly they even did in my garage for 2 hours that day. The monitoring still does not work for both systems, and every person I’ve actually been able to get ahold of is clueless to what exactly they did or didn’t do, and where we even are in the process now. The guy I went through to order my $50,000 solar system with two Powerwalls even says he has now stopped using Kuubix because of their terrible unreliability, poor communication and apparent inability to follow through on anything at all. Just please insist on using a different company, there are zillions out there!!! “Frustrated” doesn’t even begin to touch how I feel about how they’ve treated me.

3 years ago

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Bienvenido Ragodon New York, NY

I wish I did my homework more. Solar installed started Feb but to get main power distribution panel change leading to powering up the solar panel is ridiculously unsatisfactory. FEB to June 2022 to complete the installation process. Lack of communication on their part on what needs to be done. I wrote the review to send a message that they need to do more to earned people's business

1 year ago

star star star star star

Patrick Kelly Idaho Falls, ID

I appreciate the customer care I have received through my solar experience.

2 years ago