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LAST UPDATED: June 5th, 2023

MidKnight Solar was founded on the premise of revolutionizing the solar industry and it continues to serve homeowners to that aim, prioritizing customer education, promoting tier-1 solar equipment, and honoring an overall commitment to energy- and cost-efficiency.


The Good

  • Industry Expertise 
  • Energy Efficiency Upgrades
  • Emphasis on Solar Education
  • Consultation Options
  • Customer Reviews 

Industry Expertise 

The company was started in 2020 by a college professor teaching at the University of Central Florida. Together with a former student, the two launched MidKnight Solar. Dean and Andrew built the business with a focus on eliminating overhead costs, bypassing the use of contractors, and instead selling from the solar manufacturer directly to the consumer. This ensures homeowners get the most quality product at the most competitive cost.

Founder Dean Cleavenger taught graduate programs and the core management course for undergraduates at UCF for 14 years. Seeing the rise of energy costs for Central Florida, he was one of the first to invest in solar energy in 2016. Dean Cleavenger passed away in 2022 but his legacy and vision of how solar should be is still continued.

Co-founder Andrew Stregare worked for a few solar companies including a SunPower contractor while attending UCF. With market knowledge and a passion for renewable energy, both Dean and Andrew sought the most valuable solar equipment to provide to homeowners.

After launching its consulting operation, MidKnight Solar teamed up with SunPower by providing Florida’s first direct purchase from a solar manufacturer. This service would be entirely procured by SunPower, installed by SunPower, and warranted by SunPower.

Energy Efficiency Upgrades

One differentiating factor between MidKnight Solar and its competition is the company’s ability to walk homeowners through potential energy efficiency upgrades. The company actually started out providing consultations to homeowners looking to upgrade energy-consuming appliances in the home before it eventually partnered with SunPower as a way to provide solar system services.

Installing a solar system on the roof of a home is an excellent way to improve energy efficiency efforts, but there are additional ways to bolster a home’s overall efficiency, and MidKnight Solar recognizes that.

MidKnight Solar professionals will come to the residence or meet with clients virtually to go over ways to lower the electrical consumption bill.

By providing homeowners with this education, MidKnight Solar is able to help its clients identify the best appliances for energy efficiency efforts.

Emphasis on Solar Education

MidKnight Solar recognizes that for most customers, this is their first time purchasing solar, so they only have one chance at getting this right. 

With an education and advisory style of consultation, MidKnight Solar will explain all system components, warranties assigned in full scope, and technical comparisons on which solar manufacture suits your needs best. This way you can confidently walk away with knowing what you bought versus being sold to.

MidKnight avoids common sales tactics like villainizing the utility company, presenting a financed number that sounds too good to be true, or pressuring a contract signature without disclosing equipment brands. 

MidKnight Solar customers know exactly what panels and inverters they purchased and are taught at Permission To Operate how to utilize their monitoring app.

Consultation Options

In an effort to provide the best consulting set-up for the client, MidKnight Solar has created varying consultation types. Homeowners looking to improve energy usage and efficiency metrics can take advantage of the following types of consultations:

  • In-home consultation
  • Virtual consultation 

There are benefits to each consultation style. The in-home consultation allows for an up-close and in-person analysis of energy-contributing components. The flexibility and ease of the virtual consultation make it the best for clients on the go.

Customer Reviews

So far, we find that MidKnight Solar customers have plenty of positive experiences to share. While more reviews are needed to establish an expansive repository, prospective customers can feel confident knowing that communication, system monitoring, and overall value for this company come highly reviewed.


The Bad

  • Client Base and Service Area
  • Manufacturer Installation

Client Base and Service Area

MidKnight Solar exclusively assists homeowners that reside in the state of Florida. 

Typically, solar companies will service both residential and commercial clients but MidKnight Solar only services the residential sector. Additionally, the company only works with utility companies that provide NEM 1.0 and will not work with utility companies that do not provide a 1-for-1 kwh credit for excess solar energy produced during the day.

Manufacturer Installation

While there are end-to-end providers out there, MidKnight Solar utilizes a business model that differs from the norm.

Whereas MidKnight Solar does the initial heavy lifting, providing consulting and insights into how to have a more energy-efficient home, the solar manufacturer takes over the installation portion of the process.

Because of this, clients that work with MidKnight Solar can expect to have a longer installation scope: closer to 3-4 months rather than the typical 2-3 month turnaround for the State of Florida.

In short, MidKnight Solar does not have an in-house team for installation and relies on the manufacturer's technicians. If at any point in your solar system's lifetime you need warranty work, it would be with the solar manufacturer; but you can still reach out to MidKnight Solar and a representative will advocate in your best interest.


The Bottom Line

There is a space and need for energy efficiency consulting, and MidKnight Solar offers a different approach than most within the solar industry. MidKnight Solar provides personal and customized energy consulting and upgrades to Floridians looking to reduce their carbon footprint and slash monthly energy bills. 

Despite offering a valuable consultation service, we need to acknowledge the limitations to what MidKnight Solar offers. Install timelines might be lengthy depending on the volume of the manufacturer's solar system sales, since the installation is performed by the manufacturer. Warranty repairs are assigned with the manufacture and service tickets will need to be submitted to them.  

A solar company can sound great on paper, but sometimes customers' installation experiences don't always match the quality promised. So we consider MidKnight Solar's customer reviews.

While we await more customer reviews to come in, the customer reviews we have confirm the successful accomplishment of MidKnight Solar's goal to provide continued customer service and a positive relationship between company and customer. As a result, we recommend MidKnight Solar to Florida residents seeking energy efficiency in conjunction with solar. 

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George Arya West Palm Beach, FL

This company was referred to me personally by a friend of mine who works at SunPower. He said if you are looking for something special and the best product to reach out. I can say they have earned this review by all the follow up with me, the engineering team to get the design and back up the correct loads for my MSP, and finally getting the City of West Palm Beach to move on their a**! Thanks for the special experience and look forward to the Maxeon warranty that covers my system for 40 years. Nobody can offer this except them

1 month ago


Review Source

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Azu Hialeah, FL

Neighbors, friends, brother-in-law all talk about going solar and its advantages. My BIL is building a fully green sustainable house with solar so I decided to look at it myself. I was reviewing solar websites and found the SunPower name to be the best in the industry in terms of reliability, warranty, and technology. I spoke to a marketing coordinator and shortly after Andrew reached out. We went back and forth with setting up a consultation, not kidding. He drives between Orlando and Miami so catching him (when he doesn't fall off his motorcycle) and healthy is hard. We finally saw each other after 3-4 weeks and I am very excited about this project. A complexity I knew was that my roof was 17 years of age and I am due for a new one. I called a couple solar companies to come out but not a whole lot did because they didn't want to deal with the roof aspect. Andrew still came out, looked at my roof, determined it was necessary but still did the consultation... it was 3 hours. The product is manufactured in America, it is fully serviced, and installed by them. What I found interesting was they have every single roof type attachment installation video. Metal seam, shingle, clay tile, and flat roof which helps with the visualization of how the solar system is kept up. Our follow up for the site survey is in about 2 weeks. From that point I know I'll be in good hands.

4 weeks ago

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Tania Gambill Fort Lauderdale, FL

The level of transparency on my project has had is great. Bill N from MidKnight came and earned my business with the SunPower system in December of 2022. Come to find out SunPower does not hold the license to install in my AHJ which is City of Davie. Bill was so exceptional he found Solaria which offers very similar offerings from my original system. We were able to lock in before interest rates sky rocketed. Fast forward to April and we had a lot of bad weather in south FL and incurred a roof leak. I let Bill know and he came the following week to inspect and to fly the drone around. Based off damages and recommendations from him to get a new roof we decided to look around for a roofing company. I was afraid we were gonna lose the financed interest rate but with the documentation he took we were given the security nothing would change. The customer service and making sure I wasn’t installed solar on a bad roof is why ultimately made me make the review. Just wanted to say thank you!

4 weeks ago

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Joel Dominguez Kissimmee, FL

A big thanks to team MidKnight! I have had my Sunpower system for years and the time I do have an issue I called and emailed Sunpower but didn’t get a response. I looked for a Sunpower sales company and spoke to Melissa over the phone who transferred me to Andrew. My system came with my house as a Meritage Home new build division. I told Andrew about the system not working and he diagnosed it over the phone to confirm the blue light was showing when it was suppose to be green. I’ll expand my solar system shortly with more panels and contact MidKnight Solar. I didn’t even buy initially from them but they still gave me service which is respectful because now a days you can’t get good service anywhere.

3 weeks ago

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Monte Scott Baton Rouge, LA

Waited one whole year to make this review and give my honest feedback for deciding to go solar. The sales pitch Andrew gives probably is the BEST sales pitch I’ve ever heard in my life. Guy drinks the SunPower kool aid. We all hear it time and time again about how wonderful everything is going to be, and you’re going to save soooo much money, and the technology monitors itself so nothing breaks… it’s all true. 12 months go by and not a blip, crackle. Nada. We pay our connection fee to Duke and that’s it. Sunpower panels keep making electricity and I monitor my system remotely because sunpower gives that feature for free which is nice to have. Read reviews before I decided to go with Andrew that it’s a subscription service and extra charge with other companies. Along with the monitoring failing with Enphase. Glad that’s not the case with me. At the end of this month my system is going to produce about ~21,600~ kwh. Sunpower forecasted 20,570 kwh. So overproduction on the system is a true thing (5% more). If I needed anything post sale (3-6 months after install) Andrew would still get back to me immediately with questions I ask. The final feedback is this: it saves you money. A lot. My first complete year alone I have saved $2,100. It sounds ridiculous but it’s true. $2,100 was what I saved in electricity from paying Duke Energy. If you want service, best product, no hiccups. Reach out to midknight solar and ask for Andrew

3 weeks ago

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Scott Martin LA

This all started cause my pool spa was having issues. I searched for a solar company to fix it but mistakenly came across MidKnight Solar. I tried explaining what I needed done but the person was confused so Andrew came out to look at it in March. The systems were not compatible but I was still interested because Lockheed Martin does a lot of business in solar. They did Sunnyvale CA facility in 2008 and also the Clearwater carport in 2015. I wasn't prepared whatsoever to make a decision so I told Andrew to get back with me in 6 weeks because I needed my wife here to listen to the presentation. No pressure and super chill. He came back and showed us how the attachments are in the metal roof. We just got the contract signed and glad I could get this going before summer bills hit!

2 weeks ago

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Kevin Nguyen

From beginning to end, this company has been outstanding. I don't waste people's time and did my homework on the back end. When I was finally ready I contacted a professional to give me an expert opinion. From my experience and what was explained to me, MidKnight solar provides only quality panels to limit having to come back for repair work. I appreciate all the time, effort and value in delivering a quality solar system to my house. There were no hiccups along the way, other than the county inspector not showing up twice (not their fault). I didn't know too much about solar before but now I feel very knowledgeable in my panels, microinverters, and monitoring software. Really appreciate their customer service team who kept me company informed. Thanks again you guys did a great job. Melissa did absolutely incredible !!!

2 weeks ago


Review Source

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Paul Redmond, WA

My experience with MidKnight Solar, and Andrew specifically, was WELL BEYOND expectation. My selection process was extremely thorough. I had four different companies visit to discuss my interests, needs, and understanding of the solar space then saw very different responses. Andrew, with MidKnight Solar, and one other company were first focused on understanding my situation and knowledge. The others "told" me what I should be doing and focused on. I was equally reviewing the financial and technical aspects of the potential project. The two that stood out really helped me increase my ability to assess the technical side far beyond my initial research leading to comfort in disqualifying others that were cheaper or just inferior for long term solutions. I was between the SunPower 435W panels and the REC Black based on the top two solutions. Given the direct support and backing from SunPower for the entire system not just the panels and not through a third party insurance policy I moved firmly into the SunPower side technically. On the financial side it was Andrew that brought the most to bear. We discussed several options regarding initial investment, financing options, utility company programs/state programs for buying power generated, average and projected increases in electric rates, etc. The opportunity to truly assess both the viability of the investment and the risks associated increased exponentially and secured the decision to both move forward with the project and with MidKnight Solar. When we were ready to move to signing I had a few additional questions for Andrew. Not only did he answer those questions but offered to help a bit more on pricing if I was ready to sign at that point. He quickly got the approval to move ahead with that and we agreed to sign. I should also mention that Andrew's last visit to our house prior to signing included a test drive of his ridiculous Tesla S to feel the 0-60mph start. How many people would let someone do that with their 100K+ investment? You would expect that everything would go super smooth from that point. You would be wrong. Of course we signed during the COVID mess largely causing the issue. SunPower had challenges producing the 435W panels we contracted to install. It took SunPower a few months to reach out to discuss the problem and request a change to the panel choice to 425W and a different series. I immediately reached out to Andrew at MidKnight Solar to understand the difference between the X series to M series. He, again, went above and beyond with technical aspects to put me at ease with the transition. I was still unhappy with the change and lack of earlier communication from SunPower. They wanted to provide a one panel increase incentive for the same cost for the change order but I spoke with Andrew about how this didn't seem fair. He went to bat for me to secure two additional panels and I moved ahead with the change. Again you would expect that we would be moving forward. Not so fast. After a few more months SunPower came back again to request that I drop down to another series that was immediately available for install. Although this would have been a way to get it done I didn't want to increase the number of panels that much with far lower wattage panels and product that had debuted many years prior. Andrew was right there again to assist with the assessment, help calm me down, and insure me that whatever decision I would make they would support, even cancelling the project. We stuck with the 425W panels and expected to be installed in a few more months. Andrew was the only one that kept checking in and keeping me from jumping off the ledge. I finally hit my limit and demanded additional information regarding the delay and a better ETA. Andrew facilitated the discussion with SunPower management which led to details regarding challenges with one of their installation partners. At first they didn't provide a solution to that problem and I let Andrew know that I was reaching the end of my patience. Again Andrew stepped in and led the push for an immediate resolution regarding the installation crew and helped push through my request for another panel to be included to make the significant delays worthwhile. The new install partner reviewed the original plans for install and, based on their experience, they weren't comfortable moving ahead until they could verify our truss construction. Thankfully they did the visit as their concern was verified and they had to revise the original plans and get them approved by the county. Andrew told me that this install partner was outstanding. This install partner was exactly what Andrew said. They were able to get the plans approved and were installing the panels in the same week. The crew was super friendly, discussed the install in detail before starting and were incredibly efficient and respectful in getting it done and cleaning up afterward. They reviewed the system with me right away, showed that it was operating already and went over the next steps including how I could help expedite the switch over to operational with my power company. All of that was spot on. I should mention that SunPower did step up and provide reimbursement for my power bills from the original expected install period to the actual activation with Peace River Electric. On top of that they sent a significant gift card that I didn't even request for my trouble. The last step (sort of) was Andrew, Randimal F and Sebastian C all driving over from Orlando to Sarasota area to visit me on a Saturday to do the quality control check on the system and answer any additional questions that I may have had in person. I'm not sure any other companies would have considered an in-person trip to wrap things up like that given the reliance on Zoom or other remote options. This shows that MidKnight Solar is not just a sales company or interested only in closing deals and moving on. The reason I even put "sort of" in parentheses above is because Andrew continues to reach out from time to time to check in both regarding the panels operation, whether they are meeting my expectations, and just to see how things are going on the personal side. Again, how many companies truly engage their customer long term and with this depth anymore? Answer - MidKnight Solar. I would move forward even with the challenges I experienced without hesitation if MidKnight Solar was involved. They were the glue to my original excitement and current happiness with my system.

1 week ago