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LAST UPDATED: February 19th, 2024

KR Solar is a residential solar installation company founded in 2018 and headquartered in Portland, Oregon. The company seeks to answer common questions homeowners might have about making the switch to solar energy, including “Is my home a good setup for solar panels?” “How much does solar cost?” and “Is solar worth it?” 

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The Good

  • Competitive Warranties

Competitive Warranties

KR Solar arms its solar panel systems with some of the best warranties in the solar industry. Every KR system comes with a 10-year workmanship warranty, considered the industry average, which protects homeowners against errors during the installation process, damage, and required maintenance fees.

Additionally, KR Solar provides a 25-year equipment and production warranties, which respectively cover the physical components and lifetime production of the system. In the event that a solar panel, solar inverter, or roof mounting setup is found to be defective or otherwise negatively affecting the system’s agreed upon performance output, KR Solar will make it right at no cost to the homeowner.


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Financing
  • Undisclosed Solar Products
  • Undisclosed Availability
  • Not NABCEP Certified

Undisclosed Financing

KR Solar mentions that it helps homeowners achieve solar panel ownership; however, details on the specific means and financing options the company employs to help customers own their own solar panel system are not explicitly mentioned. These may include solar loans, solar lease, or power purchase agreements.

Homeowners will likely obtain this information following an initial discussion and energy consultation with KR Solar.

Undisclosed Solar Products

Though the solar installer advertises an industry leading 25-year equipment warranty, the specific equipment or preferred solar manufacturing partners is not disclosed. The specific make and model of the various components of a solar system greatly influence its overall cost, energy-efficiency, and durability.

Undisclosed Availability

Through scant social media posts, KR Solar mentions its business is expanding into the San Antonio solar market, and current job boards list openings in North Carolina. Beyond those two states, and a corporate listing that identifies Oregon as its home state, KR Solar does not explicitly mention in which states its residential solar services are available.

Not NABCEP Certified

KR Solar does not appear to be NABCEP certified. The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners is an industry recognized organization responsible for some of the most trusted solar technician training programs in the country.

The absence of this certification should in no way disqualify KR Solar from being considered for your home solar project; however, the presence of an NABCEP seal can make the difference to homeowners comparing multiple solar companies.


The Bottom Line

Despite the omission of a few important data points, KR Solar is upfront about its system warranties, and customers can trust that in the event something goes wrong with their system, KR Solar will make things right.

We recommend readers to check out the latest KR Solar reviews and compare what they find with reviews for the best solar companies in their neighborhood before reaching a final decision. 

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Vincent Reed Durham, NC

I was duped by the KR solar contractor into thinking 1) I was part of Promo where KR would send me a check for the 1st 12 months to offset cost of panels for a year. IT NEVER HAPPENED!!! 2) I was promised an offset of 100% of my electric bill that would be replaced by the cost of the panels. IT NEVER HAPPENED!! I now pay both an electric bill and also the cost of my FINANCED panels. 3) Part of selling my wife and I on the deal for the panels was also the "so called ADDED benefit of the" Federal Tax Credit( 30% of Total Cost of the panels) - this was to be added on after the 1st 18 months of payments to offset the difference and keep the payment lower. Filed my taxes and added in the Federal Tax Credit. 2000.00 is all they allowed. (2000.00 is a far cry from 30% of 62,062.82: which is 18,618.85). I even chatted with a representative of Palmetto who disclosed that the panels I had put on my home were only supposed to be offsetting 78 % of my bill. I have 24 panels and the rep that sold me on the panels said my offset would be 100% offset. IT NEVER HAPPENED. 5) Lastly, I have a representative call me and ask me do I want to add more panels to cover that total 100% offset as stated by the original representative... but I have to PAY MORE money for panels ( at cost)??? When I was told, 100% offset was what I was getting from the beginning... NO DEAL!!! " His response. " well that's best we can do!!!" and then he disconnected the call.

3 days ago

star star star star star

Jessica Reyes Georgetown, TX

KR helped my family save more money than I can handle ! I loved the professionalism of the consultant and how open and honest he was with the whole process. Didn’t rush me on anything and gave me the best pricing out there ! I’ve sat down with some of the best known companies and nothing compared to KR.

2 years ago

KR Solar Logo

Reply from KR Solar

Thank you so much for choosing KR Solar and if you need anything just let us know! Also, don't forget about our $1,000 referral bonus! Let's help everyone go green green and save!!

Aug. 30th, 2021

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Matthew Petrinitz Charlotte, NC

I Scheduled an interview with KR and was stood up by management without any explanation. Wasted a significant amount of my time without so much as an apology

1 year ago