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LAST UPDATED: November 7th, 2021

KOTA Energy Group is a solar broker company that connects customers with top-rated solar installers and other solar professionals who provide a variety of solar services and products. The company has three locations — Camarillo, California  (corporate headquarters); Las Vegas, Nevada; and Antelope Valley, California.  

According to the company’s website, KOTA Energy Group works with several financing partners including Sunlight, Sunrun, Renew Financial, Loanpal, and more. KOTA Energy Group helps customers make a solar purchase, obtain a solar loan, or get a solar power purchase agreement (PPA). It appears that KOTA Energy Group focuses on four main areas including solar systems, battery storage systems, home automation systems, and roofing work. 

According to the KOTA Energy Group website, the company offers several services including consultation, site assessment, electrical work, engineering, permit submission, finance approval, installation, net-metering application, utility inspection, city inspection coordination, permission to operate, and system turn-on. The company website also states that customers who purchase a solar system and those who obtain a solar loan will receive a 25-year product and power output warranty. Each solar energy system also comes with system monitoring. 

Consumers who are currently researching this company should note that the information on the company’s main website is not that clear or detailed in comparison to other solar company websites.  

Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of KOTA Energy Group’s solar services and products.


The Good

  • Solar Consultation 
  • Services and Products
  • Solar Financing

Solar Consultation 

KOTA Energy Group gives potential customers the opportunity to request a custom quote via a consultation. In order to request this consultation, consumers simply need to visit the company’s website and fill out the custom quote request form. 

This form asks for the consumer’s name, email address, cell phone number, and current address or zip code. Additionally, the form has a section where consumers can provide additional information that they think the company should know before the consultation is scheduled.   

The company does not, however, provide information about its consultation process. Those who wish to learn more about this process should contact a company representative directly. Consumers can contact the company via phone or email — both of which can be easily located at the bottom of the company’s main website. 

Services and Products 

Although KOTA Energy Group is a solar broker company, it does provide the following services directly: 

  • Consultation
  • Site assessment
  • Engineering
  • Finance approval
  • Permit submission
  • Installation*
  • Electrical work
  • City inspection coordination
  • Net-metering application
  • Utility inspection 
  • Permission to operate
  • System turn-tn

*In terms of installation, the company appears to contract with local, top-tier installers. KOTA Energy Group also provides assistance with a few different products (e.g. lithium batteries, solar panel, solar inverter, etc.) in addition to solar energy systems. The company's website states that customers can obtain solar battery storage systems, home automation systems, and roofing services. 

By looking at the company's website, it is unclear what the process for these services are like and how the company provides these services; the homeowner may need to contact the company directly to get more information. 

Solar Financing

As mentioned above, KOTA Energy Group is partnered with several solar financing companies including LoanPal, Sunrun, Mosaic, Renew Financial, and more. 

According to the company’s website, KOTA Energy Group consumers have the following three solar system buying options: 

  • Solar purchase — This option allows consumers to own their solar system outright, keep tax credits/incentives, and includes solar monitoring and 25-year warranty. 
  • Solar loan —  This option gives consumers ownership over time with a low monthly payment and little or no upfront cost, and includes monitoring, warranty, tax credits/incentives, and warranty. 
  • Solar PPA — This option gives ownership to the PPA company, but lets consumers make low monthly payments to the PPA company. With this option, there are no tax benefits, however, consumers only have to pay for kwh production and still receive system monitoring functions.  

Again, it is unclear what the company’s solar financing process looks like in terms of what is on its website. However, consumers may be able to get this information by contacting a company representative. 

Potential customers should note that the company’s website states that it will pay $100 if their after-solar energy bill is not lower than when the customer did not have solar.


The Bad

  • Solar Broker 
  • Limited Website Information

Solar Broker 

Although KOTA Energy Group does appear to provide a variety of services, the company is still considered a solar broker, which can mean that the company does not offer solar panels, maintenance, and other solar product offerings directly. 

The company also does not seem to provide financing options directly since it has a number of finance partner companies within its network. 

Limited Website Information

KOTA Energy Group does seem to be lacking in terms of the amount and type of information it provides on its main website. After visiting the company’s website, consumers still won’t know the following information: 

  • Financing process 
  • Warranty details
  • Service costs and rates 
  • State service coverage
  • Installment service details 
  • Installer credentials and qualifications 
  • Consultation and custom quote process 

The information provided on the company’s website may confuse some consumers, especially since the company is a solar broker, not a direct provider. Potential customers should speak with a company representative directly to learn more about its processes and services.


The Bottom Line

KOTA Energy Group is a solar broker company with two locations in California and one location in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company provides a variety of services including consultation, installation, site assessment, finance approval, permit submission, electrical work, utility inspection, engineering, and more. Additionally, KOTA Energy Group focuses on providing different products and services along with solar including home automation, battery storage, and roofing services. 

When it comes to financing, KOTA Energy Group has several finance partners including LoanPal, Renew Financial, Sunlight, Mosaic, Sunrun, Hero, and more. It appears that KOTA Energy Group works with these partners to help consumers find the best rates and solar financing options.  Along with financing, the company seems to provide customers with three different buying options including a solar purchase option, a solar loan option, and a solar PPA option. 

Each option comes with solar monitoring, and the solar purchase and solar loan options come with a 25-year product and power output warranty as well as tax credit and incentives. Consumers can learn about what each option entails on the company’s online products page. 

Unfortunately, since KOTA Energy Group is a solar broker and does not conduct any solar installation services itself. Consumers may have a difficult time finding the right details about the company's services. Potential customers are encouraged consult verified KOTA Energy Group reviews, or contact the company directly via email or phone call to learn more about its solar-related services, solar panel products, and financing options.

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Julie Galbraith Martinez, CA

Wonderful customer service getting solar with KOTA! I was a little curious about solar but assumed it was too expensive. However, when our friendly representative from KOTA (Jake R) visited our door and mentioned that the federal solar tax credit was extended, I decided to sit down and learn more. I am glad I did! Jake explained the process, benefits, and financial breakdown very well and answered all my questions. He was also patient when I asked him to come back in a few days, so I had time to get other quotes. After doing more research and looking at competitors, I decided to move forward with KOTA. Throughout the whole process, Jake kept us up to date and answered questions, stopped by for all the key steps, and was courteous and professional. The whole process was surprisingly quick, and it now feels great to be generating solar energy for less cost than I was paying the utility company. We highly recommend KOTA Energy for your home solar. I can’t imagine a better customer service experience, and the product and installation are top-notch.

4 months ago

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Bettie Philips Everett, WA

This company sends their employees out to give an estimate and make you feel as though they can give you exactly what you want when the company actually cannot do all the salesman said they could! Since they had to upgrade our panel for the solar and asked them if they could upgrade our panel with more breakers! Raymond, their salesman, "Sure, no problem! We can do that for you!" We needed a roof as well, roofers were efficient and did a great job! Solar installers were quick and they did their job but the electrical people did not install what we thought we had purchased! All this time (btw, we initially began this whole process in May 2021, it is November 6, 2021 and our solar has not been turned on yet!) Raymond lead us onto believing that we had purchased additional breakers! Well after their installation of the panel, we go outside and the panel has exactly the same amount of breakers that we already had, no added breakers were added like we had been discussing several times with Raymond! We immediately called Raymond, the salesman, to tell him that our panel was not upgraded with extra breakers! He said he was calling his bosses to find out why it wasn't upgraded! I called several times and each time he kept saying they (the bosses) weren't getting back to him! It wasn't until I wrote a review about this company's shady practices that they immediately responded! Now they said Raymond says he never told us they could upgrade our panel! Hahaha, that's funny that I have a text message from Raymond asking if they were able to upgrade our panel? Beware of this companies lying promises and unethical sales tactics just to make a sale!! Our contract also says we bought 30 panels, there are only 28 panels up on our roof! I received a phone call from the CEO, he wants to clarify and find out exactly what Raymond told they could do for regarding the upgraded breakers so the CEO sets a date and time for this 3-way conversation to happen on. I still had to call him because he (the CEO) never responded and the agreed upon 3-way phone day! This alone speaks volumes about their company's poor communication when the CEO sets a date and he can't keep it! So when the 3-way phone conversation does finally happen between myself, the CEO and Raymond, Raymond then says he never told us this! I told him he was lying and the owner then says, "I got hit in the head with a golf ball and I have a headache and I have to hang up!" These is how the CEO handles business! There is nothing worse than a lier, this says a lot about the integrity and character of the employees and company and owner! Just Beware! No wonder they are not one of the top 5 solar companies, no integrity! Do your solar homework and choose wisely!

2 months ago

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Jolynn Sanborn Pleasant Hill, CA

Some great news for my rooftop and all thanks to Kristian T. and KOTA! He dropped by to see if he could help me save money and energy. His kind and professional approach was very much appreciated. He provided supportive knowledge regarding solar. I had done much research on the benefits of solar so I was pleasantly surprised to find his presentation accurate and well designed for my needs. He took all the time I wanted for full comprehension of the products he had to offer and to explain the procedure for installation. Kristian's kindness and care were the primary aspects of the follow up that made it easy for me to refer my family and neighbors. I knew the solar products were the highest quality and the person offering them matched the product. I actively referred others because of the quality of the entire experience. My energy bills reflect the financial gain solar has been for me. The pleasant experience and high-quality products are fantastic additions to the energy savings I have documented since the solar panel installation. Kristian stopping by to offer his products and exceptional customer service has proven to be a total game-changer for me in so many ways.

11 months ago