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LAST UPDATED: June 28th, 2022

Independent Power Systems or IPS started in 1996 and is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado. The locally owned company specializes in the design and installation of sustainable renewable energy systems. Installations are done in-house by engineers, licensed electricians, and well-certified installers. Customers can expect integrity when working with IPS. The company mostly works in Bozeman, Montana; Boulder, Colorado; and the Beverly/North Boston area of Massachusetts. IPS offers strong warranties and aims to reduce fossil fuel use. It is unclear if their residential solar solutions include an inverter warranty or online monitoring.

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The Good

  • Residential Solar Solutions
  • Free Solar Assessment
  • Multiple Financing Options
  • Well-Established and Connected
  • Strong Warranties
  • Educational Blog
  • Photo Gallery
  • Social Media Presence

Residential Solar Solutions

IPS solar systems are economically and environmentally friendly. Their solar solutions aim to reduce customers' carbon footprint, and lessen their future energy costs. The systems support renewable energy, and reduce coal burning. IPS claims that home values increase after installing solar. Unfortunately, the company does not include a lot of information on their residential solar solutions.

Free Solar Assessment

Interested customers can request a free quote or solar analysis. For the free solar analysis, IPS workers will actually get on one's roof to analyze and evaluate it. Not only that, but during the solar analysis, IPS workers will answer customer questions, and discuss system operations and recommendations.

Multiple Financing Options

Customers can choose to finance with a $0 down lease, solar loan, or cash purchase.

Well-Established And Connected

Starting in 1996, the company has been in the industry for 20 years. IPS claims they use integrity to achieve customer satisfaction, safety, efficiency, and quality. The company mostly serves Massachusetts, Montana, and Colorado, but has also done international work.

Strong Warranties

When choosing IPS for solar in the home, customers can expect a 25-year solar panel warranty and a 15-year workmanship warranty.

Educational Blog

For those wanting to learn more about solar energy, IPS provides a helpful blog full of educational articles. The company also has a section for solar news.

Photo Gallery

Customers can explore IPS' photo gallery to see pictures from past residential, international, off-grid and commercial solar installations.

Social Media Presence

IPS has a Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn page. Even though the pages do not have huge followings, the company tries to post fairly regularly.


The Bad

  • Lacking Cost and Financing Information
  • Low Facebook Customer Interaction
  • No Inverter Warranty Information

Lacking Cost And Financing Information

The company's website deeply lacks cost and financing information. While IPS states they offer $0 down leases, solar loans, and cash purchase options, there is nothing explained past that. Leasing term information is not included, and it does not appear that the company offers PPAs (power purchase agreement). Financing options are especially important, and top companies in the industry almost always describe their financing choices in detail. Cost information is also excluded. There is nothing on the website that explains average costs.

Low Facebook Customer Interaction

Even though IPS has social media profiles, and does a good job at posting fairly frequently, the company lacks in social interaction. IPS does not readily respond or comment on Facebook customer visitor posts.

No Inverter Warranty Information

IPS offers strong solar panel and workmanship warranties, however, the company doesn't specify whether to not inverter warranties are included with their residential solar solutions.


The Bottom Line

Independent Power Systems has been in the renewable energy industry for 20 years and offers strong warranties on their residential solar solutions. While the company mostly works in Massachusetts, Montana, and Colorado, they have also done international work. Those who are interested in IPS' services can explore their online gallery, which has photos from past residential installations. Customers can also enjoy a solar educational blog.

The website lacks a degree of transparency and does not thoroughly explain costs, or financing. Additionally, it is unclear if their residential solar solutions include an inverter warranty. Even though IPS has been in the industry for a while, it is not a standout. While it is an option worth looking into, we recommend exploring other companies.

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Marla Cox Aurora, CO

We've had our Independent Power System since Nov 2015. We have 45 panels except for a couple months in the winter it covers all the costs it takes to heat and cool our 3,300 square foot home. Has been very dependable for us. Good company to work with. Excellent Solar Panels with a great Warranty. We paid 1/2 down and received a loan for the other 1/2 and had a 1 1/2 to pay the rest with no Interest if paid before the deadline. So happy we went with this great company and purchased their system. Best on the market.

6 years ago

star star star star star

David Lagasse

Extremely satisfied with ISP 's panels ,inverters, and installation. Very professional from site mapping to Installation that was done with extreme care for my roof . I have been on line since August 2016 with full monitoring on my laptop and smart phone and vey detail monthly reports from U.S. made Sun Power . I have electric heat, hot water, and air condition and have generated more Power than I have used with the surplus being sold for a little over $1000 YTD . Great Company Great Product Great Service Great People.

6 years ago

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Donald Cross Ault, CO

I was quite satisfied with the plan/proposal from Independent Power Systems for our solar system. I also was quite satisfied with their installation of the solar system. Their staff cooperated with me in working out details for parts of the installation I agreed to do - digging and back-filling of a trench for the connection of the solar power service to the existing electrical service for our home. They also have been responsive when I have had questions regarding the operation of the solar system. The system has been trouble free and has provided about 98% of our electricity consumption during the 4.5 years it has been in operation.

7 years ago

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E. A. Wilson Topsfield, MA

IPS installed solar panels at our home 2 years ago and we liked working with IPS. We disagree with your assessment that there is no inverter warranty - ours is covered under for 25 years. When we had questions or disagreements with the installation, the owner came onsite for a personal conference. We are delighted with solar energy and hope to add more in the future. We wish the panels had been installed higher from the ground so that the snow could melt off more easily.

7 years ago


Review Source

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David Swenson Denver, CO

I love their quality of product and work. I have had a system up and running now for 5 months and could not be more satisfied. There were a few times when I had to be diligent and follow up with them (they had a delay in getting the system online once installed), but other than that they were excellent. And they owned up to their mistake for the small delay. I would recommend them to anyone in the central Front Range of Colorado.

2 years ago

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Dan Minneapolis, MN

Informative sales. Efficient installation. Poor customer service and trouble shooting follow up. Micro inverters are failing and no longer under warranty. (A few fail each year since installation). Poor and non existent response from IPS.

5 years ago