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LAST UPDATED: January 21st, 2021

GoSun is a company that produces innovative, solar-powered technology in the form of outdoor cookers, coolers, chargers, lights, and more. The company was founded in 2016 by Patrick Sherwin, a solar energy expert who developed the company’s first prototype for a solar-powered cooker in his garage. He used vacuum tubes to reheat his lunch and realized he was on to something.

Now, the company has over 15,000 customers in over 60 countries and specializes in a number of fields, including clean technology, social enterprise, emerging markets, outdoor cooking, solar cooling, off-grid living, and more.

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The Good

  • Outreach Initiatives
  • Products
  • Recipes
  • Warranty

Outreach Initiatives

One thing that sets GoSun apart is its commitment to using its resources to help those in need. It has worked with dozens of nonprofit organizations to provide solar cookers and other solar products at a discounted rate to people who need them most.

The company has worked specifically in emerging markets in Asia, Latin America, and Africa to provide families with fuel-free technology. GoSun’s recent projects include tiny solar-powered houses and solar-powered water purification systems, specifically meant to provide sustainable living to impoverished individuals and families.


GoSun’s product line is unique and innovative. The company started with its solar-powered outdoor cooker and has expanded to include a whole line of outdoor, fuel-free ovens. These ovens create no flames and are meant to replace traditional barbecues as a more sustainable option. The company even offers a sporty, more portable oven for camping or other on-the-go cooking needs.

In addition to outdoor ovens, GoSun also produces solar-powered coolers, chargers and charging tables, solar lamps and flashlights, and portable water purification systems. Many of these products are created with the idea that you could live completely off the grid and harness the power of solar energy. The founder of GoSun has extensive experience living off the grid and develops products with this in mind.  


Because GoSun started out producing solar-powered ovens, the company has developed a library of recipes and meals that are compatible with outdoor ovens. These recipes are easily accessible on the company’s blog and can give you an idea of what is possible to cook in a GoSun oven — especially if you are a little skeptical that GoSun can really provide an equal experience to that of a traditional barbecue. 


GoSun stands behind its products and is confident you’ll be happy with what you get. Even so, the company offers a generous one-year, no-questions-asked warranty. Whether you just don’t like the product or you drop it off a cliff, you can get your money back from GoSun as long as you purchased it less than a year ago.


The Bad

  • High Price
  • Return Cost


Because GoSun’s products include new and innovative technology, the company's prices are still quite high. For example, the solar-powered electric coolers cost anywhere from $529 to around $2,000. You could get a non-electric cooler of the same size from another company for under $100. With GoSun, you are paying for a higher quality and more sustainable product, but still, the price definitely reflects that increase in quality and advanced technology.

Return Cost

If you want to return your GoSun product, you can do so and get your money back, but you are responsible for paying the cost of shipping your product back to the company. If you want a prepaid return label from GoSun, a $10 handling fee will be deducted from your refund.


The Bottom Line

GoSun’s product line is quite impressive. All of its products are solar-powered, making them better for the environment and more sustainable in the long term. However, this does mean you will end up paying more for an outdoor oven or cooler than you would for a non-solar-powered option. 

If you have the money to put into it, GoSun creates quality products and is doing a lot of good in the world through its outreach initiatives, so your money goes toward a good cause and still gives you a superior product.

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peg Mill Valley, CA

These days, so often customer service means you get on the phone and wait for an hour for someone that can't help you. My experience with GoSun was the opposite. When I had an issue, I was able to easily reached someone, and Alex went the extra mile to solve my problem. Thank you GoSun!

8 months ago

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