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LAST UPDATED: April 29th, 2021
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GoGreenSolar only sells DIY solar equipment.

The company does not provide professional solar installation on solar energy systems.

GoGreenSolar, whose parent company is Gigawatt, Inc., was founded in 2006 and is currently headquartered in Placentia, California. GoGreenSolar's customers include contractors, homeowners, electricians, publicly traded companies, small businesses, and non-profits worldwide.

The company has an impressive list of buyers, including The Department of Defense, Federal Aviation Administration, City of Los Angeles, United States Marine Corps, CBS, and more. 

GoGreenSolar is unique because the company offers DIY solar kits, meaning that it can provide you with solar parts, design, and/or installation services for your project, depending on your needs.

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The Good

  • Payment Options
  • Equipment
  • Online Monitoring
  • Contract Details

Payment Options

Although GoGreenSolar is a unique solar provider, it still has some attractive financing options available.  However, considering its business model, the company doesn't offer a solar leasing or power purchase agreement (PPA) program.

Let's take a look at the payment options GoGreenSolar does have, then you can decide whether or not any of them will work for you:

Renewable Energy Loans

You might consider applying for a home improvement loan and utilizing the federal and state credits that are available to you to offset some of the costs. 

GoGreenSolar has enlisted the help of Admirals bank to offer qualifying homeowners a home improvement loan to finance their new solar system with.  These loans are structured and offered to make solar systems more affordable.

Solar StepDown Loan

This loan has a maximum amount of $25,000 (secured).  Borrowers can ask for a one-time re-amortization (as long as it's within the first 24 months from the date the loan was funded funded) in an effort to lower their monthly payments.  This loan also allows the borrower to pay down their loan with the solar tax credits and incentives they receive. 

There are no prepayment penalties, no equity or appraisal requirements, and the funds are given to the borrower before the work begins.  Plus, you might receive tax-deductible interest (ask your tax advisor about this).

With the Solar StepDown Loan, you will have access to a team of renewable energy financing experts who will help you and answer any questions you may have.

SolarPlus Loan

This loan allows qualifying Solar StepDown customers to borrow an additional $15,000, or any amount up to $15,000, through an exclusive unsecured SolarPlus Loan. 

With this program, homeowners have the ability to borrow up to $40,000 for renewable energy, which includes $25,000 (secured) from the Solar StepDown Loan and $15,000 (unsecured) from the SolarPlus Loan. This is a huge benefit because it allows borrowers to take advantage of a higher loan amount while still keeping their monthly payments low. 

Additionally, the borrower is not required to make any installment or interest payments on the SolarPlus Loan for the first 18 months.  The same benefits of the Solar StepDown Loan are available to SolarPlus Loan customers as well. The requirements for funding are as follows:

  • Borrower must be the homeowner of a project that has not yet been started or completed
  • A lien is placed against any property for loans exceeding $7,500 and the attached lien will be in the first or second position
  • Newly constructed homes must have been completed and occupied for no less than 90 days
  • The project must qualify for federal and/or government rebates or incentives
  • The SolarPlus Loan program is specifically a bank program and is not affiliated with or sponsored by FHA
  • This loan was designed to be an addition to the Solar StepDown Loan, which means you cannot apply for this particular loan individually
  • The term of the SolarPlus Loan cannot exceed the term of the Solar StepDown Loan and each loan is subject to separate credit approvals

PayPal's "Bill Me Later" Option

GoGreenSolar offers the PayPal "Bill Me Later" option for orders exceeding $99.  This option allows borrowers to buy a solar system and take up to six months to pay without interest fees. If the customer has not paid after six months, there is a 19.99 percent APR.


To use the Bitcoin option, you simply contact GoGreenSolar and the company will send you the Bitcoin information via CoinBase. Once CoinBase has confirmed and processed the Bitcoin transfer, your solar order will be processed and shipped. 

The Bitcoin option is not supported via GoGreenSolar's shopping cart at this time; however, the company is working hard to make it a supported option.  But, as stated above, you can still contact GoGreenSolar to get things started if you'd prefer to use Bitcoin.


Gigawatt, Inc., GoGreenSolar's parent company, manufactures solar panels and is well-versed when it comes to designing solar power solutions, including solar backup battery solutions, to help customers save on their electric bill. The company offers several types of custom solar panel system designs, such as portable solar chargers and grid-tied solar modules that can be installed on streetlights.

GoGreenSolar offers complete solar power kits that you can install on your own.  Each kit comes with solar panels, grid tie inverters, and mounting hardware. 

You can take advantage of GoGreenSolar's permit service if you'd like to have detailed engineering plans and permit documents taken care of for you. Each grid-tied kit is specifically customized for your particular home and your specific energy needs, which will be determined when you contact GoGreenSolar for a custom PV system quote.

The company's website goes into great detail about each of its solar panels, grid-tie inverters, racks, and mounts, which is convenient because you will have the opportunity to learn as much as you'd like about the equipment before you make any purchasing decisions.

One last mention, GoGreenSolar offers ground mount solar panel kits as well.  While these types of systems are less common, they still provide some important benefits for those with unique situations, such as large amounts of unused land with room to install a much larger PV system and generate higher savings, properties without a south-facing roof, or areas that have significant shading issues.

Online Monitoring

The GoGreenSolar website states that with its solar PV optimizer kits, you will receive free ZigBee wireless system monitoring.  However, this is the only monitoring information offered, so if you want to find out more you'll need to speak with a company representative.

Contract Details

Since this company offers DIY solar kits and optional installation services, there are no contracts.  Therefore, we will go over a few of the details regarding purchasing a DIY solar kit and the optional services they offer instead. 

GoGreenSolar's solar design and permit services are only available to customers who have purchased one of its complete kits.  However, these will provide you with detailed plans that were specifically designed for your particular install.  This allows you or your contractor to take those plans and follow them for a simple DIY install.

Every GoGreenSolar design is drafted to be compliant with your local codes and ready to be submitted to the city for permitting approvals. If required by your city, GoGreenSolar provides free revisions in order to obtain permit approval.


The Bad

  • Moving Options

Moving Options

GoGreenSolar does not offer any moving services; therefore, if you need to replace your roof or move your solar system to a new location, you will have to either to do it yourself or find a licensed electrician to do it for you.


The Bottom Line

GoGreenSolar is a bit different than the traditional solar company. The company provides DIY solar kits and will help you get in touch with a local installer if you decide to not install the panels yourself. There are several loan options to choose from, but if you are looking to lease a system or get a PPA, you may want to consider another solar provider.

If you'd rather investigate local solar companies to provide a solar installation and expert system design, GoGreenSolar may not be right for you; however, if installing your own solar system sounds like something you'd be interested in, GoGreenSolar may be the company for you.

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John everett Bedford, VA

I ordered my solar system 3 years ago and installed it myself. I thought this was a monumental project to accomplish and didn’t think I could do it but wanted to try . I got all the help I needed and support afterwards. I got prices from solar installers that were 27 thousand dollars more than what I spent doing it myself. It actually took 57 hours of actual work, I did a ground mount so most of that time was digging holes and a trench, the 32 panels went in very easy about 7 hours alone all the connections were male female so they make it so it’s hard to do it wrong , I called a few times with questions they answered immediately or call me back. The building inspector commented it was a well designed system . Well 3 years later my kilowatt usage is 0 My bill is 9.19 monthly down from 144. You still have to pay transmission fees taxes etc I have a net metering system that my salesman Raj Patel helped with all the technical questions overall I’m extreamly happy with the product and all there help and ready to start my own solar co with there support

5 years ago

star star star star star

dan mitchell

I finished installing 22 panels in June 2017. GoGreenSolar provided everything I needed to complete the installation and get it approved by the city and SDG&E. I'm completely satisfied with all of the support they provided. This was a DYI installation. All of the engineering, permits, and data provided was accurate and very helpful for a DYI installer like myself. There was some parts of the installation that I was unsure of (or confused) and the people at GoGreenSolar took the time to help me understand how to proceed. This was my first time doing this type of work. The shipment of panels and parts arrived on-time and in perfect condition. They were very careful with everything. I don't know how the other reviewer had problems with the shipment, mine was done perfectly. I highly recommend this company for the DYI installer, they care and they did everything possible to make sure that I was successful.

5 years ago

star star star star star

Kris Placentia, CA

We recently purchased an electric car and our electric bills went up, especially during summer when we ran the AC. So I decided to shop for a solar panel system and got 3 different quotes from local solar companies in Orange County. Go Green Solar's price was the best for the scope of work I wanted done. They upgraded my main service panel, installed a level 2 electric car charger, and installed a solar system. The communication with this company was great. Every time I called someone answered and addressed my questions. The installation crew was very friendly and left a clean site everyday after they were done working. This is a big plus - the last contractor I used to do work on my home always left it looking like a war zone. Thanks to them I am able to power my car and home with solar energy. My bill is now only about $10 a month!

6 years ago

star star star star star

Brittany DLeighton Irvine, CA

5-STARS From me and from other people I know who have used Go Green Solar. What earned 5-stars? Excellence in communication, competitive pricing, their expansive experience, reliable work, great manager/owner, ability to plan and detail out everything and the wide variety of options available. I am a Real Estate Broker and do not hesitate to refer Go Green Solar to everyone I know.

4 years ago

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Janet Krutwig

They delivered some panels on a palette with a sturdy cardboard box for protection and some on a palette with shrink wrap with no protection except cardboard corners. Some of the ones with the shrink wrap were damaged with scratches and gouges on the sides and end. One these panels has vary different cell variances in color. Many more issues with delivery and their instructions which was in conflict with the delivery service. They said a complete inventory needed to be done before the driver could leave and the driver was in no way instructed in this. It was late in the evening and he had to take the truck to the yard and come back the next day. The pallets were not removed from the covered semi trailer but the company says, that was when the damage was done. They call us at fault and will in no way make this right, so what kind of warranty will they honor? To many more issues to include here. This system was paid in full with no financing. My next visit is with the BBB! These cost a much as a new car; would you want it delivered with damage????

6 years ago