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LAST UPDATED: October 24th, 2023

Energy Harbor Solar provides photovoltaic solar installation as well as other energy upgrade solutions to residential and commercial property owners throughout the greater Tampa area. The company was founded by three solar experts with vast experience in the solar, contracting, and energy industries. A major focus of Energy Harbor Solar is placed on its customer service solutions, ensuring that each client receives timely attention and service.

In an effort to help property owners, particularly homeowners, protect themselves against consistent rising costs in the utility area and from inflation, the company instituted solar solutions. By having a solar system installed, homeowners are able to negate utility cost spikes as the installed system will generate the energy needed and used to power the entire residence. From start to finish, the team at Energy Harbor Solar will handle every aspect of design, connection, and ultimately operation.

To date, Energy Harbor Solar has serviced over 250 clients completing more than 135 completed projects. The Energy Harbor Solar team is responsible for drafting over 325 customized designs since the company’s founding in 2018. In addition to offering solar services, Energy Harbor also specializes in HVAC, roofing, and other home amenities. 

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The Good

  • Services Offered
  • Experienced Technicians

Services Offered

Energy Harbor Solar is a full-fledged energy and home upgrade provider, offering a number of services that impact energy efficiency while targeting high rising utility costs. Clients that decide to utilize Energy Harbor Solar can access the following services and solutions:

  • Residential solar installation
  • Commercial solar installation
  • Solar maintenance
  • System repair
  • Pool pumps
  • Water heater upgrades
  • Roofing
  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning

Clients looking to transform a property into the most energy efficient home or office building as possible will likely find all necessary solutions through the Energy Harbor Solar platform. Not many solar providers branch out into multiple energy upgrade subsets, but Energy Harbor Solar has the experience and manpower needed to offer just that. 

Experienced Technicians

One benefit of Energy Harbor Solar in comparison to other providers within the area and industry is the trained and experienced staff. Not only are technicians well equipped to handle complex solar projects and energy upgrades, but the experience required to ensure the highest level of connectivity and production is another major advantage.

It is unique to find a company that is relatively new to the industry (Energy Harbor Solar was founded in 2018) to have the experienced in-house staff that Energy Harbor Solar provides to its clients. 


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Financing Options
  • Unknown Equipment Partnerships
  • Limited Service Area
  • No Backed Warranties
  • No Verified Energy Harbor Reviews

Undisclosed Financing Options

The average cost for residential solar system equipment and installation can cost homeowners anywhere from $15,000 to $25,000 (or more). Not all homeowners are in a financial position to purchase a system upfront and outright. Most solar contractors offer loans, leases, or power purchase agreements as alternative financing options:

While Energy Harbor Solar offers an in-house team with experience in helping clients access the federal tax credits to offset the astronomical costs associated with solar installation, there is no mention of alternative financing programs for property owners that are unable to purchase a system upfront and outright despite that being the industry norm. 

Unknown Equipment Partnerships

Energy Harbor Solar offers tier-1 solar equipment to its clients, but that is all that is known in terms of equipment partnerships. Language on the company's website indicates that Energy Harbor Solar works with a number of solar manufacturers to obtain solar equipment, but fails to name any of them. 

Most solar contractors offer equipment partnership details to clients publicly. This allows researching consumers the opportunity to determine if the company is a right fit based on what equipment is available. This is not an option for Energy Harbor Solar clients. An initial consultation will be required in order to determine if the company offers the desired solar equipment. 

Limited Service Area

Since Energy Harbor offers a number of energy upgrades and home services, it is not surprising that the company offers a “localized” service. In fact, most solar contractors are geographically limited in terms of a service area. More often than not, solar providers will provide services in one state or certain cities/counties within a state. That is the case with Energy Harbor Solar as the company handles projects in the greater Tampa area.

While this is relatively standard within the solar installation industry, there are contractors out there that have found ways to expand operations and service a wider net of clients through varying business models. This expansion has not been part of the Energy Harbor Solar service to date. 

No Backed Warranties

Solar, and basically all energy upgrades, require some sort of financial equipment. Solar systems are expensive when purchased upfront and require a commitment when financing options are employed. As a result, protections are generally put in place to protect the consumer. Warranties generally offered to consumers include warranties for equipment and workmanship.

None of these warranties are available or backed through Energy Harbor Solar. Clients may inquire about manufacturer warranties when equipment is settled on, but the company itself does not offer the typical industry warranties.

No Verified Energy Harbor Reviews

As of October 2023, no verified Energy Harbor reviews have been published on Best Company. Verified reviews offer transparency and authenticity. They provide potential customers with unbiased insights into the quality of Energy Harbor's services. Moreover, such reviews bolster the company's credibility. In a competitive market, credibility is paramount. Verified reviews serve as testimonials from satisfied customers, enhancing Energy Harbor's reputation and setting it apart from competitors.

Furthermore, these reviews provide invaluable feedback for Energy Harbor to improve its services. Constructive criticism and positive testimonials alike offer insights into areas of strength and areas that may need refinement. This feedback loop not only enhances customer satisfaction but also drives innovation and growth within the company.


The Bottom Line

Energy Harbor Solar offers end-to-end solar contracting solutions assisting both residential and commercial clients through the solar process. In addition to offering solar installation services, Energy Harbor also provides services in HVAC, roofing, water heater, pool pumps, and finally repair and maintenance solutions for solar systems. The experienced staff at Energy Harbor Solar encompasses trained and experienced technicians that handle all of the installation work from start to finish of each project.

Despite offering some promising services, there are limitations that prospective clients of Energy Harbor Solar should be aware of. The transparency of what the company truly offers is lacking, making it difficult to compare and contrast alternative financing options, equipment offerings, and forms of protection through eligible warranties. Additionally, the Energy Harbor Solar service is restricted geographically to the greater Tampa area. 

Due to its lack of publicly disclosed information regarding solar specifics and details, it is difficult to recommend the services offered through Energy Harbor Solar. Comparing its services to competition is compromised due to its inability to offer service features. 

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