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LAST UPDATED: December 22nd, 2022

Empire Solar Group is Out of Business

Empire Solar Group has declared bankruptcy and is no longer in business. 

Empire Solar Group was founded in 2017 and provides both commercial and residential solar installation services across 14 U.S. states. The solar company was awarded “Top 500 Solar Contractors” status in 2019 and has installed tens of thousands of kilowatts of clean energy throughout the country.

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The Good

  • Full-Service Solar Installation
  • Industry-Leading Warranties
  • Broad Service Area
  • Zero-Down Financing

Full-Service Solar Installation

One quality that sets Empire Solar Group apart from most solar companies is its full-service solar installation process. Every solar panel installation from Empire is conducted completely in-house, meaning no third-party contractors or multiple points of contact. At every step of the process, Empire Solar Group seeks to provide consistent high-quality service:

  • Energy audit — Empire analyzes your home’s current energy use, electric bill, and solar output potential.
  • Design — the solar company’s expert team will then design a custom solar power system following a thorough roof assessment.
  • Permitting* — Empire Solar Group will work with the local jurisdiction, the utility provider, and, if necessary, your HOA to secure all the necessary permits, net metering, and coding requirements to install your solar system.
  • Installation — following approval, Empire Solar Group will install the solar panel system directly on your roof.
  • Permission to operate — once the city conducts a final walkthrough of your system, Empire will obtain  “permission to operate” status to interconnect the system with the power grid.

*The permitting process can take anywhere from two weeks to several months, depending on the responsiveness of the city, power company, and HOA.

Industry-Leading Warranties

Every Empire solar project is protected by two warranties, both lasting 25 years. The first is the equipment warranty, supplied by the manufacturer, which covers defective system components (solar panels, solar inverters, solar battery, etc.) that may be affecting system performance.

The second is the labor or workmanship warranty, which covers the solar installation process and associated maintenance. In short, any problem that may be affecting the system, all repairs, maintenance, replacement, etc., are covered by warranty and will be delivered at no cost to the homeowner.

Broad Service Area

Though Empire Solar Group has only been around since 2017, the solar company boasts a broad service area:

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Idaho
  • Illinois
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Minnesota
  • Missouri
  • Nevada
  • Ohio
  • Texas
  • Utah

Zero-Down Financing

Empire Solar Group provides homeowners with numerous financing options, many of which come with zero out-of-pocket expenses. Third-party solar loans like these can be a great way to finance a solar energy system as they reduce upfront investment, while still qualifying solar users for incentives like state rebates and the Federal Solar Tax Credit.


The Bad

  • Manufacturer List Not Posted
  • Not NABCEP Certified
  • No Leases or PPAs

Manufacturer List Not Posted

Empire Solar Group does not explicitly mention its preferred solar partners on its site or social media, though the 25-year product warranty does suggest the company installs high-quality solar products. That said, specific solar panel, solar inverter, and solar energy storage brands can significantly inform the overall price, energy efficiency, and durability of the system. Providing this information upfront can give homeowners a better idea of what kind of system they’ll be receiving.

Not NABCEP Certified

Empire Solar Group does not appear to be certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). The NABCEP provides the most advanced solar technician training programs in the country. Companies with the NABCEP stamp of approval have demonstrated excellence in solar installation as well as overall business practices.

The lack of a certification is no judgement against Empire; however, its presence can influence homeowners comparing multiple companies.

No Leases or PPAs

Empire Solar Group doesn’t appear to offer solar leases or power purchase agreements (PPA) to customers interested in switching to renewable energy. These options can be cost-effective for homeowners on limited budgets as they place the cost of ownership on the installer rather than the homeowner.


The Bottom Line

If you live within Empire Solar Group’s expansive service area and are interested in working with a full-service solar installation company, Empire may be the right company for you. Its systems are protected by industry-leading warranties and can be financed with zero money down.

Some information, like its preferred manufacturing partner list, is not immediately available. Readers are encouraged to read verified Empire Solar Group reviews, obtain a free quote from the company, and compare their findings to other industry leaders in their area.

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Larkins ,

There cost are double what most companies offer with 150%longer payoff period. Sales rep has you open your email and he "reads" the contract to you leaving out the most crucial entries. Then he submits "electronically signs" the contract for you. After reviewing the contract and loan agreement on my own I discovered the following: 1)the panels themselves are NOT warranteed..only the workmanship on the install. 2) the actual product being installed is not disclosed to the buyer 3) The actual monthly payment increases after month 18. 4)pending legislation no guarantee is made for buyer to be able to collect credit from energy produced but not used. 5)Nights free not written into contract as verbally disclosed by sales rep. 6)Maintenance agreement as disclosed verbally by rep must be written and entered into contract PRIOR to signing. 7)after paying on time per loan agreement for 10kw system buyer will have paid close to 90K for the solar system. 8)You waive all rights to sue. 9)Should you attempt to make a warranty claim it is at ESGs tech's discretion on validity of your claim and should they reject the claim you are to pay$150 to them for their time. Having written this review I will say the sales rep was extremely personable and appeared trustworthy, but you must always read the fine print. And finally 10)the contract staed they are under no obligation to provide to the buyer any of the verbal promises made by their employees. If it's not in writing they are not bound to any "perks" offered.

3 years ago

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R.EZELL Lake Elsinore, CA

Empire Solar installed my system back in May. I received my NEM on May 5th. It is now December 20th and I have continued to have to pay for my electricity. They did not design my system with enough panels. I have called and emailed every month since May, but no one wants to take responsibility. So I have had to pay close to 85% of my electricity bill plus the loan payment of $105 a month. I have been monitoring the solar panels and 7 panels are under producing the 5 other panels by over 58%, but according to their standards everything is working fine.

3 years ago