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LAST UPDATED: June 21st, 2022

Better Earth Solar is a vertically integrated solar provider founded in 2019 by a former SolarCity employee with the vision of building a sustainable future through clean, renewable energy. The solar installer serves the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Orange County areas of California, offers competitive financing options, and is focused on helping people save money while also saving the environment.

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The Good

  • Vertically Integrated Company
  • 60-Day Installation Guarantee
  • Quality Equipment and Financing Partnerships
  • 25-Year Guarantees

Vertically Integrated Company

Better Earth Solar is a vertically integrated solar provider, meaning everything from the sales and design phases, to the installation and monitoring process is done completely in-house; subcontractors, no third-party points of contact. Not only can this simplify the solar adoption process for homeowners, but it can also make going solar more afforable.

60-Day Installation Guarantee*

Better Earth Solar guarantees installation will begin 60 days from the time the necessary permits are obtained, or the solar provider will compensate the homeowner for a year's worth of solar payments up to $2,000. This guarantee demonstrates the company's dedication to expediting the installation process and helping customers save on their energy bill as quickly as possible. 

*Applies to eligible projects only. 

Quality Equipment and Financing Partnerships

Better Earth Solar has partnered with a number of solar equipment manufacturers and financing organizations to provide their customers with the best gear at the best prices.

Solar Panels, Inverters, and Backup Battery Storage

  • Sunnova — top-rated panel and backup battery installer
  • Jinko Solar — solar panel producer that builds affordable solar modules with average solar panel efficiency
  • LG — leading solar panel producer that sports some of the most efficient panels on the market
  • Solaria — provider of one of the most comprehensive solar panel selections in the industry
  • Enphase — top-producing solar solutions (including inverters) provider
  • SolarEdge — one of the leading solar inverter producers available
  • Energport — leading energy storage solutions provider with unique solar energy integrations

Solar Financing

Better Earth Solar gives customers a chance to own their solar panel systems outright with zero money down, and also take advantage of the solar tax credit and other incentives. The company works with the following lending companies that specialize in solar loans:

  • Goodleap
  • Dividend
  • Sunlight
  • Sunnova
  • Sunrun
  • HomeRun (PACE)

In addition to outright purchase and financing through solar loans, the solar company also provides customers to finance through a power purchase agreement (PPA) to fund their solar installation. This option drastically reduces the upfront costs associated with solar by allowing customers to only pay for the clean energy their solar systems produce (often at a lower rate than their electricity bill). 

25-Year Guarantee

Better Earth guarantees both the energy output and solar panel installation quality of its solar panel systems for 25 years. More specifically, in the event one of Better Earth Solar’s module setups produces less solar power than what the company states anytime within 25 years, Better Earth will compensate customers for the difference.

In addition to the equipment guarantee, Better Earth also guarantees 25 years of service in the event of suboptimal installation. This guarantee also covers roof penetration service.


The Bad

  • Limited National Reach
  • No Solar Lease
  • No Known Industry Certifications

Limited National Reach

Better Earth Solar is only available in California, Arizona, and Florida. While this limited availability is in no way unique to this company, Better Earth does inhabit an oversaturated solar market. Apart from broadening its service area beyond these three states (which the complay has plans to do), one effective way for Better Earth Solar to truly stand out in the crowd is through leveraging real Better Earth Solar reviews from verified customers.

No Known Industry Certifications

Despite the company’s executive-level expertise, Better Earth Solar does not appear to have any solar industry-recognized certifications from either the National Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) or the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA). Certifications from these organizations imply a solar provider is adhering to high installation standards and best practices.


The Bottom Line

Better Earth Solar was built on a solid foundation of industry expertise, innovative solar technology, and forward-thinking partnerships. Customers who are interested in making the switch to solar will find financing options and panel setups that will match their budget and specific home requirements.

Assets such as industry-recognized certifications and reviews from verified customers will help further distinguish the company from competitors in the market. Until then, prospective customers looking to reduce their carbon footprint and dependence on fossil fuel are encouraged to read the latest Better Earth Solar reviews and compare their findings to top solar companies in their area.

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Clestine Carey Santa Rosa, CA

Read reviews on BBB. Company is never on time. they left a mess on my roof, first rain washed all parts the left. I has a popped tire. I have had panels on my roof for months and still not hooked up. I have to keep calling them. They were supposed to hook up 6 wires into electrical panel. they ran 4 so it didnt pass inspection. Still waiting on solar power to be turned on. In meantime they use crappy hardware to attach panels to roof. that allows pigeons to roost under. I cant use a quote from another company as it voids my warranty I am told.. Stay way from this company.

1 week ago

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mischievous gaming Long Beach, CA

Do not trust their judgment on roof condition I'm sure you'll bee reassured " don't worry we will warranty your roof" but, it only covers their penetration. Simply put, my roof was inspected post better earth inspection, pre-insatllation; three roofers say "your roof is shot" "5 years past due". Better earth says "don't worry let us install we will take your panels down for a small fee" against my better judgment is say "ok" THIS STARTED IN MAY NOW IT IS OCTOBER MY PANELS DIDNT PASS THE FIRST INSPECTION, I HAD TO UNINSTALL THEM MYSELF BECAUSE THE SMALL FEE WAS OVER $1700 TO TAKE DOWN THE SYSTEM NOW MY WARRANTY IS VOID I DONT HAVE A WORKING SYSTEM AND THEY WANT $2500 REINSTALL. I HAVE TO REINSTALL MYSELF! WHY DID I PAY $35,000.00 FOR THIS SYSTEM? ( THE SYSTEM CAN BE PURCHASED ONLINE FOR $16900.00) STUPID ME! AND, YOU'D THINK A COMPANY WOULD BE A LITTLE MORE ACCOMMODATING. IT JUST SAYS THEY CARE VERY LITTLE ABOUT THE BACK END. JUST ANOTHER OVERPRICED SOLARS SALES CO.

8 months ago

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Ronnie Rockinoldman63 Delaware Concord, CA

Professional People from management to installers. They meet with you to ensure that you understand what Solar can and won't do. Listen to your wants, and then define a plan that will meet or exceed them. They helped get us a great loan with a company that has the same goal as Better Earth, having a satisfied happy customer.

1 year ago

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Stephanie Ung Concord, CA

Consumers beware, DO NOT USE BETTER EARTH! I signed with them back in September 2020 and I still don't have working solar panels. Failed first inspection, poor communication, left exposed wires, moved my trailer into neighbors yard and didnt move it back, and dug up a concrete expansion joint. Vendors and representative unprofessional, insulting , cussing, and non responsive.

1 year ago

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Kuuner Chico, CA

Horrible company. Took months to finish and when they finally did, i was left with a damaged panel that they were unable to diagnose or repair so, had to have a real electrician come out to fix their damage. Better Earth never paid for the repair. Never even called once to apologize or find out the status of their overpriced install that took 9 months.

1 year ago