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LAST UPDATED: November 14th, 2023

Ambrose Solar (also called SunPower by Ambrose) is a SunPower Master Certified local solar installer based in Vacaville, California, servicing Solano County. Founded in 2013, the solar company has been installing some of the best solar PV systems, battery backup solutions, and solar storage options in the industry. 

Ambrose Solar has a holistic approach to solar energy solutions and focuses on educating customers, personalizing the solar installation process, prioritizing eco-friendly practices, and providing high-quality products.

Ambrose Solar is a certified installer of SunPower solar panels, SunPower Equinox storage systems, and Tesla Powerwall home batteries. An Ambrose Solar representative will work with you to determine which products will best meet your needs.

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The Good

  • SunPower Master Certified Installer
  • High-Quality Solar Equipment
  • Robust Solar Warranties
  • Multiple Solar Financing Options

SunPower Master Certified Installer

As the name suggests, SunPower by Ambrose is a SunPower Master Certified solar installer. This designation is only awarded to superior solar companies that either meet or exceed SunPower’s rigorous selection process. 

Every facet of the company, from customer service to installation, to post-installation satisfaction meets SunPower’s stringent criteria, and sets Ambrose Solar apart from the majority of solar providers.

This SunPower Master certification is also given to companies that are invested in their local communities, and have demonstrated an expert knowledge of and commitment to the unique needs and challenges facing their local market, along with local regulations and permitting requirements. 

High-Quality Solar Equipment

Ambrose Solar is a certified SunPower dealer and installer. Via SunPower, the company offers the following high-quality solar products:

  • SunPower Solar Panels — SunPower builds a premier suite of solar panel modules that are second to none, averaging an energy efficiency quotient of 22.8 percent (industry high). All SunPower panels also come with a 25-year warranty.
  • SunPower SunVault System — The SunPower SunVault stores additional solar energy that can keep the lights on at night or protect the home against a sudden power outage or utility grid interruption. The SunVault is smart, and can automatically adjust when the system draws power from the utility grid to maximize savings. Last of all, the system can be easily monitored in real-time through a handy mobile app.
  • Tesla Powerwall — The Tesla Powerwall is a premium home battery/energy storage solution that can detect local grid power outages and instantly become the main power source for your home, ensuring that you have power during blackouts or outages. The storage system seamlessly integrates with your solar system, making it easy to store excess generated energy.

To get an idea of what a SunPower product or Tesla Powerwall installation would cost, you can get a free quote on the Ambrose Solar website or by calling and speaking with a company representative.

Robust Solar Warranties

As mentioned above, Ambrose Solar offers SunPower’s standard manufacturer’s warranty of 25 years, included with every solar panel installation. The company also carries a 25-year warranty that covers against problems caused by installation errors, meaning not only does Ambrose Solar install superlative solar energy systems, but the company guarantees its work for the entire 25-year lifespan.

Multiple Solar Financing Options

Not only can homeowners in the Solano Valley purchase a solar PV system out-of-pocket through Ambrose Solar, they can also finance their system through a third-party loan or home-equity line of credit (HELOC) for zero money down and low interest rates. 

Interested parties can also lease a system through Ambrose Solar, which acts much like a rental agreement. The advantage of a lease is two-fold: low monthly payments, and no burden of ownership (i.e. installation and maintenance costs are the sole responsibility of Ambrose Solar).


The Bad

  • No NABCEP Certification
  • Limited Service Area

No NABCEP Certification

Despite offering one of the best solar products on the market in SunPower’s Equinox system, Ambrose Solar does not appear to have a certification from the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). The lack of this certification in no way implies that Ambrose Solar does subpar work. 

However, in a flooded California market with hundreds of solar providers, every advantage, no matter how small, counts. The NABCEP authors rigorous certification programs that heighten the installation and technology literacy standards of the solar industry.

Limited Service Area

Ambrose Solar is only available to residents in the Solano Valley of California, and is just one of hundreds of companies present in this region. Thus, if you live outside Solano County, Ambrose Solar’s services will not be available to you.


The Bottom Line

Ambrose Solar is a trusted name in the California solar industry. The company only services Solano County, which is a limited service area compared to other leading solar companies in California and the nation at large. 

However, Ambrose Solar prioritizes the personalization of the solar process for customers, ensuring that your solar system will be designed and installed according to your specific needs.

Ambrose Solar is a certified SunPower dealer and installer, providing customers with high-quality solar products, including SunPower solar panels and SunPower SunVault solar energy storage systems. In addition, Ambrose Solar is a certified Tesla Powerwall installer.

All Ambrose Solar solar installations are protected by a 25 year warranty, and the company offers solar monitoring so you can keep track of how your solar system is performing.

Currently, Ambrose Solar reviews on are limited. Thus, we are unable to provide an accurate recommendation of this solar company based on customer feedback at this time.

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Sharon Vacaville, CA

I want to say from the beginning of my solar battery project to the end I had a great experience with Ambrose Solar. I started out with Kelsey C who was amazing. I was then put in touch with Darlyn N, Noelle F and lastly Stephanie R. What a great team! The installation was a breeze and that team was also fabulous! Thanks again!

1 year ago


Review Source

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Billy Wren Fairfield, CA

Sales representative was honest and forthcoming. He answered all of our questions. I had done a lot of investigation into solar panels and companies. They made a complete plan and executed it from installation to activation on time and delivered on all of their promises. It’s been nice not having a $500 monthly electricity bill even running the air conditioning and our pool pumps.

1 year ago


Verified Customer


Review Source

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Christopher Vacaville, CA

Customer Review Video

2 years ago Edited June 22, 2022