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LAST UPDATED: March 2nd, 2023

Founded in Andover, Massachusetts in 2015, ACE Solar is taking the New England solar market by storm, having installed hundreds of systems and achieving top marks as the number one local solar contractor in Massachusetts by Solar Power World Magazine. The company offers a full slate of financing options, carries top-tiered equipment, and employs solar professionals who have been certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Producers (NABCEP).

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The Good

  • Full-Service Solar Installation
  • High-End Solar Equipment
  • Full Suite of Financing Options
  • Awards and Certifications
  • $250 Referral Program

Full-Service Solar Installation

ACE Solar offers homeowners end-to-end solar installation services and is involved throughout the entire process. The solar provider will conduct a free initial consultation to review the household's energy usage and determine whether solar would be a good fit. A company representative will also discuss available financing, incentives, rebates, and tax credits.

If the homeowner is deemed a good candidate for solar power, ACE Solar will conduct a thorough site survey, inspect the roof, and create a custom solar system design to maximize energy output as well as savings on the electricity bill.

ACE Solar also facilitates all the necessary paperwork and permitting prior to the install. Once the plans have been approved and the permits are secured, ACE's team of engineers will begin the installation process — often completing the build in as little as one day.

Following an inspection from the city, ACE Solar will work with the local utility to connect the solar panel system to the power grid. The company will also provide post-install support and answer any questions the customer might have.

High-End Solar Equipment

ACE Solar implements some of the most durable and energy-efficient solar panel and inverter equipment the solar industry has to offer. Durability and energy efficiency become especially important in a locale with such harsh winters as New England. The solar provider primarily installs solar panels from LG and solar inverters from SolarEdge. LG solar panels boast an energy efficiency rating of approximately 22 percent (second only to SunPower), and a temperature coefficient of -0.30, meaning output is only slightly affected in extreme temperatures.

The microinverter from SolarEdge, meanwhile, is considered one of the best on the market, receiving a record-setting 99 percent weighted energy efficiency rating from the California Energy Commission. Both LG panels and SolarEdge inverters come with a 25-year equipment warranty: in the unlikely event of a system component malfunction, ACE Solar will service or replace the defective part for free at any point during the lifetime of the system.

Full Suite of Financing Options

ACE Solar is also one of the few local contractors that offers residential solar customers a full array of solar financing options. In addition to cash purchase, the company also offers a solar loan through its partnership with the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center and the Department of Energy Resources.

The Mass Solar Loan

The Mass Solar Loan applies exclusively to homeowners in Massachusetts, and allows them to purchase a quality solar panel system for as little as zero money down, saving borrowers money from day one. The Mass Solar Loan also comes with 10-year repayment terms and up to 30 percent in principle reduction based on home size and system capacity. If that wasn’t enough, the Mass Solar Loan also qualifies homeowners to all the same tax incentives available to individuals who finance their system through outright purchase — including the 26 percent federal solar tax credit, and the state-level Massachusetts tax credit worth up to $1,000.

Leases and PPAs

ACE Solar only briefly mentions solar lease and power purchase agreement (PPA) financing options on its site; more specifically, “Whichever way [either ownership, lease, or PPA) works best for you, we’re here to help you along every step of the process.” However, specific terms and information on either of these options could not be found. 

Awards and Certifications

As mentioned above, ACE Solar was recently awarded the number one local solar contractor spot by Solar Power World Magazine, but the accolades don’t stop there. The magazine has also awarded ACE Solar with “Top 500 Solar Contractor” status every year from 2016 to 2020, with the company cracking the top 100 contractors every year, installing more than 137,000 kilowatts of solar energy since its founding. In addition to its props from Solar Power World Magazine, ACE was also rated as the “best solar installer in Boston” by

On top of its awards, ACE Solar employs solar professionals and electricians who have been certified by the NABCEP, a solar industry–recognized organization that promotes industry best practices, installation standards, and technology literacy. Companies with this certification set themselves apart as an industry leader, and customers can rest assured knowing their systems will be installed according to top industry guidelines.

$250 Referral Program

Satisfied ACE Solar customers could earn $250 for every friend, neighbor, or family member they successfully refer to ACE Solar.


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Workmanship Warranty
  • Limited Service Area
  • Few ACE Solar Reviews

Undisclosed Workmanship Warranty

In terms of potential areas of improvement for ACE Solar, disclosure of the company’s workmanship warranty is a good place to start. Third-party sources have cited the company’s labor guarantee as being either 10 or 20 years, but neither of these claims have been verified in any company literature. Top solar companies often attach a workmanship warranty of 25 years or more to their solar panel installation projects, essentially the life of the system.

Limited Service Area

While ACE Solar primarily performs residential and commercial solar ventures in Massachusetts, the company has also been known to do work in New York and Rhode Island. That said, the company’s limited service area could set it at a disadvantage when compared with leading solar companies with a larger, more national presence. Promoting verified ACE Solar reviews from actual customers could be an effective way to distinguish the company against its more well-known competitors.

Few ACE Solar Reviews

Few verified ACE Solar reviews have been posted to Best Company. While ACE Solar may seem like a great company, gathering and promoting authenticated reviews online is the most effective way to convey to potential customers just what kind of installer ACE Solar is.

If you are a current or former ACE Solar customer, we encourage you to leave your review below.


The Bottom Line

Overall, ACE Solar is a reputable solar company. Despite only being in business since 2015, the company has installed an astounding amount of solar energy in the New England area. Its awards and certifications bolster its claims as a top solar contractor in the Boston area, and its equipment and financing selections will ensure that homeowners will start saving on their utility bill from day one.

Until ACE Solar discloses its workmanship warranty publicly, prospective customers should inquire for the specifics of these terms. Otherwise, ACE Solar is a solid choice, and Massachusetts-based customers are encouraged to get a free quote.

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Ward Bowman

Update based on Ace's Comment. "working as intended" means not working during power outages, not working for 8 hours at night, and the inverter running degraded during connected solutions events. So as long as I don't expect the backup batteries to work without the PV system, the system works! Right now my inverter doesn't supply the full power during connected solutions events from the battery. This has been going on since last year, after the batteries were replaced multiple times. It was identified last year, and Ace Solar has been saying "works fine". Solar Edge came out and said "do a warranty replacement". Ace Solar (like they have done multiple times) has gone quiet. BBB complaint is closing due to Ace Solar not responding (see the theme). Note: Ace Solar had Solar Edge come out, and Solar edge had a couple of changes that the told Ace Solar to make, like configuring the batteries correctly and changing the gauge of wire. Yes, the gauge of wire was installed incorrectly. Good company to buy from. Terrible post-installation service, a complete lack of communication. If you have a problem (like your batteries failing), expect months of no information. Bought PV and batteries, Batteries were on back order and failed a few months after installation (right before summer). Took all summer to get them working. 2 months to get someone onsite, and months between communications. Batteries failed again at about a year mark, and silence from Ace Solar. Easier to reach out to the inverter company yourself than work with Ace Solar, and that I think is what they want. So very hands on when selling. After that, you are your own champion, as Ace Solar seems to have forgotten they sold batteries.

1 year ago Edited July 11, 2023

ACE Solar Logo

Reply from ACE Solar

Ward, as we have been discussing over the past months, we are equally frustrated with way things have gone with the battery equipment and more specifically, the manufacturer and their response to this issue. It is good to see that in the meantime the solar arrays energy production has performed better than expected.

As you’re aware, we have an upcoming site visit scheduled with a SolarEdge Technician to diagnose this issue further. SolarEdge informed us that the recent firmware updates were successful and the system is working as it should be. We had been efforting for a while to get a SolarEdge rep onsite so that they can check the inverter and battery behavior. We are not seeing any issues on the monitoring portal currently as there are no alerts. If we have to change or verify any battery charging and discharging settings, SolarEdge support are the ONLY party that can complete those steps. We understand your frustration and will continue to be in touch with you as we work with the manufacturer to resolve any confusion.

Jul. 12th, 2023