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LAST UPDATED: February 7th, 2024

365 Solar Energy is a solar contracting company that serves residents of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Pennsylvania. Through its energy conserving products and services, the company aims to help its customers save money and increase the value of their homes. 365 Solar Energy professionals have more than 12 years of experience in the solar industry. 

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The Good

  • 24-Hour Battery Monitoring System
  • Complimentary Energy Efficient Package
  • Industry Experience
  • Positive Reviews

24-Hour Battery Monitoring System

365 Solar Energy installs Generac Powercell batteries on most systems. The Generac Powercell battery is covered by a 10-year warranty and can be monitored 24/7 for energy storage and system efficiency. 

Complimentary Energy Efficient Package

Solar panels and backup batteries are some of the more obvious ways to save energy. However, 365 Solar Energy offers an Energy Efficiency Package to help homes conserve even more energy. These packages include LED lighting installation, Nest thermostat, water heater blankets, blown-in insulation, and attic staircase covers. 

The 365 Solar Energy claims that installing these products in your home will minimize energy consumption and make solar energy more readily available. The company’s website indicates that the Energy Efficiency Package is complimentary with a solar system installation. 

Industry Experience

Although the business itself has only been established since 2019, the company is made up of an experienced team. The 365 Solar Energy team has 12 years of combined experience in the solar industry. The team has completed ground mounted and roof mounted projects on residential and commercial solar installations. According to BuildZoom, 365 Solar Energy has worked on at least 60 projects in the past two years. 

Positive Reviews

Negative reviews for 365 Solar Energy are quite difficult to find. For a newer company in the industry, 365 Solar Energy has a lot of reviews — and almost all of them are positive. That says a lot about how the company has been able to establish itself, grow, and serve its customers well. 

In addition to written reviews, the company also features video testimonials on its website. These videos highlight customers’ experiences with the company and help you see some of the work that 365 Solar Energy has done. For more examples of previous projects, view the 365 Solar Energy image gallery.


The Bad

  • Services Only 3 States
  • Panel Brands Unknown
  • Financing Options Undisclosed

Services Only 3 States

365 Solar Energy has a limited service area. The company serves residents and commercial business owners in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Pennsylvania. This restricts customers outside of these areas from using 365 Solar Energy for solar installation. 

Panel Brands Unknown

When it comes to solar batteries, 365 Solar Energy uses Generac Powercell batteries. The company does not disclose the brand of its panels or where the panels are manufactured. That being said, the company’s LinkedIn profile does indicate a possible partnership with Mission Solar Energy. The manufacturer of 365 Solar Energy inverters is also undisclosed. 

Financing Options Undisclosed

The 365 Solar Energy website does not provide any information about financing. It is uncertain whether the company offers outright purchases, loan purchases, leases, or Power Purchase Agreements. It is possible that the company has options for all of these, but they are not mentioned on the website anywhere.


The Bottom Line

One of the key selling points for 365 Solar Energy is the company’s positive reputation, as it has been built in such a short time. 365 Solar Energy has completed many installations, and customers have left glowing reviews about responsive customer service, informative consultations, and significant money savings as a result of installation.

Based on these factors, 365 Solar Energy is likely a reputable company, but its website does not state if any of its contractors are NABCEP certified. It may be worth asking the company about its credentials before signing a contract. 

In light of positive customer feedback, we recommend 365 Solar Energy to potential customers in the applicable service area — especially if they were referred to the company by a friend or family member who had firsthand experience with the company.

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Angela Guthrie Salisbury, NC

Poor customer service! I have text and left message on a couple of the phone numbers about issues with my solar panels not working for weeks. No one has responded...

3 months ago

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Dawn Hamdorf Rock Hill, SC

So many solar companies have the reputation of being snake oil salesman and this company reinforces that. The installer damaged our roof and it’s been 3 months and it’s still not fixed, nor is our solar project finished or operational. The first payment is coming due because the bank paid the company but we have nothing. The same person answers the phone when I call and never has any answers. He always has to check with “management” and call me back. I am never allowed to speak to anyone else. They are very unprofessional and constantly blame someone else for the delays. The last delay, a new team showed up to work but the parts that the solar company was supposed to leave weren’t here. The solar company’s excuse for the delay was to blame the new installer. When I asked if they were going to show us how to use the system once it was up and operating, I was told, “no, we will give you a booklet.” Either way, I still don’t have an operating home solar system that is costing me $100k.

1 year ago

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Randy Patterson Franklin, PA

as far as intstalation they were very good . as for the salesmen he lied to . he said there we would get a fed rebate of 16000 . and a rebate from the state for 30.00 a month. those are both lies . he said the bat would run the whole house . only 3 things can b hooked to them .he said the panels would produce 17000 watts they only produce 7500. we are not very happy.

1 year ago

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C Whirlow New Port Richey, FL

We had 16 panels installed in Pennsylvania, with the expectation of saving money and helping the environment. We have done neither. Our bills in the summer months with the air conditioning and pool pump averaged $250.00 with a KWH recieved of average $6.50. So we are paying $45000 for the solar panels and still using 98% of the electricity that we were using before the panels were installed. We have called at least 40 times, emailed, wrote with no response other then they will get back to us. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY

1 year ago