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    World's First Solar-Powered Airport Comes to India
    The electricity is going out at Cochin International Airport Limited, but it's not expected to cause any problems at all. The airport, located in the city of Kochi in the southern part of India-the world's second-most populou...
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    Solar Power Customers Paying Less Up Front, but Incentives Are Down
    If you're thinking about joining the growing throng of people putting solar panels on homes, you'll love the current drop in installation costs. But don't get too excited-your overall expenses probably won't change much. Acco...
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    New Solar Power Company Secures Funding to Expand Efforts in Mexico
    In a country where electricity costs are two to three times higher than they are in the United States, fledging solar panel installation company Bright is looking to expand in Mexico. The company began its operations a y...
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    Solar Energy Bringing Thousands of Jobs Over Next Decade
    The job outlook in Utah just got a little brighter. Two companies-one the familiar Utah-based Vivint Solar, and the other being California's SolarCity-and their expansion efforts are expected to bring more than 7,000 full-tim...
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    SunEdison to Acquire Vivint Solar for $2.2 Billion
    SunEdison will purchase Vivint Solar as part of its bid to become a world leader in clean energy. SunEdison announced its $2.2 billion agreement to acquire Vivint Solar, the second largest residential solar installer in the ...
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    Sungevity Introduces Wireless Energy Hub for Customers
    Sungevity continues to "generate positive" by expanding their current energy system by adding an energy hub. You're probably wondering, what does that even mean? Simply put, Sungevity just made it easier for customers to tra...
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    California Setting New Solar Records at Rapid Pace
    The state that is in a drought currently set their 15th record this year for generating another record amount of solar power last week. Experts are expecting their record number to increase even more with these next sum...
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    Some Solar Panel Manufacturers Suffer 1st Quarter Loss
    Despite the rise of global solar energy, some solar panel manufacturers have faced financial loss in the 1st quarter. SunPower, the second-largest solar panel manufacturer in the United States, reported a quarterly loss after...
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    President Obama Backs Solar Energy Development
    Last week, President Obama backed US solar energy development during a speech at the Hill Air Force Base near Salt Lake City, Utah, reports USA Today. Obama spoke just a few hours after the Labor Department reported that U.S....
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    The Complications of Selling a Home with Leased Solar Panels
    As progressive as they may be, some homeowners are having trouble using solar panels as a selling point. Despite the fact that solar panels usually save the homeowner money, they can cause some problems when you try to sell ...

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