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    How Long Does It Take to Install Solar Panels?
    If you've decided to embrace change and switch from traditional power to solar power, you'll be pleased with the many benefits this alternative form of energy provides. Of course, there is also a lot that goes into the proces...
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    How Do Solar Panels Work at Night?
    Even a person who doesn't have solar panels on his or her roof will have enough reason and insight to realize that a solar power system works best during peak sunlight hours. The panels atop your roof will soak in direct sunl...
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    What Is Solar Panel Efficiency, and Why Is It Important?
    So, you want to go solar. But before you make the decision to buy, loan, or lease, there are a few things you want to know about the company and the system it provides: what's the warranty like? How long does the contract las...
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    What Do Solar Panels Collect to Produce Energy?
    It is one of the cleanest, most dependable sources of energy at our disposal. It is also renewable, multi-purpose and easy on the environment. And, of course, it has been lauded for being cost effective and a tremendous alter...
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    What Is Solar Net Metering?
    When it comes to the solar power movement, even a novice knows there are many benefits to equipping one's home with a solar energy system. There are, of course, unique features to make converting from traditional power more a...
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    What Is a Solar Lease?
    Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard a thing or two about the increasingly popularity of installing solar panels on residential roofs as an alternative method to generating power for homes. There are ...
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    What Is a Solar PPA?
    Making solar power accessible and feasible for residents and businesses across the United States and even the entire world is becoming an increasingly hot topic. While there are many complex large-scale issues, including gove...
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    The 6 Most Common Problems with SolarCity
    Everybody loves SolarCity. Well, almost everybody. If you've thought about getting a solar system installed in your home, you've probably heard of SolarCity, which currently sits at or near the top of the growing list of U.S....
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    Florida Residents Hoping for End to Energy Restrictions
    If the State Supreme Court rules in their favor, Florida residents may soon be legally able to purchase electricity from independently owned solar power companies. Yesterday, the Florida Supreme Court listened to attorneys ar...
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    Looking to Go Solar? Here Are a Few Ways How
    For most of the solar industry's 140-year history, solar-harnessing technology has only been available to the environmentally conscious elite. But for the past decade, residential solar companies have been clamoring for the b...

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