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Solar Giant Sungevity Is Back in Business

Founded in 2007 by Danny Kennedy, Andrew Birch, and Alec Guettel, Sungevity was a solar company originally based in Oak...

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Your Most Important Solar Energy Questions...

Are you thinking about making the switch to solar? Maybe you'd like to lower your electricity bill, or perhaps you want...

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10 Things Only People Who Have Solar Panel...

1. When the solar salesperson first knocks on your door via GIPHY 2. When they start to give you their pitch about how ...

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    The Ultimate Guide to Solar in Nevada: 2019 Nevada Solar Energy Incentives, Costs, and Policies
    Nevada Solar Overview Nevada hasn’t always been most solar-friendly state in the nation; back in 2015, the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada ended net metering for rooftop solar, which meant solar owners did not re...
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    5 Ways to Make Your Office More Environmentally Conscious
    Guest Post by Steven I. Azizi Every small to large business owner eventually tackles the same problem – clutter and an excess of paper. Even though the digital age has transformed the way business is conducted, this age...
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    The Ultimate Guide to Solar in Oregon: 2019 Oregon Solar Energy Incentives, Costs, and Policies
    Oregon Solar Overview To date, Oregon lawmakers have done a nice job of enacting favorable solar policies in the Beaver State. In fact, Oregon has passed some of the most solar-friendly legislation in the country. As a resul...
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    The Ultimate Guide to Solar in Texas: 2019 Texas Solar Energy Incentives, Costs, and Policies
    Texas Solar Overview The Texas economy is continuing to grow, and as a result, electricity consumption in the state is also increasing. Older electricity sources continue to be phased out in Texas, while market pressures and...
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    What to Know about California’s New Solar Mandate for 2020
    Guest Post by Kayla Matthews In December, California became the first state to require new homes to be solar powered. Homes built after 2019 will now be built with energy efficiency in mind. Here are some things you should kn...
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    Home Improvements with the Biggest Impact on Energy Bills
    Guest Post by Holly Welles With the popularity of kitchen and bathroom remodels, more practical renovations often receive less attention. It's true that a home's aesthetic value helps justify a higher asking price at resale, ...
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    2019: The Final Year to Take Full Advantage of the Federal Solar Tax Credit
    2019 is in full swing, and we have many exciting things to look forward to this year, including the FIFA Women’s World Cup, the birth of another royal baby, a $100 million Fortnite tournament, a new Avengers movie, and ...
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    Is a Zero-Net Energy Home Attainable?
    Guest post submitted by Kayla Matthews Are you getting ready to remodel your home and feeling frustrated by the current high costs of your utility bills? One option may be to change key elements of your living space and turn...
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    Why You Should Install Solar Pool Panels to Heat Your Pool
    Guest Post by Peter Jordan Swimming pools make a great way to cool down and exercise in the comfort of your home. But what happens to your pool when the hot summer weather transitions into colder fall weather? You can pay an...
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    Sungevity Named 2019 Consumer’s Choice Award Recipient in Solar by
    Pleasant Grove, UT - January 7, 2019 - Sungevity has been named the 2019 Consumer’s Choice Award recipient in the solar industry by, an independent consumer review site. Sungevity was selected to receiv...

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