SunPower Receives Best Company's 2022 Expert's Choice Award

Rebecca Graham

Last Updated: August 29th, 2022

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SunPower isn’t your average solar company. 

Who else holds more than 500 U.S. patents for solar technology, has access to solar panels with the highest efficiency in the industry, and can boast being chosen by NASA as a provider of solar technology? 

While SunPower’s accolades can certainly speak for themselves, here are the specific factors that went into this decision from the perspective of solar review experts. 

About this award

Every year, the Best Company vertical expert highlights one company that stands out among competitors, regardless of overall category ranking. 

SunPower ranks #1 overall in addition to other standout factors. 

Our solar expert selected SunPower to earn this year’s award because of impressive review scores, superior power and workmanship warranties, and a unique commitment to sustainability. 

SunPower reviews

As a word-of-mouth marketing platform, Best Company relies on consumer reviews to form the bedrock of its database and value proposition for customers and companies. 

To provide some context into SunPower’s #1 ranking, our Best Rank algorithm takes into account the following criteria:  

  • Average score of reviews
  • Volume of reviews
  • Responsiveness to reviews (a company’s responsiveness rate to consumer reviews with a star rating score of 3 or lower)

Recency is another important factor; reviews published over a rolling six-month period carry more weight than older reviews in calculating a company’s overall score. Reviews we verify through our in-house review generation methods also hold more weight. 

With over 3,000 customer reviews on and an average review score of 4.5, SunPower has amassed an impressive review repository in terms of both quantity and quality. And more than 1,000 of those reviews are from the past year, so prospective solar customers can be assured of both recency and relevance as they consult reviews for research.  


Highlight: Customer satisfaction with SunPower is increasing over time based on our review data.

Over the past five years, 88% of reviewers on average have given SunPower a 4-star or 5-star rating. Analyzing reviews over the past year alone, the percentage of reviewers giving SunPower a 4-star or 5-star rating was even higher at 92%. 

Workmanship warranty  

With over 900 solar companies listed on our site, we have the unique opportunity to compile and compare important data points and features across the gamut of company size and longevity nationwide. One area in which SunPower stands out among competitors is in its workmanship warranty. 

A 25-year manufacturer’s warranty is standard in the industry across Tier-1 solar panels and other solar equipment. A 25-year power warranty matching the manufacturer’s warranty is also common, ensuring a certain energy output over the years despite the expected gradual wear and efficiency degradation over time. 

We see more variability, however, in workmanship warranties. A solar company’s workmanship warranty protects against installation errors and covers the labor for installing new equipment via a manufacturer’s warranty claim.

While many companies offer only a 10-year workmanship warranty, SunPower offers a 25-year workmanship warranty for hassle-free repair, replacement, or reimbursement for any defective panel over that entire period covered by the manufacturer. 

Here’s a recent review from a customer in Boulder, Colorado mentioning SunPower’s warranties among other reasons they chose SunPower:  

Commitment to sustainability 

We consider solar companies in general to be, by definition, invested in sustainable green energy via solar power. However, there are carbon emissions associated with manufacturing, transporting, and disposing of solar panels — all problems that require creative solutions that are on the radar of green thinkers and innovators. 

SunPower has demonstrated a unique commitment to decarbonizing the supply chain by growing its EV (electric vehicle) fleet. The company has already begun this process and has committed to convert 90 percent of its fleet to electric and hybrid vehicles by 2030. This initiative will contribute to SunPower’s plans to achieve net zero carbon emissions for U.S. warehouse shipments to home delivery. Released in June 2022, SunPower’s 2021 Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Report describes the aims and methodology of this goal in detail. 

Clearly, SunPower is walking the walk in regards to sustainability on multiple fronts. Solar power installations are important components of reducing our collective carbon footprint, but there are so many more steps solar companies can take. SunPower is a leader in this regard, and we are proud to commend them in these efforts. 

Recent Best Company recognition

In the last year, SunPower has received the following awards and recognitions for achievements on Best Company: 

  • 1,000 5-Star Reviews — The 1,000 5-Star Reviews Award is given to companies with 1,000+ 5-star user reviews on Best Company. (See full press release)
  • 4-Star Rating —  The 4-Star Rating Award is given to companies that have a 4-star+ rating on Best Company. 
  • 2022 Top 3 Ranked —The Top 3 Ranked Award is based on average review score with 100 reviews minimum. Again, SunPower is currently ranked #1 overall (Note: filter companies by state to see state-specific companies and their rankings).  

The bottom line 

With so many solar companies to choose from, you can afford to be picky about who you trust with this important investment. 

If you’re considering solar, now you know why SunPower is at the top of our recommendation list. Read more about SunPower to see if it’s a good match for you. 

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