Question #9: Is Solar Panel Efficiency an Important Factor?

Sarah Hancock

Last Updated: January 25th, 2023

This is the ninth question in a twelve-question series. Please click here to read the introduction, as well as access the other questions in the series. Or, download the printable ebook to view the entire series.

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"Yes, the better the panel quality, the higher the yield will be on a matched system. However, it's important to have a well-designed system customized for your needs." -Mark Stevenson

"Yes. We all have limited roof space. The more efficient the panel, the more power you can produce per square foot. Otherwise, panels are always measured by their power output, not size, so efficiency does not matter as much as power rating." -Teris Pantazes

"The higher the efficiency, the less space you would need to provide power for your home or business." -Julio Daniel Hernandez

"Yes, it is very important. The more efficient a panel is, the more cost effective it is. Today, the panels on the commercial market are only about 18% efficient (maximum). As the technology improves and panels become more efficient, the greater the efficiency and cost-effectiveness can become. This is why we need to continue to invest in R&D – not just for the panel, but it’s interconnecting equipment, such as the inverter and other electrical infrastructure needs. In this regard, going to all Direct Current (DC) power is more efficient than the DC to AC conversions that we currently see – much more needs to be done in this area, but it is a great opportunity to improve overall solar efficiency and effectiveness." -Greg Reed

"Yes, if space is limited, a higher efficiency panel will help if it's not much higher in pricing." -Geoff Mirkin

"Yes, a higher efficiency panel will produce a greater amount of energy, and you would need less of them to meet your household consumption needs." -Matt Stoutenburg

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