Question #1: In Your Opinion, What Are the Top Benefits of Solar Energy?

Sarah Hancock

Last Updated: January 25th, 2023

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"The top benefits of solar energy are that it is cost effective; it is reliable; and it is sustainable, meaning that consuming solar energy is not harmful for our planet. Cost effective: the cost of solar energy is generally lower than the cost of the utility grid, especially when you consider the fact that utility rates increase about 2%-3% each year. Over the life of a system, that means electricity costs could almost double, while the cost of energy, if you own the solar installation, is constant. Reliable: solar is a proven technology, and its energy output capabilities are well-known. There are good warranties available from manufacturers, and a good solar installer will also stand behind their work. Sustainable: since solar energy relies primarily on sunshine, of which there is relative abundance globally, it is sustainable and does not pollute our environment." -Samuel Adeyemo

"The top benefits of solar are taking control and ownership of your utility costs, taking advantage of the tax benefits, and freedom from paying for-profit utility companies." -Matt Stoutenburg

"Solar energy doesn't just have a positive effect on the environment, but also creates jobs to boost the economy and creates energy independence so the U.S. doesn't have to rely on fossil fuel imports." -Kathie Zipp

"Solar enables you to generate your own clean energy onsite, reducing the cost and reliance on grid-purchased energy. As electricity costs rise, homeowners will save more." -Mark Stevenson

"Mitigating climate carbon, eliminating the cost and environmental impact of fossil fuels, having a great selling point if you want to leave, REALLY hot water. Note that often, the payback is much faster and the benefit much more immediate for switching your hot water to solar before thinking about electricity. Many homeowners don't think about this. In our case, we saw $100/month reductions in our electricity bill as soon as we switched. And our hot water is hot enough that we warn guests about it." -Shel Horowitz

"In most regions in the United States, upgrading to solar means you pay less for the electricity you consume and your home goes up in value. Never mind the positive environmental impact." -Julio Daniel Hernandez

"Solar panels reduce a home's carbon footprint; support micro-grid enhancement, which increases grid reliability; and reduce your own energy bills (in most cases). They are a long term investment in your energy, produce electricity for up to 30 years (warrantied for 25), and help protect you from inflation during their lifespan." -Teris Pantazes

"Saving homeowners and businesses money!" -Geoff Mirkin

"Solar energy is the right choice for anyone who wants to improve their bottom line and save money on their costly electricity bill while making a responsible and positive impact on the environment. Solar energy, specifically solar panels for homeowners, has gained mainstream acceptance due to its relative affordability and practical necessity. The threat of skyrocketing energy costs for homeowners is a looming concern." -Rainier de Ocampo

"Solar is a clean, sustainable, renewable, and now very affordable energy resource that can be deployed effectively across energy infrastructures—from small rooftop facilities on homes and businesses generating a few kilowatts of power to large-scale, centralized, grid-level facilities generating hundreds of megawatts of capacity." -Greg Reed

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