Best Company Announces 2022 Sustainability Award Winners

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Last Updated: July 12th, 2022

February 2022 — Best Company recently announced the recipients of the 2022 Best Company Sustainability Award. 

About this award

Best Company created a submission-based Sustainability Award to publicly recognize and congratulate companies that go the extra mile to be sustainable. 

To apply for this award, companies were required to complete and submit a Best Company-provided application, and provide evidence of the sustainable initiatives they claimed to conduct. 

Award recipients

The companies listed below are all of the recipients of the 2022 Best Company Sustainability Award. These companies are not listed in any particular order. 

Elan Solar has a North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) PV Installation Professional certification. In addition to providing solar, this company has also adopted paperless billing and uses REC solar panels, which are sustainably produced. 

REC Group, the producer of REC panels, is known for its commitment to sustainable manufacturing. REC Group actively focuses on utilizing water resources responsibly, reducing hazardous materials, and establishing more efficient manufacturing processes in an effort to minimize negative impacts on the environment. 

LeafFilter Gutter Protection has put a major focus on reducing its greenhouse gas emissions, limiting waste, and improving product packaging and distribution. The company has also made moves to improve supply chain sustainability and to be more conscious of the materials used in its products. 

While The Solar Professionals provide solar services, the company has also implemented paperless billing, consultations, and contact cards. Additionally, The Solar Professionals’ staff use electric vehicles and have solar for their homes. 

The Solar Professionals also work with Heliene, a company that has adopted fair-compensation labor practices and sustainability. 

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Palmetto Clean Energy features the New Utility. The New Utility offers renewable energy, charging, and storage capabilities in a single application. 

Palmetto also invests in local, environmentally-focused community programs like Solar Sister and Charleston Parks Conservancy. Palmetto uses Hanwha Q cells solar panel modules. Hanwha has implemented several sustainable initiatives that involve manufacturing, waste output, and more. 

American Pest offers an eco-friendly pest control solution called Smart. The company is accredited by the National Property Management Association (NPMA) for its non-toxic pest solutions and EPA-labeled products. 

Additionally, American Pest has a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification and encourages paperless billing via Slice

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Solar Power of Oklahoma

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  • Awarded “Top Solar Contractor” from 2018 to 2019
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Solar Power of Oklahoma is NABCEP Certified, Tesla Energy Certified, ChargePoint EV Certified, and QMerit EV Certified. The company’s solar panels are produced in the United States (Washington State). 

The company has adopted paperless proposals for customers as well as paperless billing and has provided sustainable training for employees through Enphase University.

Rove conducts an annual environmental impact review for each of its pest control products. Additionally, the pest control company uses paperless forms and billing, fuel-efficient vans, and recently started an EV pilot program. 

Rove’s offices also use smart thermostats, green hosting services, and recycled materials. 

While Sun Badger Solar provides solar services, the company has also adopted paperless billing and uses electric vehicles (Tesla). Sun Badger uses solar panels that are manufactured in the United States and are ethically sourced. 

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Greenix Pest Control has worked to create a more sustainable pest management solution. Greenix customers can view a list of active ingredients in the company’s products online.  

In addition to eco-friendly products, the company has also implemented paperless billing, route-efficiency software, and an integrated product application process that eliminates the involvement of harsh chemicals. 

Astrawatt Solar is NABCEP certified. The company’s General Manager and Master electrician has a NABCEP PV Associate (PVA)certification. Additionally, one of the company’s Solar Consultants has a NABCEP PV Associate (PVA) certification and PV Technical Sales (PVTS) certification. 

Astrawatt Solar also sells and installs REC solar panels, which, as previously mentioned, are known to be sustainably produced. 

Glyde Solar has adopted completely paperless operations. Additionally, the company’s two main solar panel manufacturers are Silfab and Aptos, both of which appear to have some sustainable initiatives in place. 

Sustainability note

Sustainability continues to be a growing concern among consumers. Although companies have greatly improved over the years, many businesses still have yet to establish any long-term sustainability plan. 

While the award recipients listed above are not perfect in regards to sustainability, Best Company feels that they have made big moves in the right direction and deserve to be recognized for their efforts. 

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