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LAST UPDATED: January 22nd, 2024

BRD Pest Solutions has been providing seasonal pest control to residents of Utah County since 2019. The company employs eco-friendly pesticides to manage and eradicate common household pests like ants, ticks and fleas, bed bugs, and most rodents. 

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The Good

  • Covered Pests
  • Customer Account Management
  • Yard and Lawn Care

Covered Pests

BRD Pest Solutions covers a wide array of unwanted pests common to the Greater Utah County area:

  • Ant Control — includes black ants, carpenter ants, fire ants, and more
  • Wasp Control — including other stinging insects like bees and hornets
  • Rodent Control — includes rats, mice, voles, and moles
  • Bed Bug Control — uses top-of-the-line repellants to eliminate eggs and adult bed bugs at their source
  • Flea and Tick Control — identifies outbreak areas and safely removes parasites without harming family or pets

BRD Pest Solutions provides homeowners with comprehensive interior and exterior pest control solutions, including to the home’s foundation and accompanies cracks and crevices surrounding the home; high eaves and overhangs where spiderwebs and wasps nests are common; as well as floorboards and hard to reach interior spaces.

Customer Account Management

BRD Pest Solutions customers can easily manage their accounts through the pest control company’s online portal. There, they can manage their billing cycles, schedule quarterly appointments and view their service history, and set alert and communications preferences. 

Yard and Lawn Care

BRD Pest Solutions also provides full yard and lawn defense. The company provides a 30-foot protective barrier designed to prevent pests like crickets, spiders, ants, cockroaches, and others, from ever getting near your home.


The Bad

  • Limited Service Area
  • No NPMA Affiliation
  • No Termite Control

Limited Service Area

BRD Pest Solutions only serves homeowners in the Greater Utah County area. While this service area represents several thousands of homeowners, it is still quite narrow compared to those of leading pest control companies like Terminix, whose service area is at the national level. This disparity can leave smaller companies at a disadvantage in terms of name recognition. Leveraging verified BRD Pest Solutions reviews can be an effective way to level the playing field and promote the company’s quality of service to potential customers.

No NPMA Affiliation

BRD Pest Solutions does not appear to be affiliated with the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), an organization well regarded within the pest control industry that promotes high standards of professionalism and use of eco-friendly products among local and national pest control providers. While lack of NPMA-backed accreditations like QualityPro and GreenPro does not signify poor quality on the company’s part, they can sometimes make the difference for a homeowner comparing multiple providers.

No Termite Control

The pest control company does not appear to provide specialized termite control treatment options, which often involve the identification and eradication of any termite colony the technician comes across, as well as the repair of any structural damage the termite infestation might have caused.


The Bottom Line

BRD Pest Solutions covers a basic selection of pests and is equipped to handle most insect and rodent problems. The company provides full interior and exterior pest prevention services and gives customers an easy to use online portal to manage their account. If homeowners are looking for additional specialized services like termite control or wildlife control, they will likely need to consult another company serving Utah County.

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