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LAST UPDATED: February 27th, 2021

QuickCashLoans has provided loan-matching services since 2015. 

The company offers a variety of online loan products and services including the following and more:  

  • Bad credit payday loans
  • Short-term loans
  • 1-hour payday loans
  • Same-day payday loans 
  • Instant loan approval 

Those who use QuickCashLoans’ free services can apply to borrow anywhere from $50 to $1,000 and can receive the cash they need as soon as the next business day. 

The Kentucky-based company is not a direct lender and, therefore, does not offer in-depth information regarding cash advance loan rates and fees on its main website. 

Potential borrowers can receive rate and fee information after being matched with a direct lender from QuickCashLoans’ network. 

Read our full QuickCashLoans profile to learn more about the company’s loan-matching services.

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The Good

  • Simple Application Process
  • Multiple Loan Options
  • Helpful Online Resources

Simple Application Process

QuickCashLoans offers a fairly simple online application process and does not charge customers for using its services.  
To apply, applicants must check their loan eligibility and fill out an online application on the QuickCashLoans’ main website.  

According to the company’s website, applicants must meet the following requirements to qualify for an online payday loan: 

  • Be at least 18 years of age 
  • Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident
  • Have an active bank account 
  • Have a valid email address and phone number 

The company states that some additional checks may be required depending on what state the applicant resides in. 
QuickCashLoans’ application asks for the loan amount, the applicant’s name, address, residential status, birth date, and social security number. 

As previously mentioned, applicants can request a maximum loan amount of up to $1,000 depending on the state they reside in. 

Multiple Loan Options

QuickCashLoans provides multiple loan options that borrowers can choose from. These loan options include bad credit payday loans, short term loans, one-hour payday loans, same day payday loans, and more. 

The company also offers options based on location and how fast borrowers need the money. QuickCashLoans states online a borrower can receive cash in as soon as one business day. 

According to the QuickCashLoans website, borrowers generally do not need to have a good credit score to apply for a payday loan. 

Helpful Online Resources

The loan-matching company provides several helpful online resources such as a financial blog that offers financial education and financial tip information. 

Additionally, the company also provides a detailed FAQ page that answers questions regarding payday loan basics, the company’s payday loan process, payday loan payments, and more. 

All website visitors can access and use these educational resources to learn more about payday loans and how they can improve their current financial situations. 


The Bad

  • Not a Direct Lender 
  • Limited Online Information 

Not a Direct Lender 

QuickCashLoans is not a direct lender. Instead, the company matches each borrower with a direct lender within its network. 

Since QuickCashLoans does not provide direct-lending services, the company cannot disclose any loan rates or fees. 
Those who are looking for this type of information must communicate with the lender they are matched with.  

Limited Online Information 

Although QuickCashLoans does provide some information regarding its services, the company does not appear to disclose much information regarding the companies within its direct lender network, loan rates and fees, and the application process as a whole. 

Potential borrowers must contact the company directly and/or reach out to the direct lenders to get more information.


The Bottom Line

QuickCashLoans has provided no-cost loan-matching services to consumers since 2015. The company helps customers obtain a wide variety of payday loans, and offers a fairly simple application and loan approval process. 

In terms of loan amount, QuickCashLoans consumers can borrow up to $1,000 and can receive their money in as soon as the next business day. The loan-matching service also claims that consumers do not need to have a good credit score in order to obtain a cash advance loan from one of the lenders in its direct lender network. 

Additionally, QuickCashLoans provides multiple financial resources on its website that all visitors can access. These resources include a financial blog as well as a detailed FAQ page. 

Unfortunately, since QuickCashLoans is not a direct lender, it cannot provide detailed information to potential borrowers regarding loan rates and fees. The company's website also does not offer much information about its direct lender network. 

If you are interested in QuickCashLoans consumer loans, we recommend that you visit the company’s website, reach out to the company’s customer service department, and/or read QuickCashLoans reviews to learn more about the company’s loan-matching services.

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Mario ,

What a great company finally treating its clients normally, and with respect! I had to call them 3 times for speeding up the process because i needed an answer quicker than it was possible. And no one ever spoke to me in a rude way or similar. All customer support agents were calm and patient and were kind enough to help me. Keep it up!

3 years ago

star star star star star

Charlie56 ,

Got an almost instant reaction after the submission! The company is very responsible and kept me informed every step of the way. Hope this review will help gain them more recognition.

3 years ago

star star star star star

Andrew Harris Dayton, NJ

I was assisted via email very quick (required an agent as I had troubles filling in the application). Nice job i must say! The company stands to the demands in my opinion.

3 years ago

star star star star_border star_border

Corkery Buckner Bristol, TN

Average experience, the service is fine, but the rate you pay for each dollar is too high. Anyway, it is just an emergency instrument, so there is a price for lack of savings( Maybe there will be some loyalty programs with lower rates, or at least better repayment options.

3 years ago

star star star star star

Cristopher Andrews Dacula, GA

needed money quickly and my friends couldn’t help me at the time. The only option was a payday loan and it came quickly. Solved everything in 1 day.

3 years ago

star star star star star_border

EmmaoiR ,

never thought of taking a loan before, it's nice to know i can rely on it now. very prompt assistance, no useless paperwork and procedures, very straightforward process and timesaving.

3 years ago

star star star star_border star_border

Guthrey Ramsaroop ,

the whole process took several days and in the end i was late for my payment, eventually i received the loan but it was late for my needs Good terms in any case

3 years ago

star star star star star

Seedyboom Miami, FL

I believe it was the best deal i ever was offered by a loan company! Incredibly tempting terms.

3 years ago

star star star star star

Mera ,

They offered me average loan terms, there's nothing I did not agree with when taking the loan.

3 years ago

star star star star star

Salma ,

Reliable company, I'm taking the loan here for the third time, and it's always a piece of cake

3 years ago

star star star star star

Christine ,

easy to apply and quick assistance, need nothing more

3 years ago

star star star star_border star_border

beverly84 ,

fine blogs and the approval didn' take them more than an hour.

3 years ago