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LAST UPDATED: April 2nd, 2020

PayDayAllDay is a payday loan network company that specializes in connecting consumers with online loan lenders. 
Through PayDayAllDay, consumers can apply online for payday loans, cash advances, installment loans, personal loans, and more. 

According to PayDayAllDay’s main website, “all of the lenders that work within the PayDayAllDay.Com network comply with federal laws and state regulations that apply to the online personal lending industry and short-term loans.” 

PayDayAllDay’s lender connection process is fairly straightforward. Potential borrowers can fill out an online application in minutes and will typically receive approval and funds within a relatively short amount of time. 

PayDayAllDay’s website does state that borrowers can receive funding on the same day depending on the type of loan they apply for. 

Although PayDayAllDay is not a direct lender, the company appears to provide significantly more information on its website regarding the lending process and lenders than many other payday lending companies.

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The Good

  • Simple Loan Application Process
  • Impressive Lender Network
  • Notable Online Transparency 
  • Helpful Website Resources

Simple Loan Application Process

PayDayAllDay offers a fairly simple online loan application process. Those who want to get connected with one of the company’s lenders can fill out and submit a loan application directly on PayDayAllDay’s website in a matter of minutes. 
To apply for a loan on the company’s website, applicants must: 

  • Be at least 18 years of age 
  • Be a U.S. citizen or a permanent U.S. resident 
  • Have an active checking bank account
  • Provide an active email address and phone number
  • Only apply for a loan in the state of current residence 
  • Have a stable and verifiable income source

Once potential borrowers submit their loan application online, they generally won’t have to wait long until they hear back from a direct lender. 

According to the company’s website “loan approval is almost instantaneous for payday loans.” 

After application approval, borrowers will receive funds via direct deposit. 

Impressive Lender Network

PayDayAllDay has a lender network that includes over 100 direct lenders. The company focuses on working only with licensed, reputable direct lenders that adhere to federal and state lending regulations. PayDayAllDay has an entire section on its website regarding responsible lending. 

Notable Online Transparency 

PayDayAllDay has a level of online transparency that many payday lending companies do not have. 

Potential borrowers can learn about PayDayAllDay’s application process, loans offered, terms and conditions, lender and borrower responsibilities, state lending regulations, and more by visiting the PayDayAllDay website. 

Helpful Website Resources

In addition to online transparency, PayDayAllDay provides a variety of helpful financial and lending-based resources on its website. 

The company has an online financial blog, expert guides, an online loans frequently asked questions section, an online security guide, responsible lending and borrowing sections, and more. 

PayDayAllDay’s financial education section covers topics like dealing with debt collection, loan co-signing, applying for online loans, cleaning up a bad credit history, etc.


The Bad

  • Not a Direct Lender 
  • Lender Service Variation

Not a Direct Lender 

Although PayDayAllDay networks with many reputable direct lenders, the company itself is not a direct lender. 
Because of this, PayDayAllDay cannot provide exact upfront information about rates and fees that accompany the different types of loans offered. 

Lender Service Variation

As mentioned above, PayDayAllDay has a network of over 100 direct lenders and does not provide payday loans directly to consumers. 

Since there are so many direct lenders and types of loans offered, PayDayAllDay does not provide interest rates, services, and fees to consumers. 

Rates, services, and fees vary per lender. This means that potential borrowers won’t be able to know exactly what they can get until they fill out and submit an online loan application on the company’s website.


The Bottom Line

PayDayAllDay specializes in connecting potential loan borrowers to reliable direct lenders. 

With PayDayAllDay, consumers can apply for payday loans, installment loans, personal loans, cash advances, bad credit loans, line of credit, and car title loans. 

PayDayAllDay has a network of over 100 direct lenders and strives to offer safe lending to consumers. The company claims to only work with reputable, licensed lenders who follow federal and state laws and regulations. 

PayDayAllDay offers a simple online loan application process that can be completed within a matter of minutes. 

Once the application is submitted, PayDayAllDay states that applicants usually receive loan approval and funding within a business day or so.  

PayDayAllDay’s website offers more information and helpful online resources than many other payday lending websites. Potential borrowers can learn about financial literacy, loan types, and more when they visit the PayDayAllDay website. 

Unfortunately, as mentioned above, PayDayAllDay is not a direct lender. 

Those who borrow through PayDayAllDay’s network will also not be able to know exact interest rates, fees, and services offered until they submit an online loan application as rates, fees, and services vary per lender. 

If you are interested in submitting an online loan application through PayDayAllDay, we recommend that you read borrower reviews and read the terms and conditions for each lender before you create a loan contract.

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