LegalShield, also known as Pre-Paid Legal, develops and markets pre-paid legal plans for legal services through a network of more than 6,900 independent provider attorneys across the U.S. and Canada. For a monthly fee, members can access law firms without having to worry about hourly bills. LegalShield's primary goal is to provide affordable legal protection for everyone who needs it. Among the best online legal service companies we have reviewed, LegalShield offers a variety of legal documents and are among the most affordable. At the bottom of this page checkout some LegalShield reviews from real customers.

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The Good

  • Various Legal Services Available
  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • Affordable Prices
  • Plan Options 
  • Experience
  • Mobile App
  • MLM Business Model

Various Legal Services Available

LegalShield offers a variety of legal advice so customers can choose a plan that best fits their needs. Also, LegalShield offers several products and services, like identity theft protection, real estate advice, divorce advice, speeding tickets, will preparation, and more.

Customer service has great reviews from consumers. A Resource Center is available 24/7 that provides definitions and explanations for difficult legal topics and legal matters.

LegalShield has made it very easy for members to contact a lawyer whenever they have legal questions or need legal assistance. Members are given a toll-free number to their Provider Law Firm.

24/7 Emergency Service

LegalShield wanted to ensure that customers could have access to their legal forms and service at any time. For this reason a LegalShield associate is available 24/7.

Affordable Prices

The cost for a LegalShield membership is broken down into four options, Personal/Family Plans start at $24.95 a month, Small Business Plan start at $39.00 a month, Commercial Driver Plan start at $12.95 a month, and Identity Theft Plan at $12.95 a month.

Personal/Family Plans- LegalShield offers unlimited legal advice, trial defense services, coverage for your family, and 24/7 Emergency Assistance for $24.95 per month.

An upgraded version of this Family Package will cost $44.95 per month but assists customers with moving violations, DOT violations, tragic accident assistance, Will preparation, IRS audit, and many other legal services.

Small Business Plans- This service provides small business owners with professional legal advice at a much lower cost. This package gives small businesses access to all LegalShield features starting at $39.00 per month. Price may vary on the size of the company.

Small business owners can't afford an on-site attorney but they also can't afford to not have legal advice. This saves companies thousands of dollars each year for access to all of LegalShield's documents, attorneys, and professional help.

Commercial Driver Plan- Commercial drivers tend to have unique questions when it comes to legal matters. The Basic Commercial Drivers Legal Package offers a wide variety of services starting at $32.95 per month. Upgrading to the Super Commercial Drivers Legal Plan costs $44.95 a month.

Identity Theft Plan- With thousands and thousands of hackers and scammers throughout the world, IDShield is a product created by LegalShield to protect individuals and families from the Dark Web and identity theft. It's individual IDShield Plan costs $12.95 a month, and for the IDShield Family Package it is $27.95.

IDShield immediately starts monitoring your ID and alerts you when there are suspicious issues with your ID. It has programs that search your credit records, public records, court records, the sex offender lists, address changes, payday loan, high-risk applications or transactions, and it also monitors your information that appears on the Dark Web. These features protect you from identity theft, the dark web, and credit card fraud.

This package is one of the most useful packages we have seen. Not only does LegalShield protect individuals from the law, but also protects from hackers, scammers, and identity theft.


On average, a LegalShield attorney has 19 years tenure in their profession and 13 years as a LegalShield associate. It has helped clients with almost everything that could require a lawyer. Everything from identity theft to a car accident, LegalShield can offer help in a variety of situations.

Mobile App

The LegalShield app gives customers access to all of their documents and files instantly. The app provides customers with the legal forms they need and getting answers to simple questions.

MLM Business Model

LegalShield is a Multi-Level Marketing business. This business model can be a good thing for those looking to make a little extra money. Sadly, it has been known to scare off potential customers. In the case of LegalShield, this business model has helps cut down on costs for legal assistance and provide competitive rates that other law firms can't offer.

Multi-Level Marketing is when customers of its product or services become brand ambassadors. Customers sign up for a membership and as they refer friends to join LegalShield they make money. Some people are scared of the MLM business model because there is a stigma that people who join only lose money or its all just a pyramid scheme. These ideas could not be farther from the truth.

Because each client is also a potential employee, LegalShield takes care of its members better than most of its competition. Customers clearly show their support in the reviews below. The LegalShield complaints are often particular and do not apply to the entire company but to a specific employee or moment. LegalShield's reviews are among the best we have seen in the online legal service market.

Put simply, this business opportunity does not force you to sell products but rather recruit friends and family to use LegalShield's services. The compensation plan is simply receiving a portion of the service price each month the person you referred is still a member (also called a residual income). In simple terms it is a glorified referral program. Customers just reap the benefits every month instead of a one time offer.

The Bad

  • No Filing
  • No Free Trial
  • Enrollment Fee

While LegalShield does offer some beneficial services for a reasonable price, there are limitations as well. There is no testing period for potential clients which can create problems. There is also some missing information regarding important legal processes and whether or not LegalShield handles these cases.

No Filing

LegalShield does not mention whether or not it's contracted law firms will file legal documents for their members. However, LegalShield's lawyers will provide direction on how to do so.

No Free Trial

LegalShield does not currently offer a free trial to potential members, which does not allow prospective members to test the water before deciding if they should choose this company for their legal needs.

Enrollment Fee

There is a $10 one-time enrollment fee when signing up for LegalShield. New members are required to pay this fee and is non-refundable.

The Bottom Line

For those who want to save money and want to feel like they have a personal attorney without paying a high hourly rate, LegalShield is a great option. Members can pay as little as $20 a month to have 24/7 access to a Provider Law Firm in their area.

This service is great if you have quick legal questions or need help completing legal forms. Among all customer reviews and responses, we have received, feedback has been positive. If customers find that they are regularly in need of legal representation, legal assistance, or specific legal advice, this is a great option. Not only do you have access to a lawyer at any given moment, but you can also make money as you refer people who also need legal advice.

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April 7th, 2015 Lawndale, CA




April 7th, 2015 Charlotte, NC

My wife and I have used our LegalShield membership over 43 times and have saved thousands of dollars in legal fees. For our low monthly fee we are basically retaining an entire law firm. A great model and provides access to the legal system at an affordable rate.



April 7th, 2015 Carson, CA

It is a pyramid scheme....


George Little

April 7th, 2015 Buena Park, CA

Legal shield definitely a great option. I needed an attorney out of state, there was a cost but I saved $1000 dollars using one of their referral lawyers and the 25% discount. I needed the lawyer and he did more that I even expected and I didn't even meet him or did I need to go to court with. Just so happen that He knew the Prosecuting attorney and was able to negotiate fairly. The ex wife was surprised that the attorney appeared in my behalf. Thanks because I would of been hurting financially and the truth was presented and the cut the suit by half of what the state was trying to get. The lies were exposed and the judge concluded it Fairly! Thanks Legal Shield & Parker Stanbury for a honest and skilled lawyer in Florida Law.


Phil Dambach

April 7th, 2015 Idaho Falls, ID

Just reinstated my membership, wish I had never dropped it years ago. I'm glad that I did, refinanced our home and they found some errors in the paperwork that even the mortgage company couldn't answer. So the problem was fixed thanks to Legal Shield. Looking forward to staying on as a member with all the identity theft that is going around. Great company.