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PaymentCloud is a full-service ISO and merchant service provider that seeks to provide innovative solutions and unparalleled customer service. It has been in business since 2013, and works to offer superior financial products while still keeping prices low. 

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The Good

  • Competitive Pricing
  • High-Risk Calculations
  • Next Day Funding
  • Innovative Technology
  • Dedicated Account Representatives

Competitive Pricing

PaymentCloud charges fees that are extremely competitive within the industry. Pricing is as follows:

Online Transactions

  • Starting percentage - 0.85%
  • Starting cost per transaction - $0.04
  • Monthly fee - $9.95

POS Transactions

  • Starting percentage - 0.25%
  • Starting cost per transaction - $0.03
  • Monthly fee - $9.95

Mobile Payments

  • Starting percentage - 0.85%
  • Starting cost per transaction - $0.05
  • Monthly fee - $9.95

Consumers will need to keep in mind that the pricing figures change based on the merchant's risk level and supporting bank.

High-Risk Calculations

PaymentCloud will work with customers on evaluating their company and its risk level. PaymentCloud has been working hard to work through businesses with high risk for the past seven years. When you call PaymentCloud, they will match you with the merchant account they think is best based off of your risk level. If businesses fall in the high risk category, the company realizes it can be hard to find a credit card processor. Regardless of your line of business, PaymentCloud tries to make it possible for your company to have a safe and efficient credit card processor.

Next Day Funding

PaymentCloud does not make businesses wait to access their hard-earned capital; instead, the company offers next day funding for all card types. Next day funding is especially beneficial for businesses that process the bulk of transactions in the evening; businesses located on the West Coast; merchants who process heavy volume during the weekend; and businesses that have daily or weekly expenses such as payroll, restocking inventory, and shipping costs.

Innovative Technology

As an industry leader in product innovation and cutting-edge technology, PaymentCloud provides merchants with payment processors that are customized to their business types. The company's terminal selections include the latest EMV Smartchip technology, wireless options, countertop devices, and PIN pad options. PaymentCloud also offers mobile processing hardware and applications, tablet POS systems, and secure online payment gateways.

Dedicated Account Representatives

Each of PaymentCloud's account representatives is rigorously trained in merchant services, product specifications, pricing structure, and payment support. When a customer signs up with PaymentCloud, they will be assigned an expert account representative, who will assist with filling out the application, walk through how to set up the equipment and electronic processing software, go over pricing structure and Visa/MasterCard rates and fees, provide notification when industry and/or security updates arise, and deliver personalized customer service. Its dedicated account representatives have led to mostly positive merchant services reviews. 

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The Bad

  • Time in Business

Time in Business

PaymentCloud has only been in business since 2013, making the company a relative newcomer to the industry with less experience than many of its competitors.


The Bottom Line

PaymentCloud has been in the merchant account business since 2013 and strives to give high risk companies a chance at getting approved. The company offers very competitve pricing, next day funding, innovative technology, and personalized customer service. We recommend customers consider the benefits of PaymentCloud's credit card processing against other merchant account providers in the industry, using merchant services reviews as a main source of research. 

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Leonardo Kammel Austin, TX

Have been with Paymentcloud for a couple of months now and I am beyond happy with them! Special shout out to my agent Brandon C., that really knows what he is doing. He was very helpful from the beginning and is continuing to do so as we are going on. Very happy and definitely the right choice. Will continue to be their customer even with non-high-risk business in the future.

3 months ago

PaymentCloud Logo

Reply from PaymentCloud

Hi Leonardo, thank you so much for your review! I'm so happy to hear you're beyond satisfied with your service. Brandon's awesome, he really knows what he's doing and I'm glad he's been so helpful to you and your business. PaymentCloud truly appreciates your business and looks forward to continuing our relationship in the future. Please feel free to reach out to Brandon if you need anything! -Caroline

Apr. 7th, 2021

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Jacob Jones ,

Fantastic customer support and excellent for high risk industries. People do not understand that Paymentcloud does not actually handle your payments, the underlying companies such as Firstdata and others do. Many of the reviews and complaints against this company are incorrect. I have a fantastic rep, Chelsea who I would 10/10 use again!

6 months ago

PaymentCloud Logo

Reply from PaymentCloud

Hi Jacob, thank you so much for taking the time to review PaymentCloud. I'm so happy to hear you're satisfied with your service and with Chelsea's help, she's truly one of the best! Your recommendation means a lot to us. Please feel free to reach out with anything you may need! -Caroline

Apr. 7th, 2021

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Transporter LLC Yonkers, NY

I had trouble finding a merchant processor that would support a high -risk business of transportation services. I have been a customer of Payment Cloud since July 2019, and so far I am pleased with the merchant services I have received. My transactions are deposited next day into my account which is great. I have been waiting for funding activity SMS notifications to be set up several weeks and it still has not been done. I am also waiting for over a week to receive email notifications for chargeback notices and so far nothing. I would have given them 5 stars if it wasn't for these two issues.

1 year ago

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David Revell Worthing, WSX

Put my business back months. Terrible. This is my first ever online review. I had to post this to let other people know to AVOID this company. They wasted 4 months of my time with promises they couldn't deliver. I'm based in the UK, with a US LLC and I sell supplements, all of which are considered high risk which I understand and I've had issues with merchant processers before because of it, but usually they give me a no straight out of the gate as to avoid wasting everyone's time. Ohhhh no no no, not PaymentCloud, they waited 4 months to tell me. The intial application was successful and took 6 weeks to get onboarded, during this time I had to continuely chase up as their customer service is nothing short of woeful but I know these things take time so i was patient. At week 6, I was given the green light by the acquirer bank, all that needed to be done was implement the merchant API into my websites. I use Shopify(Yes, the $1bn T/O eCoommerce Platform) and Clickfunnels(The Largest Funnel Platform Globally.) I had told PC multiple times that I use these platforms and even their Chief Of Technology told me that 'We integrate with Clickfunnels' Well... After 10 weeks of terrible communication, and me asking for updates on a weekly basis I was told that they DO NOT integrate with 2 of the largest platforms out there. The reason I was given was that I was the first person from an international perspective they had helped and that their third party API had let them down. This has put my business back months. If you are reading this and thinking about signing up, don't. Even if you are in the US, their customer service and communication is some of the worst I've seen. If you trust these people with your customer's money, on your head be it.

6 months ago

PaymentCloud Logo

Reply from PaymentCloud

We appreciate you taking the time to leave this detailed review and for the opportunity for us to take this feedback as an opportunity to improve. We would like to address and possibly clarify a few points and hope that, although we were not able to help you with credit card processing, we can come to an understanding. First and foremost, PaymentCloud specializes in US-based domestic credit card processing. Our business rarely ventures into international markets because we do not have the relationships built and proven solutions that we have in the US market. Because of the relationship with our referring partner, our relationship manager went above and beyond to source a solution for UK-based CBD businesses that we were assured checked all the boxes that you required. We did in fact get you a live merchant account and were told that your development team would be able to use the information provided upon approval to make the appropriate eCommerce platform connections. At that point I think we ran into a couple of issues; first, that connection required custom work, and second that work was outside of your scope and you did not have additional developer support to help. At that point, we brought in both our lead developer and our CTO to help troubleshoot the issue. We absorbed all of the costs to make every attempt at building the connections you needed. Unfortunately, we received very little - almost zero - feedback and support from the processor who owned the API connection and could not find a way on our own. We apologize for the time this took, but please know that we left no stone unturned and pursued every avenue to try and make this work, at no cost to you. Please know that we are doing everything we can to remedy the situation, and as a result of your experience have decided not to move forward with the solution you were placed with. We strive to maintain a very high standard as experts in the eCommerce space inside the US with almost limitless integration capacity and unmatched customer support - that includes hundreds of Shopify merchants every month. We apologize on behalf of the processing solution that so much time and effort was spent on something that did not come to fruition. We take full responsibility for going out on a limb, but if you have one takeaway please know that we were truly committed to helping you at any cost. If there is anything further we can do to help please don't hesitate to reach out directly.

Jan. 21st, 2021

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Saeed Irvine, CA

We had issues getting an online processor for our vaping company, until we met Faviola who got us set up in a week. She always responded to us within a day and even walked us through changing our domain name. Truly helpful and I'd highly recommend working with her!

1 year ago

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Lema Valencia, CA

Absolutely the worst people u can ever deal with they take ur info after that u just have to keep hunting them down they will never replay back do not use them if u do not have too

4 months ago

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sabnash McLean, VA

terrible customer service. painfully slow responses. makes promises and doesn't deliver. avoid.

1 month ago

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Samer Siam Montreal, QC

Dont deal with this company! they are a fraud, once they find you a merchant bank they will take their commission and run! i dealt with a Faith from their sales team, she didnt even provide me for a portal and when i asked for one she said i should call the merchant bank and then she provided me one with for U.S customers and then when i reached to the banks support team, it turned out they had a canadian portal. later on i found the merchant i was hooked up with was one of the worst and im still having trouble withdrawing funds, and payment cloud disappeared.

1 year ago

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GeorgeandGillian Johnson City, TN

Payment cloud is a scam and they don’t tell you how much they’re really going to charge you. Do yourself a favor and relist how you word your items before signing up with these scammers

9 months ago

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Roland Stoute Jamaica, NY

After paying for a few months, I wasn’t using their services and asked to cancel.After a little run around,they confirmed closing of my account.Then I discovered 5 months later,they were still charging me fees,penalties etc.Although they confirmed this fact, they refuse to refund my money.

2 years ago

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Al Miami, FL

Avoid at all cost . They get you a merchant witch in my case evo took our money and told us we are not holding any money after 30 day review . Avoid at all cost . They will take you for a ride

1 year ago

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Ryan Martin Plano, TX

Identity thieves. They'll tell you they approve, and once you submit all you information, you'll never hear from them again. Weeks later, you're an identify theft victim.

1 year ago

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