Holiday Safety: Leveraging Medical Alert Systems

Rebecca Graham

Last Updated: December 4th, 2023

Holiday safety: leveraging medical alert systems

The winter holidays can be a time of joy, reunions, and cherished memories with loved ones. For seniors, it's an opportunity to embrace life, stay active, and relish the warmth of family gatherings. 

However, the holiday season can also pose unique challenges, especially for seniors and those with medical conditions. The risk of isolation, loneliness, and unforeseen emergencies is higher during this time. 

Fortunately, medical alert systems, such as Medical Guardian’s new MGMini Lite, can be indispensable companions for those who wish to maintain their safety, independence, and peace of mind during their holiday adventures. 

We’ll walk you through some things to consider as you prepare for the holidays and explain the role medical alert systems can play in a healthy holiday season, whether at home (at-home devices) or on the move (mobile units).

Infographic with holiday safety tips for seniors

Being with loved ones helps avoid isolation and loneliness

Seniors often face the risk of isolation and loneliness, holiday season or not. 

The National Institute on Aging has found that social isolation and loneliness are associated with a higher risk for poor aging outcomes in older adults. 

A study on loneliness found higher risks for a variety of physical and mental conditions, including high blood pressure, a weakened immune system, anxiety, cognitive decline, and even death. 

But one of the most beautiful aspects of the holiday season is the opportunity to be with loved ones. Traveling to visit family and friends or having them visit you can be a heartwarming experience that dispels feelings of loneliness. 

How medical alerts can help: Medical alert systems not only provide safety but also contribute to emotional well-being. The presence of such a device allows seniors to spend quality time with their loved ones without the fear of emergencies ruining the moment. It offers peace of mind to both seniors and their loved ones, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the holidays without undue worry.

Holiday travel keeps you active and engaged

A study published in the Journal of Aging Research found that staying active in later life is associated with better physical and mental health. For seniors, staying active and engaged is crucial for maintaining well-being, and traveling during the holiday season offers a perfect opportunity to achieve this. 

Exploring new destinations, participating in holiday festivities, and engaging in outdoor activities can also rekindle a zest for life. 

However, these activities also bring the potential for accidents, falls, or unexpected health issues. This is where medical alert systems come into play.

How medical alerts can help: Medical alert systems ensure that seniors travel with confidence. With the press of a button, help can be on its way and with this type of protection, seniors have the confidence to maintain an active and fulfilling lifestyle. The MGMini Lite, with its discreet and lightweight design, seamlessly integrates into daily exercise routines or seasonal travel, ready to offer assistance whenever needed.

Safeguards are crucial in winter weather and travel 

Unsafe weather conditions, long journeys, unfamiliar environments, and changing routines can increase the risk of accidents or health complications. 

Medical alert systems are designed to address these concerns.

Customer review 

Barbara was grateful for her Medical Guardian device when she fell during the height of winter weather: 

I had to use it about two days after Christmas, on the 27th of December. I fell backward when I was going into my house. I just lost my balance and went down. It was really cold out, 5 degrees below zero, and I didn’t know what I was going to do. Thank god I had my medical alert with me, so I grabbed it and pushed the button. I also happened to have my cell phone in my pocket so I used it to call my daughter. She called the fire department too and they told her that they were on their way already.

Top features, explained

Specifically, the MGMini Lite model embodies the concept of active aging. Its sleek design makes it a stylish yet functional accessory that seniors can carry with them wherever they go. It offers several features that make it the perfect travel companion for seniors:

Battery Life — With up to three days of battery life, the MGMini Lite ensures continuous protection during your travels, and it only requires a 3-hour recharge period.
GPS Coverage — The device provides nationwide GPS location and unlimited 4G LTE coverage, ensuring that you're never out of reach.
Lightweight Design — Weighing just 0.7 oz without the strap, the MGMini Lite is comfortable to wear throughout the day.
Fall Detection — The device comes equipped with a superior 6-axis fall detection technology, offering high accuracy with minimum false alarms. An impressive 9 out of 10 users opt for this feature.
Online Portal and App — The online portal and app make it easy for seniors and their loved ones to access and update safety information in one central hub. You can manage your Care Circle, chat with members, set reminders, and update essential information.

As a trusted provider of medical alert systems, Medical Guardian understands that aging should not equate to limitations; innovative solutions like the MGMini Lite can allow seniors the freedom to enjoy opportunities while minimizing fears. 

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