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LAST UPDATED: October 8th, 2021

ClearCorrect has been aligning teeth and straightening smiles of its customers since 2006 all while detouring from the traditional braces method. The company works with over 20,000 doctors and delivers millions of clear aligners to their patients, making it the lead provider of clear aligner products used to correct malocclusion in customers.

ClearCorrect is headquartered in Round Rock, Texas and works through local dentists or orthodontists to provide consumers with aligners unique to their needs. 

If you're looking into straightening your teeth, read our in-depth ClearCorrect reviews to find out if this company is right for you.

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The Good

  • Flexible Pricing Options
  • Works With Your Dentist 
  • Experienced and Professional

Flexible Pricing Options

ClearCorrect offers customers two payment plans: Flex payment or Unlimited payment. 

Customers looking for the most affordable upfront cost should select ClearCorrect’s Flex Plan. Flex lets customers pay per aligner. Instead of having to order a kit and pay for a predetermined amount of aligners, patients can order the exact amount they need. Because patients are paying for each aligner, this payment plan is best suited for those who need minimal dental work. Consider the Flex plan if you need:

  • Minor anterior movements
  • Minor crowding or spacing
  • Minor movements in a single arch
  • Treatment for relapses from previous orthodontic treatment
  • Combination treatment (transitioning between traditional orthodontics and clear aligners)

Flex pricing means you’ll pay for each treatment setup you approve and each requested aligner/retainer. It also means you’ll need to approve a new setup each time you start or revise a treatment. 

All orthodontic appliances are priced individually (not per step). 

The Unlimited Plan has customers pay one upfront cost and everything aligner related (including revisions and replacements) is covered for five years. While the upfront cost can deter many customers, the five-year coverage can end up helping some customers save on the overall cost.

ClearCorrect’s Unlimited plan takes into account that sometimes your teeth won’t move as expected and you can request a revision. With a revision, a new treatment setup will be created (starting from your teeth’s current position) and requires no additional costs. 

Customers who need moderate to severe dental work might want to consider the Unlimited plan. The initial cost covers retainers, replacements, and any revisions needed for a full five years. If something doesn’t go according to plan, you don’t have to worry about paying for new appliances and a new treatment plan.

Consider the Unlimited plan if you have:

  • Moderate to severe crowding or spacing
  • Midline misalignment
  • Overjet and overbite
  • Open bites
  • Class II and Class III bite relationships
  • Non-compliant patients
  • Patients with potential interruptions (military service, pregnancy, weddings, and frequent travelers)
  • Patients desiring retention with clear aligners after treatment 

Both options typically include all shipping costs (both ways).

Works With Your Dentist

The idea of at-home dentistry can seem daunting to some customers and they would prefer to work with their dentist to walk them through the entire ClearCorrect treatment plan. 

ClearCorrect makes its aligners based on your dentist’s prescription, so there is no guesswork when it comes to creating an impression and you don’t have to worry about mailing the mold back to the company. It’s all taken care of by your dentist. 

If you’re interested in getting invisible aligners, talk to your dentist and find out if they’re a ClearCorrect provider (if not, you can find a list of registered ClearCorrect clear aligners providers on the website). 

Your dentist will take photos of your teeth and get your dental records and determine whether or not you’re a good candidate for invisible aligners. If you are accepted, your dentist will create a treatment plan and ClearCorrect will make you a set of plastic, clear aligners. You will then wear your aligners for at least 22 hours a day for 7 days a week. The aligners are removable but you’ll only take them out when you’re eating or brushing your teeth. You'll also want to maintain good oral hygiene throughout the entire process — this will help prevent damaging plaque and bacteria. So be sure to brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day. 

Throughout the entire treatment, you’ll continually check in with your dentist to ensure everything is going according to plan and you’re on your way to a straighter smile.

Experienced and Professional

As one of the oldest invisible braces brands in the industry, ClearCorrect has been able to adjust and hone its product to be more comfortable for its customers. ClearCorrect was founded back in 2006 by doctors and orthodontic professionals.

In addition, because ClearCorrect offers no at-home treatment plan, customers are ensured that they will always receive proper dental and orthodontic expertise as they go into each physical appointment. With continual dental and orthodontic assistance along the way, patients will have a better handle on their oral hygiene and aligner up-keep habits and weather or not adjustments need to be made to their aligners — adjustments in how long to wear them, how to properly clean them, or if they are wearing them at the appropriate times.


The Bad

  • Vague Website
  • High Cost
  • Lack of In-Home Treatment

Vague Website

ClearCorrect’s website is essentially a two-sided homepage for patients and for doctors. Since ClearCorrect provides its invisible aligners to customers through local dentists and orthodontists, the company leaves most of the informative work to the doctors.

There are frequently asked questions that ClearCorrect does address, such as cost and dental insurance information. However, ClearCorrect does not disclose the average treatment time for ClearCorrect aligners and other relevant information that would be useful to potential customers.

High Cost

How much will ClearCorrect cost for you? Like Invisalign aligners, ClearCorrect works through local dentists and orthodontists to provide invisible braces to its customers. This roundabout way to provide aligners leads to prices similar to those of traditional metal braces.

ClearCorrect reports that its prices can range anywhere between $2,000 to $8,000, or an average of $5,000.

Lack of In-Home Treatment

Just as some customers prefer to work with their dentist to get their perfect smile, others find having to continually visit the dentist’s office inconvenient. ClearCorrect can only provide invisible aligners to its customers who set up an appointment through local dentists and orthodontists. ClearCorrect does not send customers an in-home impression kit to receive treatment remotely.

This lack of an in-home treatment option is frustrating to customers because it leads to higher prices, longer treatment times, and inconvenient visits to the dentist. This lack of in-home treatment is peculiar in the invisible braces industry, where many other companies offer the in-home treatment option.


The Bottom Line

Clear braces are a popular choice among adults and offer many benefits to traditional metal braces. ClearCorrect has flexible payment options and its five-year coverage with the Unlimited plan is great for those with moderate and severe cases. Another positive for the company is its Flex plan that allows customers to only pay for the aligners, trays, and treatments they need. 

Although ClearCorrect might cost slightly less than traditional metal braces — and they are known to be much more comfortable — the majority of customers will pay around $5,000 for ClearCorrect. While other invisible braces companies will cost around $2,000 overall, that’s where ClearCorrect’s pricing starts.

When compared to other companies in the industry it's clear that ClearCorrect isn't the cheapest option to fix misaligned teeth and straighten your smile.

Additionally, ClearCorrect provides clear aligners and invisible braces to customers through their local dentists, which can take longer and cost more over time. For these reasons, we recommend that customers choose an invisible aligners brand that offers the option for in-home treatment — it is much cheaper and more convenient to use an in-home brand.

If you want to compare top brands like ClearCorrect vs. Invisalign and other popular invisible braces companies, click on the link below to see which company is right for you.

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John Wilcox Stanford, CA

The aligners and retainers worked fine, but ClearCorrect closed my case after a year. Then when I lost my retainers, I was told it'd cost thousands of more dollars to repeat the whole process with aligners just to get some retainers. Don't go with ClearCorrect. They're just a money grubbing corporation trying to bleed your pockets dry. They don't really care about their customers or their interests more than they care about maximizing their own profits at your experience.

2 weeks ago

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sam Monroe, NC

I love my aligners. They are thin and comfortable. After the 1st week I would find myself forgetting to put them back in immediately after eating because they became so familiar. My first set did have a small section that was a little sharp, but I called my dentist and went in the next day and they sanded the sharp edge and it no longer was a problem. My treatment only cost $3,000 for the 6 months changing a tray every 2 weeks. My teeth look better everyday. I can't wait to see the final outcome.

1 year ago

star star star star star

Kari Chord Chandler, AZ

My dentist was able to PRINT these right in his office. They fit perfectly! Slight discomfort for about the first 24 hours as expected with each new set. They are invisible. Easy to snap into place, easy to remove, easy to keep clean. My dentist will replace any set if I were to lose or damage at no additional charge. No sharp edges, nice and smooth so my mouth and gums are fine. My dentist charged about $4200 (I would have to look at my bill to get the exact amount) and it is ABSOLUTELY worth it.

2 years ago

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Cyral Austin, TX

I am on tray 9 of 12, and I have been astonished to see the changes in my teeth alignment. It has been an uncomplicated process for me, with the expected tightness at the start of each tray and then in a couple of days the tray goes on and off with much less fuss. The one time I had trouble with the edges cutting the inside of my mouth, it turned out that the dentist needed to adjust the bumps on my teeth so the tray fit correctly. This brand is much less costly than other options I explored.

2 years ago

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Marysue Gellis Scottsdale, AZ

What was suppose to take 9 mos took 3 years. The first group of trays were extremely uncomfortable. No amount of filing would help. Had to resort to using dental wax so that I could wear them. Could only talk if I took one of them out. Subsequent revision trays were better, but still not perfect. 36 total trays. I am pleased with the outcome. But what a hassle..

1 year ago

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GCV San Marcos, CA

I am on set #6 of 17. So far it's a mixed bag. These aligners don't appear to be printed like Invisalign -- and there is a lot of excess material (about 5mm worth) beyond the gum line that irritates my gums and makes it hard to get these aligners on an off. My dentist trims them each time I get a new set. Otherwise, I just could never get them on or off. Also, and this really irks me, I only got 4 sets of upper aligners and 17 sets of lowers. That's because my upper teeth are fairly straight -- it's the bottom ones that need aligning. The problem is that I'm expect to wear upper aligner #4 onwards until #17 is complete. So, instead of lasting 2 weeks, this aligner has got to last for 26 weeks. Of course, that's not possible -- and my upper liner has already broken after wearing it for six weeks. Getting it replaced is going to take two unscheduled dental visits -- which means taking three hours off from work for travel and visit time. I'm paying $3,800 for these. For that sort of money, you would think that ClearCorrect could simply stamp out a new identical retaining aligner for each of the remaining sets. It might not be changing, but it is wearing out. This is just saving pennies at the expense of customer satisfaction.

1 year ago

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Denise Jackson Heights, NY

I just got my first set out of 10 which I will need to wear for 3 weeks. There are so many very sharp edges. My tongue and cheeks and gums now have cuts and sores. My dentist did not warn me of this possibility and I'm at a loss as to what to do. These are expensive and should have a smoother finished edge for comfort. These seem quickly and cheaply made. I would never have started this treatment if I had known how difficult it would be to even swallow or talk or eat without pain. I expected aching from the moving teeth, but not having my tongue and inside of my mouth scraped raw. I should not have taken my dentist's recommendation. I should have chosen a more reputable company.

2 years ago

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Elizabeth H Smith Vancouver, WA

I am doing a series of 16 trays, wearing each tray for two weeks, and am currently on tray #5. Each set has extremely sharp edges that slice my tongue on the sides and the inner walls of my cheeks. I have to work on each tray (upper and lower) with an emery board for about an hour per tray to get them to where I can wear them without pain and/or bleeding. It seems as if the last step is omitted in the manufacturing process and they are delivering an unfinished product. For the amount of money these cost, they should be ready to wear straight from the manufacturer. When I contacted them, here is their reply: "We would love to help in any way we can but our role is to manufacture aligners based on your doctor’s specifications, much like a pharmacy fulfills prescriptions. We are unable to discuss order details, delivery schedules or other information on your doctor’s account. We highly recommend that you reach out to your doctor's office, and we are confident they will be happy to answer your questions or concerns." The issue with these has NOTHING to do with my doctor and EVERYTHING to do with their manufacturing process. They will not accept or admit responsibility for their poor product design, and because of this, I would never recommend them and would DEFINITELY go with another brand.

2 years ago

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nicole C Ma Islip, NY

I first contacted my dentist for a consultation for Invisalign. After getting examined, xrays, and impressions made, and paying $250.00, Clear Correct was ordered without my knowledge or consent. When the trays first came in, I was given nothing but the 1st tray, and a cheesy looking green case. No box, no paperwork, nothing that stated "Invisalign". I wore them for 2 days, and was in excruciating pain. Not due to the teeth, but the hard, rough material that tore up the inside of my cheeks and tongue, leaving sores. The dentist attempted to adjust and file down the tray to smooth them out. Again, very uncomfortable. When speaking with a friend who had Invisalign, I was shown a photo of her trays, and they looked finished, smoothed out and conforms to the shape of the teeth. The Clear Correct looked like no one took the time to smooth out the plastic. Told dentist to return them and get me what I went in there for....Invisalign. When I got the Invisalign, they were so comfortable, I almost didn't know I had them in. You also couldn't hear any speech impediment. I would never recommend Clear Correct.

1 year ago


Review Source

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Kallie Chappell Salt Lake City, UT

Clear Correct is a little more expensive than Smile Direct club but it is totally worth it. They take the time to make sure your smile will turn out right, and have you meet with actual doctors.

1 year ago

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Kristina Lopez Springfield, MA

Worst experience ever with this brand. They are a lot thicker and come with excessive plastic compared to Invisalign’s. They do shape around your teeth. It’s causes me a lot of pain and sores due to the plastic rubbing against my cheeks and gums. I was told a time frame of 12-14 months. It’s now been two years and my teeth still are not straight! And I’m in constant pain with no true results. For paying 4800 it definitely isNOT worth it !

1 year ago


Review Source

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Abby Wallin Denver, CO

I really feel iffy about clear correct, although it might be my experience. I felt that the doctor was unclear about my trays, my bumps fell off my teeth multiple times, and overall my teeth are not exactly where I want them to be.

1 year ago

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