What It Was Like Straightening My Teeth at Home with byte

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Guest Post by Aaren Simonchini

A lot of people have been talking about straightening your teeth from home. You’ve probably seen the ads on Facebook or Instagram, and if you’re anything like me, you wondered, “Does it work? Which company can I trust with my smile?” So I decided to put a company to the test — byte to be exact.

Not only do I love my smile now, but it was easy. It was affordable. And it was fast.

I spent the first 33 years of my life hating my smile without really being able to do anything about it. When I was younger, people would actually pick on me for it. It made me extremely self-conscious about my teeth to the point that I would never smile in photos.

As a kid, I begged my parents to let me get braces, but it just wasn’t in the cards for us. When I became an adult, I couldn’t come to terms with having metal on my teeth, and the prices were outrageous with braces typically costing $3,000–$7,000.  

This is when I came across invisible braces. After doing my research, I decided this might be a better option for me, as invisible braces are cheaper and have a quicker process than regular metal braces. The next step was finding an invisible braces company that I trusted. After a great deal of research, I found that byte had the best products, customer service far surpassed the other brands, and they’d get me done in half the time. So I decided to try them out.

Getting clear braces made and delivered straight to my doorstep sounded so easy, but I was pretty skeptical, especially if the braces weren't effective. However, byte's lifetime guarantee gave me the reassurance that I needed, so I decided to pull the trigger and start my invisible braces journey. 

It was so much easier than I expected.

Once I received my invisible braces kit from byte, all I had to do was take an impression of my teeth at home and send them back in the prepaid package byte sent me. Then byte matched me with an orthodontist to oversee my treatment (just like going in person). My orthodontist reviewed my impressions, photos, and dental history to make sure byte was a good option for me. After my review, my orthodondist created my treatment plan and aligners (a dental term for the clear mouth trays) specifically for my teeth. byte — unlike the other at-home teeth straightening options out there — has what they call Smile Science where they actually review your entire face when designing your new smile, so it’s truly customized to what will fit your face best. 

Wearing the aligners all of the time made me nervous, because I wasn't sure how I was going to cope with having to take them off when eating and drinking. I’m a brewery owner, so tasting beer is just a part of the job, and I wasn’t sure how much of a problem that was going to be. However, it turns out this wouldn't get in the way at all since you can easily pop them in and out, and byte comes with a convenient case to hold your teeth aligners when you aren't using them. 

In only three months, I was done. 

The entire invisible braces process went a lot quicker than I expected. I chose invisible braces because I didn't want to have to deal with metal braces, but I also didn't want to be wearing plastic aligners forever. I was anxious about how the aligners would look and if people would notice me wearing them, so I wanted to get straighter teeth as quickly as possible. 

I didn’t even need to worry at all, though, because to date, I’ve only had one person notice the aligners while I was wearing them. And with byte, they gave me their exclusive vibration device called HyperByte, which shortened my treatment to three months instead of the six months it would have been with other aligner companies. So for me, it worked out perfectly. 

The HyperByte is a small device you place in your mouth that vibrates to lessen teeth and gum pain and to help move your aligners into place to straighten your teeth more quickly. The device also makes it more comfortable when you are transitioning to a new pair of aligners. The HyperByte was a game-changer, and the great thing was that it is included in your byte treatment for free.

I didn’t know fixing my teeth could be this affordable.

The other perk byte had that other invisible braces companies didn't is affordability. Traditional metal braces and even Invisalign cost upwards of $3,000. With byte, I was able to complete the entire process for $1,895 — and byte also has a payment plan option for people who can’t put all that money down upfront.

Now, my new smile is everything.

I can’t stop smiling, and the confidence that has come with my new smile has felt life-changing. Thanks to my brewery, I’m constantly in the media and the public eye. I used to be so self-conscious about my teeth, but with byte’s help, I feel ready and capable of speaking in public and during important interviews.

byte really made sure my journey was a safe one. It felt great having my orthodontist check in regularly to see how I was doing, and they’d even have me send photos of my teeth to do progress checks. It made me trust them even more.

I would 100 percent recommend byte to anyone who is considering invisible braces. The treatment was so easy, and there was minimal impact on my day-to-day routine, and it drastically improved my smile.

byte Impression Kit Sale

byte's impression kits are currently on sale for $29.95 (originally priced at $95). If you're not elgible for byte's services, the company will refund you 100% of your money.

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