The Best Invisible Braces Company of 2021: byte

In a random sample of more than 2,900 byte reviews on, trends in reviewer comments show why byte is the best invisible braces company of 2021. Many customers highlighted things they love about the company, including byte’s customer service, smooth process, great results, and the value people got for the price they paid. With such great customer reviews, byte aligners are at the top of the industry.

infographic summarizing byte consumer review data

Customer service

Great customer service is by far the most-talked about feature of byte’s aligner service with 74 percent of reviews mentioning it. These reviews not only mentioned great customer service throughout the regular treatment, but also when working through problems with the company. Some key components of byte’s customer service are quick responses to emails sent to the customer service team, the ability to talk to a representative fairly easily over the phone, and the overall format of byte’s customer care. 

Smooth process

Having a smooth treatment process makes all the difference when it comes to invisible braces. Forty percent of byte customer reviews mentioned that they appreciated how easy and efficient it was to start, continue, and complete their aligner treatment. Many customers mentioned that the byte impression kit process was very well explained and easy to do, the treatment plan was laid out clearly, and that they didn’t have any hassle getting what they needed from the company. Byte strives to make the customer experience a top priority.

Great results

The end result of invisible braces is always important and 28 percent of byte customer reviews mentioned that they enjoyed great results at the end of their treatment. Several reviewers mentioned that they started receiving compliments on their smile as early as a couple weeks into the process and they felt more confident in their smile and in themselves as a result of the invisible braces. It might seem strange that more customers didn’t mention their results, but many reviewers were impressed with the company after a few weeks and left a review before the clear aligner treatment was finished.

Price value

Customers are always looking for products with a value that’s worth the money and 19 percent of reviews mentioned the great price value with byte. Some reviewers had tried other top aligner companies and ended up with byte because they felt like the value was better. Many reviewers mentioned that HyperByte, a high frequency vibration device that customers can use for a few minutes each day to reduce discomfort and speed up treatment, makes the treatment package a great value. 

Byte invisible braces

Byte’s treatment plans come highly recommended by customers for all the reasons listed above and more. During the difficult year of 2020, byte came through as an industry leader, offering a simple way for people to improve their smile from the comfort of their own home. 

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