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Identity protection services starting at $12.95 per month

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Founded in 2013 in Avenel, New Jersey, Privacy Patrol is an identity protection company. On its website, Privacy Patrol states that its #1 priority is to protect the privacy of its customers.

The Good

  • Affordable Monthly Plans
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Monitoring Services

Affordable Monthly Plans

Privacy Patrol offers three identity protection plans to consumers: one for individuals, one for couples, and one for families. Monthly rates range from $12.95 to $24.95.

Money Back Guarantee

Privacy Patrol provides a 30-day free trial on all plans, as well as a 30-day money back guarantee. If a member is not satisfied for any reason, they can contact the company within 30 days of purchase to receive a full refund.

Monitoring Services

Privacy Patrol offers a number of monitoring services, including credit monitoring from all three major bureaus (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion), internet monitoring, and social security number monitoring. In the event that suspicious activity is detected, the company will issue a fraud alert to the customer.

The Bad

  • Lack of Recovery Services
  • Limited Insurance

Lack of Recovery Services

When it comes to identity recovery, Privacy Patrol is not of much assistance. The company does not offer help with financial, medical, criminal, or tax identity restoration.

Limited Insurance

Privacy Patrol offers up to $25,000 in identity theft insurance, which is better than nothing, but pales in comparison to the $1 million insurance coverage offered by many other companies in the industry.

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The Bottom Line

Privacy Patrol offers affordable monthly plans, a money back guarantee, and comprehensive monitoring services. However, the company's recovery services are lacking and its insurance coverage is limited.

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June 21st, 2018 Hiram, GA

I received that Urgent Notice card so I called the number to claim my $100 reward. They were rude, unclear, hanged up on me,,, etc,,, Everything that has been said in all the 1 star reviews is %1000 accurate. I read the card again afterwards & here is what I found out: did you notice how they manipulated the words! Quoted, "We are holding $100 in savings for you AS A MEMBER BENEFIT". They will sign you up even if you don't want to : )

Barbara J Phinisee
May 29th, 2018 Douglasville, GA

I received a postcard telling me that they have a $100 reward in my name. Postcard has no indication where it is coming from. I called the number and didn't understand what she said so I said "I'm trying to find out what company this is." Her reply was, "I said Privacy Priority." I asked "well what kind of a company is this?" Her reply was, "I tell you what, go online and look it up and call us back" and she hung up!! Very Rude!

April 18th, 2018 Griffin, GA DETAILS
Value for your money
Quality of product or service
Customer service
Company trustworthiness

I am contacting the Federal Trade Commission as they scam a 90 year old person for 23.50 per month and all efforts to cancel this ridiculous service have been futile. They have been contacted over and over and will not refund money or cancel

March 26th, 2018 Mount Morris, NY DETAILS
Value for your money
Quality of product or service
Customer service
Company trustworthiness

Privacy Patrol has been charging my 86 year old, deaf mother 20 bucks a month since October. A phone call to them shows me they are scammers who prey on the elderly and refuse to refund her money even though they've been shown that she couldn't have possibly ordered their services. I'm at the beginning of a legal process to recover her money. BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY!

Kari Natal
January 17th, 2018 Warminster, PA

If I could rate it with no stars I would....Ok so I called the number on the post card. Lady was very limited and didn't want to answer any of the questions I had. Explained what I would get with a small fee of $1.90. I asked what company is this, what do you offer, and the post card says I get a $100 to shop online and she didn't know what stores I would be able to shop at that she didn't have that info. Then I continued to ask questions and she goes is this something your gonna be interested in doing cos I have another call coming in!!! Wth!!!?! That was rude and ignorant I said. She said no it wasn't you called me and laughed. I said I work in customer service and I don't talk to my customers that way. Then I hung up on her. Shouldn't have to pay for something you "won". Company is bogus just a scam to get you debit card info . DONT DO IT!!

October 24th, 2017 Atlanta, GA

I would like everybody that got scam by this company to come together to fight against it and open a lawsuit against them I've also got scammed by them create an account I know nothing of total scam Reported to Consumer Affair all of you that got scam reported to Consumer Affair

Jon Ellwood
October 5th, 2016

I was roped into this service by another company who gave them my billing info. Today I got their free trial packet and promptly called them to cancel my service. The woman I spoke to wouldn't let me speak and kept trying to up sale more service. I finally told her to stop the spiel and cancel my account. She hung up on me. I tried to call back a second time and the line was answered with silence before hanging up. The third call got connected to a guy who tried the same tactics as the woman until I threatened to cancel my bank card and refute any charges on my current card. Finally they agreed to remove me from their services.

Dominic Purro
August 9th, 2016 Honolulu, HI

Contacted them 2 weeks ago because of fraudulent activity on my credit report. They froze my credit, contacted the credit bureaus for me.. the young lady who I worked with was very responsive and called me at least 5 times with updates. Very pleased and relieved.

Sean Costellano
July 5th, 2016 Rutland, VT

Called to cancel because we are cutting some expenses. The rep was very helpful and polite.

Sara Fontana
June 28th, 2016 Louisville, MS

Got my welcome packet in the mail just 4 days after placing my order. Great peace of mind for a good price. Thanks!

Ashley Rodriguez
June 23rd, 2016 Baltimore, MD

Was contacted by Janine in their NJ office because my credit card declined. It happened because I lost my debit card and my bank cancelled it. Janine was very polite and updated my payment info, then thanked me for being a customer. Great service for the last 9 months that I've been a member.

Dan Clayton
June 13th, 2016 Sioux Falls, SD

I have been a member for 7 months. They called me 2 weeks ago to let me know that my information had been detected on a black market website. Sure enough, i got a letter from my bank 2 days later that there was a breach of some client's information. Privacy Patrol froze my credit before anything bad could happen. Thank goodness..

Jessica Fox
June 9th, 2016

Very impressed with the service I received from Privacy Patrol. My husband's identity was stolen, but because we had the Family plan, he was covered also. We called the hotline that was sent to us when we signed up at 11 PM. To my surprise, a representative answered. On that same call, they helped us to issue an instant credit freeze for my husband, file a police report, obtain our current credit report and stop all of our debit cards. Ashley (the representative we spoke to) said that she would personally handle our entire case, and once the police report was ready, she would begin removing all of the fraudulent credit lines from our credit report. She assured us that our situation was very minor, and that everything would be just fine. I wouldn't have know where to start without their service. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Allan Burns
June 6th, 2016 Honolulu, HI

I signed up for this service about 4 months ago and called in for the first time yesterday. I lost my wallet while I was out of town, and their Lost Wallet Service really saved the day. They had all of my credit cards listed and the representative called each credit card company with me on the line, and had all of my cards cancelled and new ones resent. Very pleased with their service.

Matt Astor
June 1st, 2016 Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

Very happy with their customer service. I had to call twice and both times, the representatives were quite helpful.

Sean Higgins
May 19th, 2016 Fort Lauderdale, FL

My Identity was stolen 90 days ago and I found out when I applied for a credit card. I called the 800 number that Privacy Patrol sent me and I spoke to a representative named Melanie. Melanie became my hero - she helped me file a police report, freeze my credit, and submitted evidence of my situation to the credit bureaus. I would have been completely lost without her, and she even calls me every week to give me updates. I can say the damage behind me and I am so lucky I had this coverage.

Matthew Kelley
February 5th, 2016 Goodman, MS

They called asking if I wanted to subscribe in their products, after getting my bank information they asked if it was ok to enroll and I never said yes and i actually hung up the phone. They went ahead and enrolled me and I got a letter in the mail saying i only have like 3 out of the 30 days to cancel so i call the next day to cancel and i get someone on the phone and they try to get the price down from $20 to $10 I told them i didnt want the service and they just stopped talking and it went quite and i was still on the line with them for 10-15 minutes. Then i hung up and called back 10+ times and no one answers so I dial *67 and their number and they answer and then i tell them i wanna cancel again they put me on hold for 5 min then they ask for information i give it (account number) and then hold again. Then they tell me you account has been canceled have a good day. and didnt give me a confirmation number or email or anything. Whoever gives them a 10 probably works for them.

September 10th, 2015 Fort Smith, AR

I try to cancel and they did nothing but try to lower my rate. I told them that being the only working one in my family that I could not afford the 20.00 that they were taking out of my account every month (that i wasnt even aware of) but instead of just canceling, she wanted not just my husband's information..she wanted my kids information. I told her I didn't want to give her this information and that I just wanted to cancel and she was hesitant and rude that I wanted to cancel. This place is a scam and unprofessional.

August 3rd, 2015 Evansville, IN

These folks started charging my 83-year-old mother $19.75 a month, which she claims she NEVER authorized. I think my mother got scammed by ONE of their companies, and when she stopped the first one, they just sent her banking information to the next company they operate. My mother and I are going to the bank on Monday to set up a block on this company, and to try to get these unauthorized charges reversed.

July 20th, 2015 Jackson, MS

Horrible company and service. Should be shutdown and considered as a scam. According to them I signed up and received mail from them. They charged 19.75 to my account that was never aware of and I never received any mail. I checked my email to see if there were records of the purchase and there were no records of privacy patrol or id theft. This company is actually taking your identity themselves. I don't know how they got my address. When I tried to explain my refund case the woman just ignored it by saying "That's what everybody says!" Well duh that tells you right there that your company is a problem. Then she was rude and tried to promote a lower rate. Smh!

July 13th, 2015 Richboro, PA

Great service! Not to mention they cover an entire family for one price. No other company in the industry does that.

June 22nd, 2015 TX

The people who answer the phones are extremely rude. They do not listen to what you have to say, are pushy, and just plain rude. For that reason, I cancelled.

June 4th, 2015 Dallas, TX

I had apparently been signed up for a year with this company. I get identity theft protection through my bank. Why would I need to sign up. They said I probably bought something online and signed up that way or did some survey. Bottom line is, it took 10 minutes of me saying that I want to cancel my account because I did not sign up. The lady kept trying to say she would lower my rate. She was very rude. She said "I tried to help you but if you want to cancel your account, fine by me." I do not go click crazy on my computer. There is no way I signed up for this willingly. I am disputing all of the charges on my account and I have changed my bank card.

May 19th, 2015 Seattle, WA

I am very doubtful this company is reputable. I have tried to contact them to cancel my elderly parents' account, and can't even call them because the phone number listed on their own website is out of service. Then, when I contacted them by e-mail, they gave me a different number to call, which was for an entirely different company. So I haven't yet been able to talk with them. I get the feeling they benefit from discouraging their customers from contacting them.

Sandra Cadwallader
May 14th, 2015 Fremont, NE

This is a fraudulent company. My Mother was 91 when she signed up for this junk over the telephone. They used their own checks, put her name, address, and routing numbers on them, used the check number zero, & started taking money from her account each & every month. When she passed away, I was going over her bank statements & realized what was going on. They were still withdrawing money after she was dead. I called this farce of a company, demanding a full refund from the first month, & they refused. She had no use for this protection, & I know for a fact she had no idea what she was ordering when their telemarketer called her. Stop this fraud against elderly people who are not aware.

Michael Benner
April 27th, 2015 Chandler, AZ

Gastapo tactics to sign up. Terrible company. I am reporting them to the Better Business Bureau for illicet advertising tactics.

March 25th, 2015 Springfield, MO

They took money from my parents back account with out authorization

Pat Powell
March 4th, 2015 West Des Moines, IA

I am pretty leary of using this company because of the low ratings. while I know that they are a very young company, at the same time I really want to get my monies worth. Therefore I think I will cancel my free trial if it isn't too late. Thank you for your information.