Wendy's Hacked, Provides List of Potentially Affected Locations [MAP]


Last Updated: April 24th, 2020

Restaurant chain Wendy's has announced that over 1,000 of its U.S. locations have been hit by a massive cyber attack, compromising credit and debit card data of Wendy's customers. While suspicious activity had been reported as early as the Fall of 2015, officials did not anticipate the hack to have such a widespread impact. They are currently unaware of how many individuals have been affected, though the potentially compromised locations have been identified (click the image below to expand).

Map with Wendy's locations

According to investigators, the source of the breach came in the form of malware that was installed on the point-of-sales systems at select Wendy's locations. Wendy's representatives attribute the malware to a non-disclosed third-party "service provider," but they are not explaining reasons why this third party had remote access to the company's tills.

In the meantime, Wendy's has issued a statement apologizing to customers for compromising their data, as well as providing information on how they gain access to free fraud consultation and one year of free identity restoration services through Kroll (ID Shield). Despite the apparent mistakes that led up to one of the largest data hacks of 2016, Wendy's has done well to partner with ID Shield, which holds one of the top spots on BestCompany.com.

If you feel your data has been compromised in Wendy's data hack, refer to Wendy's official statement for further instructions. To learn more about what ID Shield can do for you, check out the company review here.

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