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LAST UPDATED: May 24th, 2023

HomeGuard HomeWarranty, Inc. is headquartered in San Jose, California. The company offers home warranty protection for Arizona and California. Customers can file claims online and receive assistance over the phone 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Unfortunately, HomeGuard's services are limited to Arizona and California.

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The Good

  • Highly Transparent with Pricing
  • 24 Hour Claims Phone Support and Online Claim Filing

Highly Transparent with Pricing

Compared to many of its competitors, HomeGuard Home Warranty is more transparent with its pricing. Property managers, who usually need to call the company for a specialized quote from competitors, can get pricing for multi-unit housing easily.

24 Hour Claims Phone Support and Online Claim Filing

Unlike several of its competitors, HomeGuard HomeWarranty offers its customers the convenience of being able to file repair claims online as well as request assistance from a representative 24 hours per day, seven days per week. The company is clear that even if a claim is reported after normal business hours that the repair is not guaranteed to happen more quickly or during this time. 


The Bad

  • Limited Service Area
  • Limited Standard Plan

Limited Service Area

HomeGuard HomeWarranty, Inc. only services two states: California and some parts of Arizona. Unlike other home warranty companies, HomeGaurd HomeWarranty, Inc. doesn't have a large service area. Home warranty companies sometimes have nationwide coverage, making HomeGuard HomeWarranty, Inc. difficult to access if you are outside of its service areas. 

Limited Standard Plan

HomeGuard HomeWarranty, Inc. has a limited Standard Plan compared to other home warranty companies. The Standard Plan doesn't include several appliances, including washers, dryers, and refrigerators. These are appliances that are most often covered in other companys' Standard Plans. 

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The Bottom Line

HomeGaurd HomeWarranty, Inc.'s pricing and standard coverage is comparable with other companies offering similar products. However, it's important to note that several appliances, such as washers, dryers, and refrigerators, are not covered in the standard plan and require an additional premium in order to be included in the plan, which is not the case with many of the company's competitors. HomeGuard HomeWarranty, Inc. also only services two states in the United States, making its service area very limited. 

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victoria grady Scottsdale, AZ

Kathy H and iris the supervisor in approving claims. They have been very helpful and nice with Kathy has been very very understanding with me. They have been very patient with me and my problem with my A/C. They contacted me very promptly. With every call or email. Explaining very clearly on what I need to send them to get my problems resolved. I am very glad I got Kathy & Iris working for me. Thank you both very much.

11 months ago


Review Source

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Ryan Glendale, AZ

Every claim we've had over the past 7 years as a HomeGuard Warranty customer has been resolved timely and completely. We've had 7-10 claims in the 7 years and everything that has been fixed or replaced has never resulted in another issue. The companies they contract with are communicative, professional and prompt. Highly recommended!

2 years ago

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Lin Eric Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Do Not use these guys. STAY AWAY from this company. They are dishonored, shady, and not reliable. I got a standard policy and paid extra for AC policy last year. I got a AC problem and I called them to repair the unit. Their service request team put me 20 mins on hold for 2 times, and they finally picked up the phone and told me " As long as your AC is blowing cool air we will consider it's a working unit even if your AC is making a high pitch squeal sound or it's making any smoke. If our technician shows up and see your AC still blows cool air, he will walk away and we will charge you extra $75 exam fee. They try so hard to deny all the repair requests and just wait for 1 year so they can walk away with premium they collected. STAY AWAY from this company.

3 years ago

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Rhonda Carroll, OH

Our heat pump stop working during a extra warm week in October, mid 80's. Called home guard and after a week a service sub contractor for classic air came out and said he would have to come back to check for a leak the following week. The day before he was scheduled he called and said he hurt his back and would need to reschedule. When he made it back out he said we did have a leak and would need a capacitor but now it was to cold to test, we have been calling every week for the last 6 weeks and continue to get the run around about when they are going to fix our heat pump. We had to run on propane all winter and still don't have air for the warm weather.

5 years ago

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Edward Arensdorf Simi Valley, CA

This company does nothing but make excuses so they don't have to pay a claim. Bought a house, home warranty comes with it and I thought perfect, been wanting to get back into one of these programs. 3 or 4 weeks after I buy the home the A/C breaks (yes I do have the optional A/C coverage). They send their guy, he looks at the unit and says "Wow, this unit is old but let me see what's going on". He finishes and tells me "The condenser is corroded and has a hole in it, freon line is broken and the compressor is no good." Homeguard calls me and tells me system should be entirely replaced and they won't cover it because the water in the landscaping caused the corrosion so it was a pre-existing condition. I argue with them and tell them they're full of crap so they say "Sorry, your claim is denied". I call my realtor who calls the Homeguard salesperson who calls me and says someone from Homeguard will call me back about setting up a second opinion. That person calls me and starts telling me why it's obvious they won't cover it. I argue with them and we end the call. I call someone out to look at it and fix it since it's now almost been a week without A/C. They diagnose it and say "The line set is plastic and it broke due to age" (the freon line). I asked what about the corrosion on the A/C condensor and the bad compressor, and they say "I ran two tests and I will show you that both tests prove the compressor is fine and there are no other leaks. I immediately have them repair it. I call Homeguard back and their response is "You didn't follow protocol so we won't reimburse you." To which I say "You denied my claim, there is no protocol when you deny the claim and my house is burning up without A/C!" What a scam company!!

5 years ago

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Karma Castro Valley, CA

This is scam company. Don't buy HomeGuard warranty. We bought a house with appliance. The previous owner purchased HomeGuard warranty to promote the house/appliance selling. When we moved in the first day, we found dishwasher and 2nd heater were malfunctioned, which might be damaged during open house. We called HomeGuard, they refused to do warranty and said "we have to have proof the appliance was working, like invoice". What a good excuse for scamming money! In short, HomeGuard takes your money and does not ask you to prove. When you need HomeGuard, they turn back asking for proof.

4 years ago

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John Z San Diego, CA

Beware this company is a scam never use Homeguard they will do everything they can to deny your claim because they are too cheap to pay. Go on yelp and see their reviews all 1 stars. They will eventually fail and they deserve it

6 years ago