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LAST UPDATED: July 5th, 2022

First beginning as America's Choice Home Warranty in 2017, the home warranty company has recently rebranded to Freedom Home Warranty. The name "America's Choice Home Warranty" was first chosen from the company's desire to give America’s homeowners the “choice” in as many important decisions as possible. After reevaluating what the company stood for, the home warranty provider decided "freedom" better described its sole mission. The company wants to focus on the freedom homeowners should have—the freedom to pick their own contractor, select affordable plans, and choose multiple options. Freedom Home Warranty specializes in providing customers with a variety of home warranty options. The employees at Freedom Home Warranty maintain that their success is simply a result of the amount of support they receive from their community.

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The Good

  • Choose Your Contractor
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Community Focused
  • ACHW Foundation

Choose Your Contractor

Freedom Home Warranty lets customers choose their own contractors. Many customers already have working relationships with contractors that they know and trust. At Freedom Home Warranty, employees believe that customers should be able to make the final decision about contractors. Even though the company does let customers choose their own contractors, Freedom Home Warranty also provides a list of pre-screened and pre-qualified contractors for customer convenience.

Satisfaction Guarantee

The people at Freedom Home Warranty are so confident in their company’s services that they offer customers a 110 percent guarantee on all repair or replacement services. Customers can request a repair service at any time and on any day of the year by submitting a request through the company website.


Though the company only provides its services to three states in the U.S., it is extremely focused on the areas that it does provide service to. Many customers have found that Freedom Home Warranty has earned clients and customers through community-focused efforts.

ACHW Foundation

The company itself is rather new; however, it has already started a foundation in order to give back to the community that has helped it grow so quickly. The ACHW Foundation donates a part of every order placed to cancer foundations, underprivileged children, or the military.


The Bad

  • Inexperienced
  • Website


Although its employees may have a large amount of combined experience, the company itself started up in 2017. No matter how good the company fulfills its mission, America's Choice Home Warranty, now Freedom Home Warranty, does lack the time necessary to become fully trusted.

Social Media

Though not a massive problem, the company has social media accounts that are not linked to its website. Customers that want to see community responses to the company’s services won’t be able to find the social media platforms through Freedom Home Warranty's website.

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The Bottom Line

Freedom Home Warranty may be new, but this does not mean that it lacks expertise. Though customers may be put off by a company that just barely started, its short track record does tell a promising story. The fact that the company lets customers choose their own contractors is encouraging. Additionally, the company has built its client base by focusing on the community and the community has responded by giving its support. Read Freedom Home Warranty reviews below to see what consumers have to say about the home warranty provider.

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Mason Saint George, UT

This is my honest review about my recent experience with Freedom Home Warranty. We just purchased our first home and our realtor raved about how wonderful Freedom home warranty was... within our first month of being here the 3 year old water heater began leaking and needed to be replaced. Thinking that Freedom had my family’s back on this problem, I called and spoke with their representative. We got the claim filed and paid our $65 “deductible”... while the plumber was working on replacing the water heater I got a call from Freedom and the representative told me that due to the water heater still being under a PARTIAL manufacturer warranty, Freedom would not cover anything... not the labor costs, not the part where the manufacture warranty wouldn’t cover, absolutely nothing! We were out $65 with absolutely no help from our home warranty company. This blew me away!! I’m now very hesitant about ever calling Freedom Home Warranty for any further issues as I do not want this situation to ever happen again.

4 years ago

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Joe Dye Idaho Falls, ID

Well let me start off 1st by saying the oven range when we bought our house worked our home inspection said at work when we moved in and went to use it are 1st time it did not work freedom home warranty denied our claim saying that we never it were able to use The Avenue change and now we are having problems with our water heater they are denying the replacement claim in say that they will reimburse $200 for the part that is going badd instead of replacing the water heater this company is a nightmare to deal with and does not cover anything that they promise they say claimed to be a 110% satisfaction guaranteed I am not satisfied and I will tell my relator to stop sending business their way they will not work with you even though the lady Amanda was really nice to me they are not a company to deal with

4 years ago

Freedom Home Warranty Logo

Reply from Freedom Home Warranty

Hello Joe, Thank you for your feedback. We understand your frustration. It looks like we offered you $250 cash in lieu for the oven on October 3. As for your water heater, we are only able to offer $200 cash in lieu for the failed gas valve, which runs for $180. Per our service agreement, cash in lieu will be calculated as the cost for the damaged/malfunctioned parts. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further issues. We are more than happy to answer any further questions or concerns. 888.495.2249

Dec. 19th, 2019


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Laura Mccall Yreka, CA

Customer service was amazing and super helpful.

1 year ago