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LAST UPDATED: July 12th, 2023

FPL Home offers home warranty and other protection plans throughout the United States. The company's home warranties have competitive coverage and can be customized to include additional appliances or systems.

FPL Home stands out in the industry for its additional protection plans administered by HomeServe®. These protection plans offer coverage for specific home systems like water and sewage pipes, electrical wiring, and air conditioning and heat pump. 

Targeted offerings like these are not common for the home warranty industry. If you're primarily interested in coverage for a specific home system, these targeted plans can be beneficial.

The home warranty company offers helpful information online about its contracts: cost, coverage limitations, length, and cancellation policy. This level of transparency is helpful.

Despite these attractive features, FPL Home has some limitations. For example, the website offers minimal information about its responsiveness to claims and does not have many customer reviews on BestCompany.com.

As you consider FPL Home warranties or protection plans, ask questions to learn more about the company's claims process.

FPL Home is an unregulated subsidiary of Florida Power & Light Company.

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The Good

  • Competitive Home Warranties
  • Additional Protection Plans
  • Helpful Contract Information Online
  • Flexible Cancellation Policy

Competitive Home Warranties

If you're looking for a home warranty, you'll find two competitive options through FPL Home:

  • Appliances Warranty Plus — covers clothes dryer, washing machine, dishwasher, built-in microwave, kitchen refrigerator, cooking range, oven, stovetop, in-sink garbage disposal, trash compactor, and built-in exhaust vent and attic fans. It also covers home systems: water heater, sump pump, electrical, and plumbing. You'll also benefit from food loss protection.
  • Home Warranty Plus — offers the same coverage as the Appliances Warranty Plus and includes central heating and air conditioning, ceiling fans, and the garage door opener. Homeowners also benefit from emergency lodging reimbursement.

The Appliances Warranty Plus plan costs $39.99 per month. The Home Warranty Plus plan costs $49.99 per month. The service fee is $75 per call. You'll pay this amount when you make a claim and receive a service visit from a technician.

To both of these plans, you can add more coverage for other appliances and systems:

  • Additional Central Heating and Air Cooling Systems
  • Additional Garage Door Opener
  • Central Vacuum
  • Pool/Spa Equipment
  • Septic System / Sewage Ejector Pump
  • Septic Tank Pumping (1 or 2 Compartment Tanks)
  • Standalone Appliance Freezer
  • Standalone Appliance Ice Maker
  • Standalone Appliance Refrigerator
  • Water Softener / Purification System
  • Well Pump

Remember that exclusions apply, so read the sample contract online to ensure you have a clear sense of the coverage you're buying.

The above plans are for homeowners. However, FPL Home also works with real estate agents, home buyers, and home sellers on home warranties. For more information on these options, you'll need to contact FPL Home directly.

Additional Protection Plans

Beyond home warranties, homeowners can find targeted protection plans for specific home systems, including water and sewage plans, air conditioning and heat pump plans, interior and exterior electrical wiring plans, and surge protection plans. FPL Home also offers surge protection plans to businesses and landlords.

Offering these targeted plans makes FPL stand out from other home warranty companies. If you're concerned about a specific system in your home, these targeted plans make it easy to get protection.

Helpful Contract Information Online

Many of the contracts offered by FPL Home are 12 months long. Many contracts include a 30-day waiting period for claims at the beginning of the term. Some include a 30-day money-back guarantee. Some contracts also renew automatically.

With its home warranty plans, you can select a payment schedule: monthly, 1-year, 2-year, or 3-year. Discounts are available with the 2-year and 3-year payment schedules.

Beyond information on contract length, FPL Home offers sample contracts and includes information about what's not covered on its website. This information is useful to know as you evaluate whether a home warranty or protection plan would meet your needs.

Flexible Cancellation Policy

Some specifics of FPL's cancellation policies can vary by plan. Home warranty clients benefit from a flexible cancellation policy. You can cancel at any point without a cancellation fee.

Plan members can receive a full refund in the first 30 days minus claims. After the first 30 days, you'll receive 90 percent of a prorated premium minus claims.


The Bad

  • Insufficient Customer Reviews
  • Limitations and Exclusions
  • Minimal Information On Claims Process
  • Limited Customer Service Phone Availability

Insufficient Customer Reviews

Best Company has not received many FPL Home reviews, so our understanding of the customer experience and how it compares to the industry is limited.

Limitations and Exclusions

Like other home warranty companies, FPL Home's plans come with limitations and exclusions. These vary by plan and covered item. FPL Home makes this information easy to find as you review plan details further on its website.

Minimal Information On Claims Process

While FPL makes it easy to file a claim online or over the phone, its website offers limited information about its response times to claims. This information is helpful to have as you make a purchase decision because it demonstrates the helpfulness and service value offered by a company.

Limited Customer Service Phone Availability

In most cases, phone calls are limited to specific hours for claims. However, the following repair lines are open around the clock:

  • Water heating and plumbing protection
  • A/C and heating protection
  • Electrical line coverages

Since problems with any of the above home parts can be serious, having access to support at all times offers further peace of mind for your home.


The Bottom Line

FPL Home is worth considering for its competitive home warranty offerings and targeted protection plans. With these offerings, you can find good options to cover home appliances and systems.

As you review plans, note limitations and exclusions to fully understand the coverage you're buying. FPL Home makes this information accessible online. You'll also want to ask questions about the company's responses to claims.

Additional customer insight would be beneficial for gauging how well FPL Home treats its clients and how the company's customer experience compares to the industry averages.

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Benjamin Rice Spring Hill, FL

Want to thank FPL for their Stress-Free Air Program, I'm not a customer, but qualified for the program. My unit was stressed out, now I have a 2.5 air unit all brand new, out and in under 4 hours,,,, keep up the good work, I will be passing on the information about this reasonably priced program

10 months ago

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Vivian Gude Miami, FL

I had a terrible power surge last April and at least 4 of my devices got "fried": my PC, my printer, my TV and my home entertainment system. I have had power surge insurance with American Bankers Insurance Copany of South Florida for over 30 years (and old insurance that, to my knowledge, FPL does not offer any longer, but still collects money for each month through my account). When I contacted the insurance company they demanded from me to get diagnostics over all my devices, which I did, with Geek Squad (Best Buy's repair service), and was told they would cover them. I'm at the end of this process. They refused to reimburse me for my TV because the technician who did the diagnostic didn't specify the words "damage due to power surge". As if any technician would know that was the cause, unless I TOLD HIM/HER SO. Furthermore, they refused to refund me for the diagnostic service because I signed a TotalTech contract with Best Buy, so that, instead of paying $99.00 for each of the 4 evices (for a total of $396.00 , I would pay just $199.00, a net saving of $$196.00. Being the logic that I had signed service contract, then I demanded they pay me the $99.00 included in the proposal for each service, but they didn't want to pay that either. I know that each insurance company wants to cut the refund as much as possible based on the most intricate and absurd guidelines, but this I think takes the pie! FPL should stop collecting for this insurance, since it is not reliable, and I would say, not even decent.

10 months ago

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dogwood doublestar Lithia, FL

These shysters need to be put out of business. It takes over 4 days to get service, if at all and twice, especially if its the weekend. Had a leak in plumbing under roof in the garage. They send people who can't fix it. They said to hire someone I wanted. The company re-routed the main coming into the garage and then FPL won't cover the claim because it is considered exterior. The leak was interior under roof, the fix was partially outside the garage to lead into the house. The worst warranty company ever. They are cheats and thieves. Do not get a policy with this company, they change the rules as you go. They are liars and cheats. What a fiasco after having no water for four days. I am filing a complaint with the BBB and now have to file small claims.

10 months ago

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Had a home warranty plan with another company for over 10 years and was satisfied, decided to try FPL home warranty, needed my A/C serviced, they sent Juan from JP A/C MASTER AVG AIR CONDITIONING, Said i need maintenance and need approval from FPL before he could proceed, it would be at my cost of an additional $150 which i agreed to, he turned off my a/c breaker without my knowledge or approval and would not return to correct what he did before getting the approval for maintenance, i had to pay another air condition repair person to come out and figure out what he did and fix the problem i didn’t have before. Used FPL home warranty before and was very pleased . Paid $75 to create a problem and $75 to fix it, i guess the costomer isn't always right. As they say ..if it isn’t broken don’t fix it.

1 year ago


Review Source

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Samarra Miller Fort Lauderdale, FL

Being in Florida we always keep the A/C running and of course that day came when it went out i contact FPL and within a day or so a BRAND NEW AC arrived - Heck, they even disposed of and carried away the old units and packaging. Their service contractors are awesome

2 years ago

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Lance Liptak Jupiter, FL

I've been with FPL Home for over a year and at first they were pretty good. However, when Fortegra started to administer the plan everything went down hill. When my most recent claim to repair or replace my 26 year old washer and dryer was denied I had enough and cancelled my plan. At first when I called them to submit a claim they told me they were having "technical" difficulties and would call me back within 48 hours. They never called back so after three days I contacted them again and that's when they denied my claim. To make matters worse I also received an email explaining my monthly charge would increase by $10/month

1 year ago

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Lorna Harper Cocoa, FL

Had a power failure doing normal activity using my countertop microwave as I had done hundreds of times and had a power failure, they twisted and used my words against me and denied my claim due to Section D of the Plan terms and conditions due to d) Missing parts, improper parts or refrigerants, or improperly installed parts or refrigerants, structural changes, improper electrical power or electrical failure, or power surge. They charged me $75 for a service call but made me find my own electrician. Customer service extremely poor and not willing to listen to me regarding the events also hung up on me. Rating would be zero if allowed

2 years ago